“Beta”? Why beta? What does that mean?

We decided to label our English language version as a “beta” as we are still developing our services. In software development a Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs (problems to be solved). Technically, MOTOURISMO is way beyond that phase. 

However, we are still about to extend our services especially in terms of number of offerings and extending regionally – let alone globally. For that we always very much appreciate any recommendations for operating partners in all our categories such as tours, training courses and shipping. 

Secondly, we feel having flagged our English language version as a beta because in any stage you can always improve and that’s what we’ll always be aiming for. 

So please feel free to check MOTOURISMO for any issues and possible improvements, and let us know anytime. Get in touch with us on info@motourismo.com or website chat or WhatsApp.

Why book on MOTOURISMO?

Fast: feedback usually within 24 hours

Often we're even faster. When we receive your request during regular service hours, you should normally receive a response to your request or booking within a few hours. For bookings or request that arrive in the evening or at the weekend, or for very individual or complex enquiries, it can take longer. Because sometimes good is better than fast. Of course, you can always ask us about the status of your enquiry or booking. And of course contact us with any further questions. 

Friendly: Our customer service will help you with all your questions and wishes

We are your motorcycle travel agency and are happy advise you independently. We are at your disposal to find the right offer for you. 

For sure: Price guarantee

We work with more than 70 partners, whose offers you can quickly and easily search on MOTOURISMO. MOTOURISMO does not charge a surcharge on the original provider prices. No service surcharges, no booking fees, nothing.


What is a travel insurance? 

With a travel insurance, you can receive refunds, for example in case of sickness or cancellation. A travel cancellation insurance will reimburse your cancellation costs, rebooking fees or unused travel services. In the event of a breakdown or accident, it pays before and during the trip. A travel health insurance can protect you from medical treatment, medication or even a hospital stay abroad become your expensive private affair. 

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance after receiving the booking confirmation from the tour operator. With reliable travel insurance, you can be sure of quick and financial cover in the event of damage – including 24-hour emergency service. Because something unforeseen can always happen. 

At our partner – the ERGO Reiseversicherung – they have a saying: "The appendix doesn't care where it breaks." Under the following link you can calculate the price for your booked or planned trip. If you wish, you can also take out your insurance directly online – here (German language only)...


What is a travel security note (German: "Reisesicherungsschein")? 

Since November 1994, tour operators under German law have been obliged pursuant to § 651 k (3) BGB (German Civil Code) to insure customer monies received – i.e. in the event that services are cancelled as a result of insolvency or insolvency of the operator or additional expenses are incurred by the traveller for the return journey. Since then about operator liability insurance there are similar laws in place throughout the European Union. 

The travel security note proves to you as a customer this insolvency insurance prescribed in the German travel law with package tours. 

A package tour within the meaning of the law is one in which at least two otherwise independent travel services are combined, for example, flight and hotel. 

This regulation does not apply to individual services. This means that offers such as pure motorcycle trainings or courses, transportation/shipping or day tours without overnight accommodation do not fall under this regulation as package tours and are accordingly labelled on MOTOURISMO with the statement "operator liability insurance: no". 

You can find more details on the subject of operator liability insurance in the original Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council here: 

Press release, 29 June 2018: New EU rules ensure better protection for 120 million holidaymakers

The official document can be found here...