Enduro-Weekend Kleinhau

Uncomplicated off-road pleasure - the Enduro weekends in Kleinhau.


per rider €90.00 $100.12 ?
Junior 13 - 16 years €45.00 $50.06 ?
Junior up to 12 years €0.00


Motocross track prepared for enduro use
Campsite in the paddock
shower facility
introductory course for beginners
track marshal
technical service
children's track
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
overnight stay

More details

More details
Training contents: Free riding on the prepared motocross tracks, some of which have been extended with enduro passages
Special features: Arrival in the evening before the event is possible. Camping possibility, toilets, showers and catering (from Saturday morning) on the spot.
Minimum number of participants: 70 riders
Beginners and hobby enduros on soft enduros are expressly welcome at these events.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

On level motocross tracks, every stud freak can let off steam for a whole weekend in riding homogeneous groups. The workshop service, the children's track, shower facilities, all-day catering and an introductory course for beginners are also standard at the Enduro weekends.


The course of the track in Kleinhau is largely based on the course of the motocross track.

In order to emphasize the enduristic character of the route, extensions will be made over surrounding meadows. If the track conditions are too dry, the runway can be irrigated with a permanently installed irrigation system. The considerable differences in altitude are also charming.