12 Days Portugal Tour

Exclusive is included in this tour. Despite its small size, Portugal is a country with an enormous variety of landscapes and traditions.


per person double room (The booking of a double room is only possible for a booking with 2 persons. If you are a single person, please also choose the single room or the option "Half double room".) €1,899.00 $2,112.56 ?
per pillion (pillions can only book together with a rider.) €1,785.00 $1,985.74 ?
per person single room (surcharge - for single persons booking is only possible incl. single room or as option "half double room"). €500.00 $556.23 ?
per person single room (surcharge - for single persons booking is only possible incl. single room or as option "half double room"). €500.00 $556.23 ?
Motorcycle transport: €699.00 $777.61 ?


9 guided tours with a German tour guide who is familiar with the country
11 nights with breakfast in carefully selected accommodations
4 excellent dinners during our stays in the Quintas, where our mum still stands at the stove herself and cooks for us
For the further common dinners we use small restaurants with country typical kitchen in hotel proximity (self-payers), you look forward to first-class dinners faithfully to the slogan "small but fine".
commemorative present
Shuttle Service Airport Rental Station-Airport
Escort vehicle for luggage during the entire travel period
Return transport of own motorcycle incl. luggage and transport insurance (depending on booking)
Loading stations: Dresden, Berlin, Erfurt, Heilbronn, Nuremberg, Karlsruhe, other locations can be reached on request.
Not included features
Meals, in particular dinner and drinks (if not stated separately in services)
Travel Cancellation Insurance

More details

More details
Total distance: 2500 km
Daily stages: 220 to 370 km
Tour start: Faro (P)
Tour end: Faro (P)/ with hotel change
Our travel groups are deliberately kept small and limited to 8 motorcycles. The minimum number of participants is 6.
Baggage transport - No:
There is no escort vehicle available for this tour. Each participant transports his luggage independently on the motorcycle.
Medium (SG 2): This tour includes many curves and partly also serpentine routes. The tours are a mix of tight corners and long corners at normal speed. A part of the tour are small passes with tight curves, normal gradients and mostly winding routes, which require a good eye control and the safe control of the motorcycle. Due to the partly long daily stages a good condition is necessary.
Our airport shuttle service is only offered from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. For arrivals / departures outside these times, you are free to use a taxi for the arrival/departure to/from the hotel.
The tour to Portugal starts at 13:00 on the day of arrival. The tour to Malaga on the day of departure ends about 17:00 in Malaga. Please note these times when booking your flight. If the flight times do not fit, we will gladly arrange additional overnight stays in Malaga.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

From the sunny beaches on the Algarve coast to the green mountains in the hinterland and along the picturesque Duero valley, we experience pure riding pleasure.

Look forward to first-class accommodation and dinners among locals with first-class cuisine that could not be more authentic. It won't be the big luxury hotels, it's the small and fine accommodations that make them so big because they are so special.

Choose the comfortable way by flight for your journey and let us transport your motorcycle to your destination. We will pick you up at the airport and the bikes will be handed over at the accommodation. On this tour, our support vehicle will take care of transporting your luggage - enjoy a free ride, arrive relaxed and enjoy the experiences of the day.

Day 1

Arrived in Faro and a short time later in our accommodation, the holiday can begin. Here you will not only experience first class hospitality, here the term "happiness" is redefined. Arrive and relax, these are the terms that will accompany us every day from now on.

Day 2

Today's tour leads us through the Alentejo to Evora. The expanse of the landscape is dominated by olive trees and cork oaks. The first part of the track feels like a winding roller coaster, along numerous cork oak forests and small reservoirs it goes up and down constantly. The region is sparsely populated and the few villages give the impression that time stood still here countless years ago. Arrived in Evora we experience a city away from the mainstream, together with our tour guide you will experience a stroll through long forgotten alleys and the restaurant in the evening will be the perfect end of the day, look forward to something special - comfort begins where standard ends.

Day 3

Grippy asphalt roads with endless curves lead us today to the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in Portugal and in winter also a ski resort. The kilometres of bends meander endlessly through this area and most of the time we will be on our own here. The tour can be shortened or extended depending on your mood. In the late afternoon we arrive at our accommodation, which is familiar and unique.

