Frequently asked questions and answers

Why book with MOTOURISMO? 

First of all, of course: because we are the experts for motorcycle travel, training and shipping – working with around 200 local experts as our partners worldwide. But there's more to it than that.  

Be safe: With a travel insurance you get refunds, for example, in case of illness or travel cancellation. Learn more > here ....

Ride carefree: A deductible exclusion insurance for rental motorcycles covers your own share in the event of damage due to accident or theft. Learn more > here ...

Relax: Welcome drink or wellness – free of charge for you with your MOTOURISMO guest bonus in Dorint Hotels & Resorts as well as in all other MOTOURISMO partner hotels. Learn more > here ...

Do I have to pay immediately upon booking?

No. You book with MOTOURISMO without immediate payment. The process is this: 

#1 After booking you will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt by email. 

#2 You will then receive a booking confirmation including invoice with another email.  per Email

#3 You pay a deposit, usually 20% of the invoice amount. The remaining amount is usually due about four weeks before the travel date. For short-term bookings, the full invoice amount is due after receipt of the booking confirmation. fällig.

What does that mean?

Desired date on request: Basically we can make almost everything possible on the desired date. However, it is then mostly a question of price. Learn more > here ...

Available: Generally, all offers that you can see on MOTOURISMO are also available. What "generally" means exactly and what exceptions there are: Learn more > here ...

"New on offer" and "Only the latest offers": If you select this filter, we will only show you offers with the green "NEW" banner. Learn more > here...

Fast and friendly: That's what we are. Learn more > here ...

Travel Insurance Certificate: Your payments are protected in case of insolvency of the tour operator. Learn more > here ...

MOTOURISMO Guest Bonus: Parking, welcome drink or wellness - free of charge for you at Dorint Hotels & Resorts as well as in all the other MOTOURISMO Partner Hotels. Learn more > here ...

Does MOTOURISMO have a printed paper catalogue?

No. Our website is our catalogue. 

We deliberately do not print a paper catalogue, as the number of offers we integrate at MOTOURISMO is increasing too often and the offers are changing too frequently, so it just doesn't make sense to re-print them continuously.

We therefore want to avoid the corresponding costs that would ultimately have to be added to the offer prices, and also not waste paper on it, but instead present all offers online as comprehensively as possible.

If you want to browse through all the offers that are available, you can click on the magnifying glass on the homepage without further selection or just here ...

We can certainly help if you are missing certain information. For example, did you not find certain information or could not filter a certain selection with special criteria?

In this case, please use our form for individual requests and let us know how we can help – here ...

Be safe: With ERGO travel insurance

With travel insurance, you receive benefits, for example, in the event of illness or cancellation of your trip.  

We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance immediately after receiving your booking confirmation. 

With reliable travel insurance, you can be sure of fast and financial protection in the event of a claim - including 24-hour emergency service.  

Extended COVID cover - enjoy carefree anticipation from only €26

The Covid 19 supplementary cover includes the following benefits in the cancellation costs and/or trip interruption insurance of the main insurance with:

✔︎  Sickness to Covid-19

✔︎  Personal  and individually ordered quarantine measures if there is a suspicion of infection with Covid-19

✔︎  denial of carriage, e.g.. E.g. Airline refuses flight due to increased temperature

✔︎  Refusal of entry, e.g. Border official refuses entry due to increased temperature

✔︎  Additional accommodation costs of up to €1,000 per person will be reimbursed if the trip cannot be completed as planned because the insured person or a risk person travelling with them are affected by a personal and individually ordered quarantine.  

✔︎  The insurance cover also exists in the event of a travel warning due to Covid-19. Thus, the new supplementary cover Covid-19 also provides insurance cover if there is a travel warning due to Covid-19 at the time of entry.

Important: The supplementary cover Covid-19 only exists in combination with ERGO travel cancellation insurance!   

