Two-day Cornering and Leaning Training in Baden Airpark

Would you like to ride a clean line and develop a perfect feeling for the leaning position? Then the Curve School, the riding safety training for motorcyclists, is the right place for you.


per rider €798.00 $887.74 ?
Catering accompanying person €50.00 $55.62 ?
Individual training 2 days €1,595.00 $1,774.37 ?


Exclusively rented route
On-site support
Professional Instructors
video analysis
Technical service
track safety
Emergency doctor and ambulance service
Mineral water, coffee, fruit
Warm lunch
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
Overnight stay in a hotel
Other catering

More details

More details
Minimum number of participants 50 participants (per event day)
Training contents: Circular track training, gaze guidance, handling, riding and braking exercises, guided laps, seating position, hanging-off technique
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

But right outside the front door? Often you only use the

Motorways to get quickly to another, more distant destination. But also here there are often beautiful small routes, which hardly anyone knows. With a maximum of 10 machines, we cross the Swabian countryside on absolutely low-traffic, winding side roads. With the result that many of the enthusiastic participants of the numerous past tours as repeat offenders gladly let themselves be guided once again behind their local scout through the fantastic landscapes.

The tours are designed in such a way that the riding pleasure and the dreamlike landscapes are in the foreground. For this reason, the pace on the lonely streets and little streets is chosen to be more tourist-friendly. Depending on individual preferences, the winding sections can also be taken under the wheels at a slightly more dynamic pace.

The pleasure tour follows the rivers of the Swabian Alb up to the Hegau and crosses the Swabian Allgäu on fantastic side routes. Of course the scout takes with him all the curves that the southern German hinterland has to offer. The tour can be ridden with all machine types, for experienced riders also with choppers and cruisers. We meet in the morning in Weilheim/Teck and start our day trip from here to Allgäu, where we spend the two nights booked in the hotel. The end of the tour is on Sunday afternoon back in the direction of Stuttgart.