Your guest bonus in MOTOURISMO Motorcycle Hotels

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Dorint Hotels: Your MOTOURISMO guest bonus

Dorint Hotels: Your MOTOURISMO guest bonus

Parking, welcome drink or wellness - free for you: The benefit of your MOTOURISMO guest bonus is waiting for you in all participating Dorint Hotels & Resorts.

MOTOURISMO guest bonus – how do you get it?

It's easier than riding a motorcycle: You make a regular booking at one of the participating MOTOURISMO hotels and when checking in, you mention our code word 'MOTOURISMO' – and that's it.

Now you are a MOTOURISMO bonus guest and will receive one of the following attentions - often even more than one, depending on what the respective hotel specifies as MOTOURISMO guest bonus:

● a free space in the parking lot

● a free space in the garage

● a free welcome drink

● free access to the spa/wellness area

What is a motorcycle hotel?

Again and again we have been asking ourselves this question: What is a motorcycle hotel? Because again and again we've been staying in hotels that neither looked like one nor claimed to be a motorcycle hotel. But still they were great and did welcome us warmly - even though we arrived with motocycles and in wet or sweaty gear... Although? No, often rather just because of that.

By that we've always seen that the enthusiasm for motocycles extends far beyond motorcyclists themselves. Therefore, we have decided to not select hotels according to criteria such as "host is a motorcyclist " or "wrench corner available". (Let's face it, who still needs that nowadays?)

So, what is a motorcycle hotel then? According to our experience, every hotel deserves to be called so - it just needs to spread the spirit of motorcyclists being welcome. And after all, in general, hotels know how to spread the spirit for guests feeling welcome.

For our selection of motorcycle hotels, there is just this one key criterion: a little gift for everyone who's arriving on a motocycle and remembers to mention the code word "MOTOURISMO" in a friendly way at the reception. So, that would be you.

Here, you'll find all the MOTOURISMO motorcycle hotels to filter them by region - or by price or by equipment. Have fun discovering your next accommodation!

Welcome at the start

Motorcycle tours, training and shipping is what we already have - and our world's largest selection continues to grow. Now here comes even more. We are launching the new MOTOURISMO Hotels category. As a MOTOURISMO special guest, you can look forward to a special benefit at all participating hotels.

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