15 Days Adventure Balkan

The Balkans are not easy to describe. Is it a mountain range, a geographical area or is it "only" a term that is currently in vogue? We say he's something of everything.


per person double room (The booking of a double room is only possible for a booking with 2 persons. If you are a single person, please also choose the single room or the option "Half double room".) €2,149.00 $2,390.67 ?
per pillion (pillion can only book together with a rider.) €1,999.00 $2,223.80 ?
per person single room (surcharge - for single persons booking is only possible incl. single room or as option "half double room"). €400.00 $444.98 ?
per person "Half double room" option (If you are a single person and do not wish to choose a single room, you can agree to the "Half double room" option with the following arrangement: You book first incl. single room surcharge. The surcharge for a single room will be cancelled or refunded immediately if it is possible to occupy a double room with you and another person of the same sex up to 4 weeks prior to departure. The availability of the option "half double room" is therefore not guaranteed.) €400.00 $444.98 ?


12 guided tours with a German tour guide who is familiar with the country
14 nights with breakfast in carefully selected hotels
14 typical dinners in the hotels (three-course menu or gourmet buffet)
Remembrance T-shirt
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
petrol, tolls
Drinks, meals (if not stated separately in services)
Travel Cancellation Insurance

More details

More details
Total distance: 4100 km
Daily stages: 280 to 390 km
Tour start: Passau (D)
End of tour: Passau (D)/ 12 hotel changes
You will receive detailed information on the entry formalities and our stays in the individual countries with the travel documents. As a matter of principle, no extravagant documents are required, as we move within Europe.
On our tours we are basically only on the road with one group. Our travel groups are deliberately kept small and limited to 8 motorcycles. The minimum number of participants on this tour is 4.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Contrasts in the smallest space make this destination so interesting and incomparable.

One thing is for sure: you will be able to answer this question much better after this tour. It will be a journey away from the mainstream and thus perhaps exactly what you are looking for in this day and age.

We ride fantastic motorcycle routes on predominantly asphalted roads. It can happen at any time that road conditions change due to heavy rainfall or thunderstorms. Such unpredictable changes may result in short sections on unpaved roads. A good physical condition is necessary for this tour as the route is very demanding. The motorcycle should be in good technical condition and the tires should still have sufficient tread pattern.

Country typical, genuine, authentic

Donkey carts on the roadside, small, seemingly untouched mountain villages and unspoilt nature with a wealth of history - join us on an impressive journey across the Balkans and through a unique history. Kosovo with its blue helmets are part of this tour, as well as the Adriatic Sea with the pearls of the Balkans.

With this tour we open some doors to countries that are a little different and therefore also mysterious. What you can expect from this tour is a wonderful hospitality in every single country, modern and typical accommodation, winding side roads and landscapes that are still pristine and unspoilt.

Whoever undertakes this journey will be surprised. Not everything is perfect according to German standards, but it is perfect and let's leave the German standard out, say YES to country-specific conditions, let's look forward to a journey that feels real because it is very close to people's lives.

Experience a journey through time, where past and present collide, countries with a unique history and full of contrasts. Our tour guide has been travelling these countries for many years, it is his second home and he knows the conditions of the countries, the routes and small places where it is worthwhile to stop, which are not in any travel guide and about which you will tell for a long time. All this makes this trip a real experience.

The way is the goal

The meeting point for our tour is in Passau. The evening together gives us the opportunity to get to know the other participants and our tour guide will make you curious about the upcoming tours. Look forward to fantastic tours and lots of new experiences.

The next two days we ride through Austria, past the famous Erzberg to Hungary. These tours will be a mix of small side roads and highways, there are many kilometres ahead of us and the goal is to arrive on the Balkanhab Island, where the Balkan adventure begins.

Secrets of the Balkans

In the Iron Gate Nature Park, perfect motorcycle routes await us between the spectacular cliffs of the Danube basin and the rugged peaks of the Carpathians. Again and again we change between the peaks and numerous lakes. Lake Vlasina is located at an altitude of 1210 m and is surrounded by up to 1875 m high mountains. Here the borders become blurred and the altitude difference becomes a minor matter, what counts is the view and it will be unique.

One of the most beautiful routes in the Balkans, the popular panoramic road along the Danube, awaits us. This route takes us on endless curves along the Danube and the views of the landscape are hard to put into words. White Drin and Black Drin, Lake Skadar, Fierza Reservoir, Tara Gorge, Black Mountains - the names are endless, the landscapes an interplay between mountains, rivers and lakes. We're sure you'll enjoy it.

Without "if" and "but."

There are still countries in Europe that sound exotic and the information is scarce. This is exactly what makes a journey so interesting. No matter what you have heard or read, what we can promise with this tour is that no one will starve, there will be a great hotel room every evening and every tour day will be a good day.

On our tours we are basically only on the road with one group. Our travel groups are deliberately kept small and limited to 8 motorcycles. The minimum number of participants on this tour is 4.

1st day - Arrival day

Individual arrival in Passau until 18:00 o'clock

Getting to know each other and presenting the tours

2nd day

Day trip to Austria

3rd day

Day trip via Slovenia and Croatia to Bosnia - Herzegovina

4th day

Day trip to Mostar

5th day

From Mostar through Montenegro and Kosovo to Albania

6th day

Day Tour Albania and Macedonia

7th day

Through Albania to the sea

8th day

Day off, optional half day tour

9th day

Through Albania to Montenegro in the bay of Kotor

10th day

From Montenegro to Croatia along the sea towards Dubrovnik

11th day

Day trip through Croatia

12th day

Past the Plitvice Lakes to the Slovenian border

13th day

Through Slovenia to Carinthia

14th day

Return journey to Germany (Katschbergpass)

15th day - Departure day

Individual departure