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Your 3% to 5% booking discount – and more

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The MOTOURISMO blog will provide you with exciting motorcycle travel stories and helpful tips and suggestions, as well as tour reviews - and much more that we are not yet revealing. Be curious! (And subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.)

MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures (5) – Andalusia On-Road

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 02.07.2022
Sunny tarmac twisties in Southern Spain: need we say more? This time around, MOTOURISMO Scout Lennart is joining an on-road motorcycle tour in Andalusia with a mystery bike. read more

MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures (4) – Portugal Off-Road

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 31.05.2022
We can all agree there’s no better way to experience Portugal than riding it off-road. But a seven-day expedition from North to South is both and adventure and a challenge – especially when chasing fast riders aboard two loaded 650’s! read more

Rest assured – Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Motorcycle while Traveling

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 13.05.2022
How do you keep your motorcycle safe while traveling? We’re sharing five useful tips for bike safety on the road – make sure to read till the end to find out what's our favorite tool for the ultimate peace of mind. read more

MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures (3) – Swank Rally di Sardegna

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 26.03.2022
Five days of racing from Milan to Sardinia aboard two road-weary dual sport motorcycles while chasing the spirit of Paris-Dakar: ride report from Europe’s most nostalgic rally race. read more

No Russia Tours – to our Russian friends: #StandWithUkraine

By Michael Carlin, 27.02.2022
We have deactivated all Russia tours – not only because international flights to Russia are suspended, but also out of solidarity with Ukraine. We are contacting everyone who has already booked Russia tours, but also have a message to our Russian friends. read more

MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures (2) – Croatia Bike Cruise

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 19.02.2022
What happens when two adventure riders on mud-splattered dual sport bikes join a tour with the Harley-Davidson crowd? MOTOURISMO Scouts Egle and Lennart were let loose on the scenic Croatian roads to chase a group of fast chopper and sportsbike riders. read more

MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures (1) – Dinaric Rally

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 12.01.2022
Racing a five-day Dinaric Rally is no walk in the park - and when you have to race it, chase it, and film it, mayhem and chaos is guaranteed! Read about the Scouts adventures at the Croatian rally challenge and find out if a KLR650 can stand a chance in a race! read more

Our new big thing: MOTOURISMO Scouts Adventures

By Eglé Gerulaityté, 01.01.2022
Two pre-historic one-cylinder bikes, two clueless adventure travellers with rally racing aspirations, and one mission to scout new destinations and tours: what could possibly go wrong? read more