Taking out the insurance for a trip: 

The supplementary cover Covid-19 can be booked in combination with a travel cancellation insurance or an all-round worry-free cover from ERGO Travel Insurance (when taking out a new policy or up to 30 days before departure for a policy already taken out).  

Price: The supplementary cover Covid-19 costs per booking 
  • in the one-time insurance with deductible (SB) 26 €, without SB 29 €  
  • in the annual insurance with SB 36 €, without SB 39 €

Under the following link you can calculate the premium for your booked or planned trip and also take out your insurance directly online. 

> Calculate and book ...

What is travel health insurance?

It protects you from medical treatment, repatriation or even hospitalisation abroad becoming an expensive private matter.  

New: With our partner ERGO this also includes insurance cover if you are travelling to a destination for which there is a travel warning due to Covid-19 at the time of entry.

What is cancellation insurance?

It reimburses your cancellation costs or rebooking fees or unused travel services. It provides cover in the event of a breakdown or accident before or during the trip. 

New: You can take out a new supplementary insurance policy Covid-19 with our partner ERGO, see above. 

In principle, pandemics such as Corona are not included in a travel cancellation insurance policy. This is now covered by the new supplementary insurance. You can find the costs in detail as well as the possibility to take out your supplementary insurance Covid-19 directly online here: 

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Ride carefree: with the deductible exclusion for rental motorbikes from HanseMerkur

Mount up, ride away, hello holiday! With a rental motorbike you are independent and flexible - until an accident or theft slows you down. Now good advice is expensive, because often the excess of the rental company is a thousand euros or more. Personal injury and property damage are not always sufficiently covered either. 

With the rental motorbike insurance of our partner HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung, you reduce your own contribution in the event of a claim to zero. At the same time, it supplements the coverage of the motor vehicle liability insurance for motorbikes up to 1 million euros. So you can relax and enjoy your trip.

✔︎  Exclusion of the deductible for theft

✔︎  Takeover of the deductible for accidents

✔︎   Coverage of up to 1 million euros in motor liability insurance

Tariff overview 

Specifications of benefits (pdf)

Deductible exclusion insurance: yes

Complementary motor third party liability insurance (Majorca policy): yes

Maximum travel duration: 93 days

Coverage of excess exclusion insurance: worldwide

Coverage of motor third party liability insurance: worldwide excl. Germany

Number of insured trips: single

Mode of payment: single upon conclusion

Example price: €6,90 (per day and motorbike)

> Calculate & book ...

What is excess insurance?

The HanseMerkur excess insurance protects you from high costs in the event of an accident or theft of a rental vehicle. Many rental companies only offer comprehensive insurance with a very high deductible for their vehicles. This means that you would be left with high costs in the event of damage to the rental car. With excess insurance, the rental car insurance reimburses your own share.

If, for example, there is damage to your rental motorbike amounting to 1,500 € and the excess of the comprehensive insurance is 500 €, you would have to pay this yourself despite the comprehensive insurance. With excess insurance, the excess of 500 € is refunded to you.

Which rental vehicle insurance do I really need?

- Comprehensive rental car insurance: covers damage caused by the driver or passengers themselves as well as vandalism - often offered by rental car companies with an excess.

- Third party car insurance: replaces damages caused by the driver to other people and their vehicles with the rental vehicle and is obligatory in almost all countries - in some countries, however, the legal minimum coverage is very low

- Theft insurance: insures the rental vehicle against theft, but not luggage or private things in the vehicle

- If applicable. Glass, tyre and underbody insurance: is often not automatically covered by the comprehensive insurance

In any case, a comprehensive insurance without excess is recommended. You can easily and cheaply exclude the excess with an additional insurance such as the rental car protection.

Also, regardless of the country of travel, make sure that the liability sum insured is at least € 1 million. The rental car cover includes an additional insurance that increases your coverage to € 1 million.


What does the abbreviation CDW stand for?

