Motorcycle Tour

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Like a small continent, Sardinia lies in the rolling, warm sea. It is its diversity that gives it a very special charm.


per rider in shared twin/double room €1,790.00 $1,991.30 ?
pillion passenger €1,290.00 $1,435.07 ?
Single room surcharge €350.00 $389.36 ?


Ferry crossings mainland - Sardinia and back in double cabins with shower and WC
5 nights in a double room in Sardinia
Half board (extensive breakfast and dinner)
Tour guide on the motorcycle
Entrance fees for various joint visits
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services
Toll fees
Travel cancellation and return transport insurance

More details

Total distance: About 1600 km (only on Sardinia, without arrival/departure)
Group size: minimum 6 riders, maximum 10 motorcycles per tour guide. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 28 days before the start of the tour.
Driving licence: Participation in the tour requires a valid driving licence of class A or A1 (with corresponding motorcycle).
Motorcycles: You travel with your own motorcycle. Please make sure that you still have enough tyre tread for the duration of the trip including arrival and departure to the ferry port.
Road condition: The condition of the roads is fantastic. Sardinia has all imaginable fluid curve combinations on the best asphalt to offer. The roads seem to be made especially for us motorcyclists. Of course, in remote areas there may be potholes in the asphalt for short stretches or you may have to ride on gravel in between. But everywhere, where it allows wonderfully curved asphalt bands with appropriate surface (and that is almost everywhere!!), you can let it run wonderfully lively - on Sardinia is always swing time. It goes without saying that the rider should be able to control his motorcycle safely.
Daily routine: Normally, a travel day starts at 8.00 am with breakfast. At about 9.00 a.m., after the briefing from the tour guide, it's off to the next stage destination. Lunch and coffee breaks will of course not be missing. As a rule, we reach our hotel by 19.00 hrs at the latest. If it should become exceptionally once still later, then there is surely a good reason for it. In any case, we will be able to leave ourselves at least an hour from arrival to dinner.
The accommodations: Usually it is about hotels of the 3-star category, but it can be sometimes their four. To compensate for this, a small family hotel with a little less comfort is enough for us. However, each accommodation is distinguished either by its unique location, history, cuisine or atmosphere. Of course, all rooms are always equipped with a bathroom. On the ferry we have booked double cabins for you, preferably outside. Unfortunately, depending on the booking situation, we may sometimes have to make do with inside cabins. But it is always double cabins with their own bathroom and private toilet.
Board: The mixture makes it. Even more diverse than the Italian cuisine, the Sardinian cuisine spoils on the one hand with just the fine Italian, but on the other hand with the rustic Sardinian, or the melange of both. In addition, there is freshly caught seafood and the crunchy vegetables from the own gardens. All this makes this cuisine so interesting (and tasty) that you will certainly not lose weight on this trip.
Climate: If this weather can't be called Mediterranean, then we don't know it. That means in plain language: Almost always beautiful weather with a bright sun in front of a cloudless dark blue sky. The average daytime temperatures are 26° degrees in May/September and the corresponding 14° and 19° degrees at night.
Entry: Swiss citizens and citizens of EU countries only need an identity card for entry. Participants of other nationalities are kindly requested to enquire themselves at the relevant national representation.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Its spectrum ranges from the wild, inaccessible mountain regions of the interior with those whimsical, craggy rock gardens down to the Caribbean-like bright beaches on the warm seashore.

From the mystical fairy houses and giants' tombs, the prehistoric nuraghi to the headquarters of the world-famous to the headquarters of the world-famous Internet provider Tiscali in Cagliari. From the depths of the underground stalactite worlds, most of which are still undiscovered, to the top of the island's almost 2000-metre-high roof in the mighty and pristine Gennargentu mountains.

Legend has it that during the creation of the earth, God completely forgot about the small island of Sardinia. Naked and without vegetation, it lay there like a bare rock in the vast sea. It took an angel to point out God's omission. God then took care of Sardinia's design in a very concentrated and remorseful way and took plenty of all the beautiful things he had already created all over the world and distributed them on the island. This is how it became as beautiful as it is today. And the pearl of the Mediterranean. The "forgotten island" was neglected more and more over the centuries. Thus, the unguarded and unprotected island was gradually taken over by many different peoples and left their traces: Phoenicians, Romans, Pisans, Genoese and finally also the Catalans, who resided in the town of Alghero for a long time. All these influences make up the charm of this small, enchanting island and give rise to its inexhaustible variety.

inexhaustible variety. Discovering this small, dreamlike continent on two wheels, "experiencing" it to the remotest and most pristine corners, is one of the most beautiful challenges that a holiday on a motorcycle can offer.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Individual arrival to the night ferry.

