No Russia Tours – to our Russian friends:


– no Russia Tours

We have deactivated all Russia tours – not only because international flights to Russia are suspended, but also out of solidarity with Ukraine. We are contacting everyone who has already booked Russia tours, but also have a message to our Russian friends.

By Michael Carlin, 27.02.2022

We ask our Russian friends for understanding because we know: Russia is not Putin and Putin is not Russia. We firmly believe that a large majority of Russians do not support the orders of their president to militarily invade their neighbors in Ukraine.

The reason we have removed all Russia tours from our program is not only due to the currently suspended international flights to Russia.

We would also like to explicitly do our modest part to support all international measures to economically block Russia - even though we know that this will also affect all Putin opponents in Russia. There is just currently no other option.

We wish all our Russian friends much strength and success in bringing their president to his senses by whatever means. We wish all our friends in Ukraine all the strength, good luck and maximum success to overcome and survive these dramatic times.

We wish that soon we can all meet again in peace - on-road, off-road, also in Ukraine as well as in Russia.

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