CDW stands for "Collision Damage Waiver" and is the English translation for comprehensive insurance. In the case of rental car insurance, comprehensive cover is handled very differently depending on the country. In Europe, comprehensive insurance is included in the rental car contract; in the USA and Canada, the insurance must be taken out additionally. In the event of a claim, excess costs may arise for both.  The insurance cover excludes this excess - it takes over these costs.

What does Majorca policy mean?

The Majorca policy is a supplement to the motor vehicle liability insurance for rental vehicles abroad. There, the prescribed sum insured often does not reach the German standard. In the event of an emergency, the sum is often not sufficient to meet claims for damages. To close this gap, there is the Mallorca policy. It supplements the coverage sum of the motor vehicle insurance that is taken out via the rental company. With the HanseMerkur rental vehicle cover for cars and motorbikes, you increase this sum to € 1 million. It applies worldwide abroad - and not only, as the name suggests, in Mallorca or Spain.

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Slow down: parking, welcome drink or wellness - free of charge for you as your MOTOURISMO guest bonus in Dorint hotels & resorts.

How does it work? Easier than riding a motorbike: You make a regular booking at one of the participating Dorint hotels, mention the code word "MOTOURISMO" when checking in - and nothing else. 

At once you are a MOTOURISMO bonus guest and receive one of the following attentions - often even more than one, depending on what the respective hotel states as MOTOURISMO guest bonus: 

● your free parking space 

● your free space in the garage 

● your complimentary welcome drink 

● your complimentary access to the spa/wellness area

What does that mean? 

Date on request: Basically, we can make almost everything possible on your desired date. But then it is mostly a question of price. 

Guided/self-guided tours (tour guide / trainer: no)

These tours are designed exactly for individual desired dates, which means, you can tell us your desired date in your request, then we will gladly make you an offer for the tour on your individual desired date.

Guided tours (tour guide / trainer: yes)

These tours are planned and calculated for a certain minimum number of participants and fixed dates due to their extensive services. For you as a single participant on an individual desired date, for example, a package including tour guide and accompanying vehicle would therefore be very expensive. However, if you are a group of at least five people, the tour can also be planned and offered exclusively for your desired date at a reasonable price. Of course, desired changes are also possible. 

Motorcycle transport

The same applies here: The transport of a single motorbike on an individual desired date is much more expensive than joining a fixed-schedule group transport. If you as a group need a transport with more than six motorbikes, a transport exclusively at your desired date can also be planned and offered at a reasonable price. 

Motorcycle trainings 

For many trainings there is the possibility to organise them already from three persons at the individual desired date. 

Available: Generally, all the offers you can see online are available. 

But what does "generally" mean? Among the most common questions we get asked are these two: Is this tour going to happen? And: Are there still places available on this tour? The answer is practically always yes, because as soon as a tour, training or transport is cancelled or fully booked, we deactivate the offer. 

In exceptional cases it can happen that, for example, an unusually large number of bookings arrive at the same time at very short notice and we are therefore unfortunately unable to confirm your booking, even though the offer was still available online. However, this is of course not associated with any costs for you and we will gladly try to find suitable alternatives. 

Accordingly, we always recommend not to wait longer than absolutely necessary with a booking, because the closer the travel date, the greater the probability that a tour may be fully booked. 

"New on sale" / "Latest offers only":

If you select this filter, we will only show you offers with the green "NEW" banderole. These are either completely new to the programme in the last four weeks or have at least one new date in the offer. You can find all these new offers > here. ..

Fast: Feedback usually within 24 hours

Often we are even faster. If we receive your request during regular service hours, you should usually receive a response to your request or booking within a few hours. For bookings or enquiries that arrive in the evening or at the weekend, or for very individual or complex enquiries, it may take longer. Because sometimes the good is better than the quick. Of course, you can always contact us to find out how your enquiry or booking is progressing. And of course with any further questions. 

