Norway Tour - Mountains, Fjords, Coastal Road & Elks

The Kingdom of Norway, also known as Europe's largest nature park, is a fascinating country whose size and vastness make you seem very small yourself.


per rider in double room: €2,068.00 $2,300.56 ?
per pillion passenger in a double room: €1,978.00 $2,200.44 ?
Single room supplement* (total for hotels and ferry): €670.00 $745.35 ?
Single room supplement for hotels only: €480.00 $533.98 ?
Single room supplement for the ferry only: €190.00 $211.37 ?
If you would like to share a cabin on the ferry with a room partner, please select this option when booking. When booking, the entire single room supplement must be paid first. There is, however, the option of sharing a double cabin with another rider of the same sex only for the last crossing with the ferry from Oslo to Kiel, in order to save costs here. If a cabin partner can be found for you, you will receive a refund of 190,-€. €0.00
Optionally bookable for ferry passage Oslo-Kiel:
Single cabin "outside": €210.00 $233.62 ?
2-bed/double cabin "outside": €50.00 $55.62 ?


Ferry passage Hirtshals (DK) - Kristiansand (NOR)
Ferry passage Oslo (NOR) - Kiel (D)
Motorcycle passages on ALL ferries and fjord ferries (incl. fuel surcharge + harbour tax)
9 x overnight stays in 3*** and 4**** hotels on the entire trip according to country category
1 x overnight stay on the ferry passage in 2-bed cabins "inside" (incl. half board)
9 x extended breakfast or buffet in the hotels
1 x breakfast at the ferry crossing Oslo - Kiel
9 x 3-course menu or evening buffet in the hotels
1 x 3-course menu or evening buffet on the ferry
9 x elaborated day trips during the trip with at least (!) 2 tour guides
Luggage transport in escort vehicle
organized moose safari in the wild with 95% moose guarantee
max. 8-10 motorcycles per tour guide
route plans
travel security note
Remembrance T-shirt
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits

