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Dear MOTOURISMO guest, dear user, 

"ride the world", is what you can read on our homepage, and that's exactly what we mean. It's not hard to see the whole wide world on a motorcycle. You don't even have to be an adventurer anymore to do so (if you don't want to). But before the Hamburg Startup MOTOURISMO it was hard to see how easy it can be.

More than 70 providers of motorcycle tours, trainings and transports have placed their trust in us as a partner. This enabled us to gather up to a thousand offers – and you can easily search, compare and book them with our fine filter.

MOTOURISMO is not a price comparison site. 

The offers and organizers within the motorcycle travel market are by far too different to be comparable in price alone. We are a specialized online travel agency whose central product is a complex and helpful website. However we also know how to provide friendly and competent advice offline in order to make the complex amount of motorcycle offers more transparent for you. 

Speaking of transparency: We have carefully noted the decision of the German Federal Court of Justice of April 2017 (file number I ZR 55/16). According to that decision, the business model must be recognizable for users if a comparison portal only lists providers who pay for it. Although we do not call ourselves a comparison portal, we expressly welcome this decision, because those who claim to create transparency should start with themselves. 

We declare with conviction that MOTOURISMO's business model looks exactly like that: Our partners pay us. 

However, there is no such thing as paid preferential treatment at MOTOURISMO. The search results don't show any cheating. We only work with partners who meet at least two criteria:  

1) They have an interest in presenting their offers and their quality in a transparent and comparable way. 

2) They see the cooperation with us as an opportunity and recognize that the construction and operation of such a complex website is a valuable service that also has its price. 

The fact that our partners pay us for our service also means for you as a user and customer that you are worth it to them. 

Have fun discovering!

Michael Carlin, Christoph Kähler, the founders and managing directors

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You are an organizer and would like to work with us? Send us your name and contact details here or write to us at info@motourismo.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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