Friendly: Our customer service helps you with all questions and wishes

We are your motorbike travel agency and advise you independently. We are happy to help you with words and deeds to find the right offer for you. We are also available by phone from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 7 pm on +49 40 468 992 48.

Guaranteed: Only the original prices

We work with more than 80 specialised partners whose offers you can search quickly and easily at MOTOURISMO. MOTOURISMO does not charge a surcharge on the original provider prices. No service surcharges, no booking fees, nothing.

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What is a travel security certificate? 

The travel security certificate serves as proof of the customer money protection of a (German) tour operator. 

Tour operators combine individual services into a package holiday. A package is defined by law as soon as at least two otherwise independent travel services are combined, e.g. flight and hotel. 

Since November 1994, tour operators have been obliged under Section 651 k (3) of the German Civil Code (BGB) to insure customer monies received - i.e. in the event that services are cancelled or the traveller incurs additional expenses for the return journey as a result of the organiser's insolvency or inability to pay.  

The travel insurance certificate proves that you, as the customer, have this insolvency insurance, which is required by German travel law for package tours and with which tour operators must insure deposits and final payments. 

In other EU countries, but also outside the EU, there are similar regulations on customer money protection.  

As a rule, these only apply to package tours, not to individual services. This means that offers such as flight-only, hotel-only, motorcycle-only training, motorbike transport or tours that do not include accommodation services do not fall under this regulation as package tours. 

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What is customer payment protection? What is a travel security note? 

Since November 1994, tour operators under German law have been obliged pursuant to § 651 k (3) BGB (German Civil Code) to insure customer monies received – i.e. in the event that services are cancelled as a result of insolvency or insolvency of the operator or additional expenses are incurred by the traveller for the return journey. 

Since then about operator liability insurance there are similar laws in place throughout the European Union. Also, other countries all over the world have established various regulations for customer payment protection. 

A travel security note proves to you as a customer that a travel package operator is providing customer payment protection as an insolvency insurance prescribed in the German travel law with package tours. 

A package tour within the meaning of the law is one in which at least two otherwise independent travel services are combined, for example, flight and hotel. 

This regulation does not apply to individual services. This means that offers such as pure motorcycle trainings or courses, transportation/shipping or day tours without overnight accommodation do not fall under this regulation as package tours and are accordingly labelled on MOTOURISMO with the statement "operator liability insurance: no". 

You can find more details on the subject of customer payment protection and operator liability insurance in the original Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council here: 

Press release, 29 June 2018: New EU rules ensure better protection for 120 million holidaymakers

Official document Directive (EU) 2015/2302

Despite Corona: Travel is possible again – the most important questions and answers

1. Can you book now despite Corona?

Yes, you can. Currently, a lot is possible, especially tours, trainings and transports within national borders. But also other European countries can be travelled to. 

For the member states of the European Union, the EU has meanwhile set up a very useful information page, which is permanently updated > here ...

In addition, we have up-to-date and detailed information on the situations in the respective destination countries. Please send us your request at any time if you are interested in a tour, training or transport. 

We will gladly inform you about the current situation according to your date requests. However, we ask for your understanding that we can only answer these enquiries with reference to specific offers. 

Unfortunately, we cannot process general enquiries without reference to specific offers for capacity reasons. 

Please therefore use the button "Non-binding enquiry" for your enquiry, which is available in every offer - or also the button "Book", if you can already decide. 

The general situation is not binding.

The general situation will continue to change depending on the region. Therefore, the availability of the offers can change at any time - even after your booking. 

But: If a tour, training or transport booked by you has to be cancelled or postponed due to current regional conditions, you can receive a free rebooking or cancellation with refund of your payment.

For further details, please see point 2 below.

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2. What to do with your existing booking? 

Like many other motorcyclists and travellers, you are probably wondering how to deal with your booking in view of the current and ever-changing Corona situation.

Under the given circumstances, the answer is usually quite simple: first of all, it is best to do nothing at all, i.e. wait and see. Why? There are essentially three possible cases for bookings under German law: 

Case A: You cancel your booking early out of concern about the general Corona situation. 