More details

More details
Minimum number of participants: 10 persons
On this tour we have a few hotel changes.
Free luggage transport in the escort vehicle.
Sufficient (if possible new) tyres are required during the journey!
The planned moose safari in the late afternoon will require sturdy footwear.
Any toll, tunnel or parking charges incurred shall be borne by the respective passenger.
We absolutely recommend a foreign, motor vehicle and health insurance + travel cancellation insurance! (e.g. here favorable over the Hanse-Merkur)
Parking spaces for cars and trailers are available at the starting hotel.
Program, hotel and route changes are reserved!
Tour profile:
Total kilometres from/to Bottrop: approx. 3.800km. The kilometre data are "approximately kilometres according to our route planning", a deviation is not excluded.
Daily stages on site: approx. 190 - 370 km (except arrival and departure stages)
Road condition: Mostly very well developed and asphalted winding roads with partly spectacular road layout.
Riding skills: The motorcycle should be safely controlled on winding tracks. You must be in the right condition for this tour. The use of ferries should be safely controlled. Not suitable for beginners and re-entries! A visual treat for pillion riders !
Climate: Despite its northern location, Norway has a comparatively mild climate on the west coast. The Gulf Stream provides not only fairly mild temperatures on land throughout the year, but also ice-free waters on the coast. The Scandinavian mountains with their altitude of over 2,000 to 2,600 metres separate the mild coastal climate from the rest of Norway. The summer is relatively short and relatively cool compared to our summers. Here, the temperatures can sometimes slip below the two-digit Celsius display. Rain clouds could get stuck on the mountains and be blown up by the Atlantic with westerly winds. But since we will be there from the middle to the end of August, the rain should be limited here.
Special features:
We were already several times in Norway, also up to the North Cape, with the motorcycle on the way. In Norway, accommodation is not necessarily cheap, but it is as varied as the landscape. A hotel room can have a surprisingly breathtaking view, which in other parts of the world you would have to pay extra for. The stark contrast are traditional historical hotels or wooden hotels with ski huts in the mountains, some of which have a youth hostel character at first glance. We'll get to know all these categories. Let us surprise you...
The planned moose safari will be followed here by separate notes.
On the fast ferry (approx. 2.5 hours) from Hirtshals (DK) to Kristiansand (NOR) and on the large ferry from Oslo (NOR) to Kiel (D) the motorcycles must be well lashed down. The employees of the ferry company are not necessarily very "careful" with the motorcycles! Belts are not always present on the ships, therefore we strongly recommend to take two own belts (e.g. with small Louis ratchet) -- If a vehicle falls over during the crossing, it will be difficult to blame the ferry company. Sometimes even signs hang out that no responsibility is taken for the safety of the motorcycles!
All Fjord ferries are paid for by our tour guides. The departure times are usually half or hourly, but you can still expect waiting times at the ferry and/or a call from the guides for a "quick start" from a coffee break. For the return journey from Oslo to Kiel with the ferry Color-Line we recommend to pack a "small hand luggage" extra, because it is difficult and laborious to walk with motorcycle suitcases in the narrow corridors. On this great ferry you will find everything your heart desires, from casino, discotheque & aquapark to cinema.
Entry regulations and medical information:
The entry and vaccination regulations for the country of destination and transit corresponding to the citizenship of the individual travellers apply. The regulations applicable to German citizens can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.
In Denmark, the official currency is the Danish krone (DKK). 1,-EUR currently corresponds to approx. 7,50 DKK In Norway the Norwegian krone (NOK) is the official national currency. 1,-EUR currently corresponds to approx. 9,97 NOK
Attention: Cashless payment method
In many restaurants, hotels and also already on some ferries one has to pay exclusively cashless. Even very small amounts can only be paid by credit card (in some hotels also with EC card, partly for a fee). The EC card is normally not recognised as a means of payment! However, you can withdraw money from ATMs using your EC card and PIN number. We recommend to take a credit card with you!
Fjell = Scandinavian landscape type of the wide plateaus situated above the tree line. Fjord = is a narrow, elongated estuary. It looks like a river because it reaches deep into the country. But it really is the sea, which is why there is salt water in the fjord. Fjords often have quite steep and rocky shores. The water in the fjord can be very deep. So even very large ships can sail in it without running aground. At the end of the fjord, seawater often mixes with fresh water, as it flows down from glaciers and mountains.
Hotels: We stay during the trip in good 3*** and 4**** hotels of the national category and in rustic, historical wooden houses. All hotels have parking facilities for the motorcycles.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

With its long coastlines, endless deep fjords and many high mountains with glaciers and lakes, it is a beautiful part of Scandinavia that should definitely be explored by motorbike! We start in Kiel, ride via Denmark and take the fast ferry to Norway. The beautiful south coast at Flekkefjord, the

Latefossen Twin Waterfall, the famous Geiranger Fjord with its local mountain Dalsnibba, Trollstigen and the largest stave church in Norway in Heddal are also part of this great trip,

as well as parts of the Sognefjell, the

Hardangervidda plateau and Jotunheimen National Park, which also contains Norway's highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen. It measures 2,469m!

NEW: with a little luck we will see ELCHE in the wild on an organized moose safari !

As a crowning finale, a cruise feeling awaits us: with the luxurious ColorLine ferry, we will return from Oslo to Kiel overnight...

Tour schedule:

Day 1: Journey to Kiel (from the Ruhr area approx. 480km)

Individual arrival (in groups if necessary) to the starting hotel for the first overnight stay in Kiel. Welcome, dinner and overnight stay in Kiel. This hotel is located not far from the harbour where we arrive on our way back. Therefore, it is ideal to arrive with a car & motorcycle trailer and park it there during our trip (hotel fees may apply).

Day 2: From Kiel through Denmark to Aalborg (DK) (approx. 380 km)

Today we are sailing through the Kingdom of Denmark, situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, it is also called the bridge between Central and Northern Europe. If the weather is good and the time window is suitable, we will mostly use the side roads. There is also a lot to discover here. Dinner and overnight stay in Aalborg.