Day 4

After breakfast, the tour continues on winding roads through the Serra da Estrela. Shortly after our descent, we reach the summit of the Torre at 1993m with its breathtaking views of the region. Along endless winding roads we reach our destination of the day in the late afternoon. The Duoro Valley in the north of Portugal is without doubt the most impressive wine growing area in Europe. It is the home of port wine and not only the view of this wonderful landscape will inspire you, but also the incomparable taste of a good port wine is part of it, look forward to very special moments.

Day 5

Starting in the morning on the Spanish side of the Duero, we experience the rugged gorges of the river until noon, with up to 500 meters difference in altitude. Around noon we cross the border and experience the spectacular beauty of the Duero Valley on the Portuguese side. Along the Duero river we reach our accommodation in the middle of the vineyards in the afternoon. Lovely landscapes like in Tuscany or the high mountains of the Maritime Alps - there is a little bit of everything and therefore enough for a day full of riding fun.

Day 6

Today's route unites so many different regions that it is difficult to describe it. Again and again we will see the hardworking winegrowers at harvest time and most of the traffic we will encounter are the farmers with their small transport vehicles full of grapes, who have to bring their harvest quickly to the processing plant. We cross the lovely landscapes of the Duero Valley to reach Porto in the late afternoon. We have arrived in a city that never sleeps and has much more to offer than Lisbon. It is the city of port wine and the variety of port wine cellars invites you to taste it.

Day 7

Today we will have a tour-free day. The city of Porto is a popular tourist destination and the old town with its small, winding streets has much to offer. Impressive bridges span the Duero and those who like can watch the colourful hustle and bustle during a boat trip. For those of us who prefer to ride a motorcycle, we offer a day trip along the unique green coast. Countless bays with their sandy beaches and small beach cafes invite you to stay, and those who like can also enjoy a cooling in the sea. Back in Porto, the lively nightlife of this wonderful city awaits us.

Day 8

Starting with lovely routes, from midday on we ride through the hinterland on very winding and steep mountain routes with up to 20% ascents and descents. In the late afternoon we reach the rough Atlantic coast and with it the "hot spot" of the country, in front of us lies the Mecca of surfers and kiters. Here the surfers are looking for the perfect wave every day, we don't need to look for it anymore, we have been surfing our "perfect wave" for days. We spend the evening in a small restaurant by the sea and a good meal with fresh fish and a Vino Verde will complete the day perfectly.

Day 9

What awaits us today is one of the most beautiful routes Portugal has to offer. The coast has an incomparable beauty and guarantees an unforgettable motorcycle experience on winding panoramic roads along the Atlantic Ocean. In Lisbon we cross the spectacular "Ponte de 25 Abril", a suspension bridge over the Tejo river, almost 3 km long and thus the third largest suspension bridge in the world. Europe's mainland ends at Cabo da Roca, gentle, wild and romantic we experience this region in its own way. Being here feels similar to being at the North Cape. The view is fantastic, the personal photo counts and quickly we are gone again.

It continues along the Atlantic coast. Again and again we experience endless long beaches, enchanting bays, steep cliffs and elongated dunes.

Day 10

Today's tour has a lot to offer, from the Atlantic coast to the Serra de Monchique. Endless small side roads on best asphalt lead us to the highest elevation in this small mountain range. At a height of 902 m and with a good visibility, fascinating views up to the Algarve open up. The curve waltz will not end and in the afternoon we reach the Algarve. Arrived here a fantastic accommodation awaits us, surrounded by 11000 orange trees, freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast is guaranteed.

Day 11

It will be the last day of the tour and today we take the countless winding roads through the hills of the Algarve under the wheels. Smallest side roads with best asphalt will inspire you. Those who like can also independently discover the sandy beaches of the Algarve during a boat trip, simply go swimming or relax at the pool of the accommodation.

Day 12

Today it is time to say goodbye to Portugal. No goodbye forever because the next adventure is already waiting for us.

Our tour groups are deliberately kept small and limited to 8 motorcycles on this tour. The minimum number of participants on this tour is 4 persons.