The consequence: The organiser's regular cancellation fees apply. This will result in corresponding costs for you.

Case B: You cancel your booking late, i.e. as soon as the date is imminent, i.e. as soon as there is an unavoidable, extraordinary circumstance (formerly: "force majeure") which makes a cancellation free of charge possible, e.g. the then current Corona situation and associated travel restrictions. 

The consequence: Your cancellation at this time is generally possible free of charge. But: There is a grey area, because unfortunately it has not yet been legally clarified exactly when this point in time is given. In general, German courts have so far been guided by travel warnings issued by the German Foreign Office. 

> Worldwide Corona travel warnings: What does this mean for holidaymakers?
The Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbrauchzentrale Bundesverband) explains the rights of holidaymakers who do not want to take their trip or want to cancel it because of Corona. 

Case C: The organiser cancels because it is not possible to carry out the trip due to the current Corona situation. This will be done at the latest possible time, so when an assessment of the situation is best possible. You will be informed automatically. 

The consequence: You can get your payment back or accept an offer to rebook. More about this below. This will not incur any costs for you. 

In general, the simplest solution should be to wait and see if case C occurs. 

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3. Should you just collect your refund in case C? 

That would be your right, but we would ask you not to do that. If at all possible, please accept a rebooking offer or voucher instead. Why? 

Our partners are not big tour operator groups, but small and fine motorbike specialists. The current Corona crisis is hitting them with full force - and thus also us, MOTOURISMO, because our service thrives on the diversity and quality of our partners as tour operators. 

By booking with MOTOURISMO, you have chosen your specialised motorbike travel agency as well as one of our specialised partners as tour operator - and thus for a network in which you can find everything you need to discover the world by motorbike. 

In the current worldwide crisis in the motorbike travel industry, MOTOURISMO has been able to offer a wide range of services.

In the current worldwide Corona crisis, it is really about nothing less than saving this highly specialised network, which is unique in this world. Together with our partners, we are asking for your help to ensure that you continue to receive the same service after Corona. 

So you may receive - or have already received - a cancellation or an offer to change your booking. So case C. 

In this case, please help save the motorbike travel industry and, if at all possible, do not insist on a refund of your payment, but accept an offer to rebook or a voucher.  

For one thing is certain: Corona too shall pass - and when the whole world is open to us again without restriction, we will gladly continue to be there for you to the fullest extent. 

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Corona virus and travel: key information resources

We have collected the detailed legal basis and information with references to the independent sources for you here. 

> Re-open EU - Country information on the current Corona situation

For the member states of the European Union, the EU has meanwhile set up this very useful information page for travellers, which is constantly updated.  

> Corona virus / Covid-19: Travel warnings of the Federal Foreign Office (Germany) 

The situation is improving noticeably in many places, but the number of Corona cases is still moving worldwide. In the meantime, the German Federal Foreign Office is reacting to the development at various destinations with new travel warnings. 

> Further current travel and safety advice from the Federal Foreign Office (Germany)

You can find up-to-date travel medicine advice on individual countries in the respective travel and safety advice under the heading "Medical advice".

The Federal Foreign Office also operates an app. You can put your travel countries on a pinboard and receive a push notification if there are any changes to the travel and safety advice > hier ...

> Corona virus and travel insurance - Questions and answers from our partner Ergo Reiseversicherung (German only)

Answers according to insurance conditions VB-ERV 2019 as well as VB-ERV JV 2019. In case of deviating insurance conditions, please contact the Ergo Service Center.

> Information page of the Federal Centre for Health Education on the coronavirus (German only)

Answers to frequently asked questions, general hygiene tips, leaflets, films, infographics

> Information page of the Robert Koch Institute on the coronavirus (German only)
Up-to-date risk assessment for Germany, case numbers in Germany and worldwide and more

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