Day 3: From Aalborg (DK) via Flekkefjord to Stavanger (NOR) (approx. 310 km)

After breakfast we start early from Aalborg to Hirtshals harbour (approx. 70km). Here we take the fast ferry for the crossing to Kristiansand (Norway). After arrival at around 13.30 we ride along the picturesque south coast via Flekkefjord to Stavanger. The first impressions of Norway will definitely inspire you. Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Stavanger.

Day 4: From Stavanger on the Latefossen to Norheimsund (approx. 340 km)

Today we will take three fjord ferries (Lysefjord, Hjemeland and Jondal) to visit the famous and very impressive twin waterfall "Latefossen". It is located in the Norwegian province of Hordaland, about 20 kilometres south of Odda, opposite the slopes of Folgefonna glacier and has a total drop of 165m. Dinner and overnight stay in Norheimsund.

Day 5: Norheimsund to Stryn (approx. 330 km)

We start our route along the Hardangerfjord and feel our way further and further north. We climb a pass in Vikafjell and after the Storehaugtunnel we have great views. We cross the Sognefjord with a ferry and then move into our hotel in Stryn directly at the Invikfjord. Dinner and overnight stay in Stryn.

Day 6: The day of highlights -- Geirangerfjord with Dalsnibba - Eagle Road - Trollstigen and Trollveggen to Vinstra (approx. 340 km)

Almost the longest and most beautiful tour is on our programme today, with the highlights just lining up. Shortly after leaving the hotel, we turn right onto "Strynefjellsvegen", which we think is one of the most beautiful roads in the area. We climb up serpentine roads and almost every bend offers new views. Shortly afterwards we reach the local mountain of the Geiranger Fjord, the Dalsnibba, and take the toll road dead end. A breathtaking view into the fjord awaits us, where the huge cruise ships look like little toys. After passing through the village of Geiranger we will ride up the famous "Eagle Road". From here you have a view of the fjord's waterfalls, which can otherwise only be reached by boat. On to the next highlight: the Trollstigen. Here we will look down from the newly built platform onto the serpentine track, which we will later ride down ourselves. At the northernmost point of our trip we head south again, along the Trollveggen (the "Troll Wall" is up to 1,000 meters high, hangs up to 50 meters above the ground and is Europe's highest steep face !) we soon reach the city of Otta. From Otta we ride up to Høifjell to our hotel. Dinner and overnight stay in Høifjell near Vinstra.

Day 7: Rest day with wellness and/or elk safari ?

Today we can dedicate ourselves to the spa area or explore the area. We will organize an elk safari in the late afternoon. Detailed information will follow soon! Dinner and overnight stay in Høifjell near Vinstra.

Day 8: Through the Jotunheimen National Park to Geilo (approx. 270 km)

Along the stave church Haidal, where we make a short stop, we move into the national park Jotunheimen. The entire area of the national park is criss-crossed by high mountains and glaciers. Passing the highest peak in Norway, Galdhøpiggen (2,469 metres), we enjoy the endless expanses of the plateau. Dinner and overnight stay in Geilo.

Day 9: From Geilo to the stave church in Heddal to Norefjell (330km)

Further south between the two valleys Sigdal and Numedal lies the nature reserve Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell. The area consists mainly of old forests, which are hardly inhabited by humans. Along the river Lågen we then reach the largest and most important stave church in Norway in Heddal. Here we have enough time to visit them before we head north again for our last overnight stay in the Norefjell plateau. A small toll road, free for motorcycles, brings us to our great Spa & Ski Hotel. Dinner and overnight in Norefjell.

Day 10: From Norefjell to the harbour to Oslo for embarkation (approx. 120 km)

Today, unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to Norway. A short distance brings us to the world port in Oslo, where we will depart for Germany at about 14 o'clock. With a little melancholy we watch the departure from the harbour and say goodbye to the land of the trolls. At the ferry crossing, after dinner together, we let the evening come to a happy end with hopefully great memories! ! Overnight stay on the ferry.

Day 11: From Kiel home journey via Hamburg to Bottrop (approx. 480 km)

After breakfast on the ferry and arrival (approx. 10 a.m.) in Kiel, we start our journey home together or individually, with many new impressions.