Meeting point in the evening at the ferry to Sardinia, dinner and overnight stay on the ferry (double cabins with shower/WC). Departure probably

in Genoa.

Day 2: Arrival in the early morning and the first small excursion

In the morning after an early breakfast arrival with the ferry in Olbia on Sardinia. On the well-built main road we first ride straight to Alghero, so that we can get rid of our luggage in our hotel. After a little refreshment we set off relieved to explore the northwestern tip of the island. As often as possible we move close to the coastline and catch views of the deep blue sea. At Capo Falcone, the most northern point of the island, we look for a place directly at the sea for a short lunch stop. Depending on our mood, we have a few more cucurbits before we ride back to the hotel. For the first evening, we plan to have dinner together at the Pizzeria Poco Loco, which serves excellent pizzas by the meter. Founded by Catalans, Alghero still seems rather Spanish during the subsequent short digestive walk through the old town and along the city walls of the citadel.

Daily distance: between 40 and 260 km

Day 3: From Alghero to the Costa Verde

After breakfast, it's time to pack up and get on the bikes. On the SS 292 we enjoy the great curve combinations up to Villanova. As far as Bosa, this road winds its way through the coastal mountains, the highest peaks of which are close to the 800 metre mark. From here the road swings up to Monte Ferru (this "iron mountain" measures 956 metres), to Santu Lussúrgiu. Into the mountains of the Arboréa, distant foothills of the Gennargentu, our path leads from left to right, always wagging, until we reach the plain at Terralba. On roads of third to fourth degree (be careful!) we approach the green coast quasi through the back door. We may even see some of the resident deep pink flamingos standing in the knee-deep water. The coast here is wild and the sea is open. The waves crash against the steep cliffs with such power that it is a joy to watch this force of nature.

Stage for the day: approx. 275 km

Day 4: The Costa Verde and its hinterland

After breakfast we head out to the village. After the ride to Capo Pécora we go to Portixeddu to eat "Zuppa di Cozze", a mussel speciality with tomatoes and garlic, and afterwards Frittura Mista of seafood on the small terrace directly at the road (and of course with sea view, of course!). Really delicious!!!

We then head along the coast to Masua. This section is one of the wildest of the Sardinian coastline anywhere, and the road takes you up breathtaking climbs way up high with gigantic views over the sea. Later, via Iglesias, we find the entrance to a fantastic mountain circuit, the course of which sends us into rapturous vibrations until we reach the Temple of Antás. Here, in the area called Fluminese, you can ride gravel roads until you lose your bearings. Perhaps someone is in the mood for a little adventure? But this awaits us on the further way to Arbus, from where the small road brings us wildly lurching back to the Costa Verde.

Stage for the day: approx. 155 km

Day 5: From the west coast to the east coast along the Gennargentu

Today we start early in the morning. We have to cross the whole island - and that in full touring gear. But before that we will have a look at the world famous Nuraghic fortress Nuraxi. Afterwards, we will touch the Gennargentu mountains in the afternoon and ride via Mándas, Seui and Lanusei to the east coast. What roads you will think after this roundabout ride. And so it goes on. One of the best known and most famous roads in Sardinia is the SS 125 from Tortoli to Dorgali. There are several passes to cross on this coastal road, one of them over 1000 metres high - an uplifting feeling in the truest sense of the word. Shortly before Dorgali we turn right into the tunnel to Cala Gonone, one of the most beautiful bays in Sardinia. Here, after an eventful and particularly winding day, we move into our accommodation for the next three nights. Dinner and relaxation at the hotel.

Stage for the day: approx. 280 km

Day 6: Gennargentu

This day is dedicated to the island. A round trip around the beloved high mountains (free of disturbing luggage!) is the highest duty for every motorcycle hiker. Also today there is no group pressure, except the common dinner nothing stands in the way of an individual arrangement of the day. If you wish, you can also choose this yourself and meet the group again in the evening. The possibilities are manifold.

