4 days Weserbergland

Weser? Mountain country? Sounds like a contradiction. Doesn't the Weser flow through Bremen? There's no mountains up there. I'll say. And it's not true again.


per rider in shared/double room (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travellers are asked to choose the single room surcharge or choose to share a twin room with another tour participant) €629.00 $699.74 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers cannot book without an accompanying rider) €589.00 $655.24 ?
per person single room (surcharge – all single travellers need to choose either the single unshared room surcharge or a shared twin room surcharge depending on their preference) €90.00 $100.12 ?
per person option “Shared Twin Room” (If you as a single rider do not want to pay the single room surcharge, then this option may be suitable for you. You will initially be charged the single room surcharge which will subsequently be refunded or removed from the final invoice if a suitable roommate can be found for you. €90.00 $100.12 ?


2 guided tours with a competent tour guide who is familiar with the country
3 overnight stays with rich breakfast
3 traditional dinners (three-course menu or gourmet buffet)
Souvenir gift
Not included features
Meals, drinks (if not stated separately in services)
Travel Cancellation Insurance
Everything that is not specified under benefits

More details

More details
Total distance: 450 km
Daily stages: 200 to 250 km
Tour start: Höxter
Tour end: Höxter/ with basic hotel
Luggage transport - No:
There is no escort vehicle available for this tour. Each participant transports his luggage independently on the motorcycle.
Difficulty Level:
Easy (SG 1): This tour has no high requirements and is suitable for all types of riders. The tour is carried out via smooth curves alternating with straight stretches and is also suitable for beginners and returning riders. Fast and safe overtaking operations should be possible. Difficult sections of curves are rather the exception.
Our tour groups are deliberately kept small and limited to 8 motorcycles on this tour. The minimum number of participants on this tour is 6.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

The Weser is more than 400 kilometres long. On its way north, it has given its name to an area southwest of Hanover that attracts motorcyclists from all directions.

Weserbergland - the Allgäu of Lower Saxony

For everyone who already knows the insider tip, the term "Weserbergland" is not a contradiction, but a term that stands for varied and exciting tours, for idyllic landscapes, long asphalt arches and sharp hairpin bends that meander up and down surprisingly steep slopes. Anyone who is on the road here must always remember to be in Lower Saxony - and then shake their head in disbelief about the fact that they are already braking for the next turn.

Another smile under the helmet provokes the fact that the Lower Saxons always have charming, discreet motorcyclists' greetings ready: a small, yellow sign with a motorcyclist symbol, arrow to the right and the inscription "Köterberg 4 km". An unobtrusive, but highly official hint from the road construction office, not to simply pass by here.

At the top of the summit at an altitude of 500 m, the endlessly wide sky offers a magnificent view over the gentle green hills and forests of the Weserbergland. With good visibility, the view extends to the east as far as the Harz mountains.

A special highlight of our tour is the visit to a private motorcycle museum with lovingly kept in operation nostalgia, where we are inspired by masterpieces of simple construction.

We turn along the river far into the south of the Weserbergland, in order to touch the water course at a place where we will notice that the Weser there is still called Fulda. Please don't be surprised if our coffee break here is observed by two meter-high house cats. They're not doing anything, they're just guarding the motorcycles.

Tour schedule:

1st day - Arrival day

Individual arrival until 18:00 o'clock

Getting to know each other and presenting the tours

2nd day

Southern Weserbergland

3rd day

Northern Weserbergland

4th day - Departure day

Individual departure