For those who prefer to relax without two wheels under their butt, there are the (quite strenuous) hikes to the famous gorge "Gola su Gorruppu" or through the "Codula di Luna" to Cala Luna. The latter can also be reached on a short hike along the water. Then, after a successful day at the beach, you can simply return by boat. Or you can go there and back by boat - for a perfect relaxation.

For those who still haven't had enough of the Gennargentu, today we will once again ride the wildest part of this fascinating mountain range. After riding south on the legendary SS 125, we head west before Tortoli to Villagrande. From here it is not far to the entrance of the small mountain road of Monte Perda Liana. This part of the mountain region is really completely removed from the world. In some places, you might think you've landed in the middle of the Moroccan erg - or on the moon. Horses move as freely as birds in this part of Sardinia. In view of the airy heights in which we move and the steep abysses into which we look, we soon feel like that too.

Right through the heart of Sardinia, the path leads us via Seulo and Desulo this time directly to Fonni. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can also take an even deeper, almost surgical cut through the middle of Sardinia. If your fitness and curiosity are up to it, we'll forego comfort and take the teeny, extremely wild pass - the Arcu Guddetórgiu - on an equally daring track. Off the beaten track and far away from tourism - isn't that what you wanted?

you wanted it that way? Don't worry, there is also the more civil, tamed variant over the Arcu de Tascussi. In Fonni we all meet again anyway. And hopefully everybody had his fun. Afterwards follows the now already known dance from Orgósolo to Oliena. If you don't feel like it today (which we can hardly imagine), take the other route from Mamoiada directly to Núoro and then on the main road to Dorgali and back to the hotel. This is also a nice dance. Only the rhythm is different...

Stage for the day: approx. 300 km

Alternative for connoisseurs and the once-a-little-less-riders: Slope surfing along the Monte Albo

In the morning, after a leisurely breakfast (yes, we have a bit of leisure), we ride without luggage to Monte Albo, an elongated limestone rock typical of Sardinia, which was once an underwater reef millions of years ago. It towers high above the lush green landscape. Along its northern side a wonderful little road winds through wild vegetation towards the sea. Besides great turns we enjoy the solitude and the rugged landscape. The detour down to Siniscola is obligatory, because otherwise only the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring offers such combinations of curves - but without the deep blue sea in front of our eyes. The road leads us to La Caletta, where there is supposed to be the best ice cream on the whole island. We will see it - or taste it even better. A relaxing day ends with the equally relaxing ride along the east coast via Orosei and Dorgali back to the hotel. Swimming in the sea is just as possible today as a short visit to the marble quarry. Sardinian marble is almost as white and famous as that of Carrara, but not quite as expensive. Unfortunately, we won't be able to take too much of it with us, as already a two by four metre cuboid weighs about 20 tons. From here it is not far to Cala Gonone, and if one arrives a little earlier at the hotel today, then that is also quite nice.

Stage for the day: approx. 200 km

Day 7: Via detours to Olbia

Via Núoro the way leads us northwards. With a cappuccino from the local mountain Ortobene we say goodbye to our beloved Gennargentu mountains. Today we leave this enchanting part of the island. But the coming kilometres, with this beguiling ribbon of asphalt winding through holm oak groves and that spicy smell of the maquis, quickly make us forget any farewell. Faced with the splendour of the curves, which not only seduce but also challenge, the focus is quickly back on the road ahead and on the essentials. Orune, Bitti, Buddóso ... we continue northwards through the gentle landscape of the Altipiano - and finally towards Olbia. We enjoy the last kilometres towards the coast on the smallest roads. The night ferry is already waiting, as is dinner. And after what is sure to be a wonderful final evening on board, the bunk is already waiting for the now Sardinia addicts, who are extremely capable of taking bends.

Stage for the day: approx. 200 km

Day 8: "Goodbye" in Italy

Early in the morning the ferry arrives at the mainland (probably Genoa). Shortly after leaving the ship we park again somewhere on the harbour area to say a proper goodbye. "See you again" hopefully, maybe sometime on another tour.

(Program subject to change)