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The Apennine Peninsula, this is how Italy is often called. Because the Apennines are the dominant mountain range that runs through the whole of Italy, from boot to sole.


per rider in shared twin/double room €2,990.00 $3,326.25 ?
pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €2,190.00 $2,436.28 ?
Single room (surcharge) €450.00 $500.61 ?


13 nights in a double room with bath/WC
half board (breakfast and dinner) to Palermo
Tour guide on the motorcycle
Entrance fees for various joint visits
all parking fees
Ferry to Sicily
Night ferry of the Grandi Navi Veloci from Palermo to Genoa, overnight stay in a double cabin with shower and WC
Boat trip along the coast of Gargano
Travel security note
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services
Catering on the ferry Palermo - Genoa
Drinks/ coffee breaks
Possible tolls
Travel cancellation and return transport insurance
personal issues
Entrance fees or ferry fees for individual day arrangements

More details

More details
Total distance: approx. 3400 km (without arrival / departure)
Daily stages: 250 to 380 km
Group size: maximum 10 motorcycles per guide, minimum number of participants: 6 riders. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 28 days before the tour starts.
Road condition: Endless curves, mostly wonderfully curved, hairpin bends are rather rare. In the south of the country the asphalt is sometimes in bad condition, but otherwise it is of excellent quality and offers a lot of grip. Which ensures that the tyres wear out quickly. Therefore please make sure to arrive with fresh tyres.
Riding skills: This tour is not suitable for inexperienced motorcyclists. The motorcycle should be safely controlled on the road, especially in winding terrain. The stages are sometimes strenuous.
Climate: Always Mediterranean, between 20 and 30 degrees during the day, sometimes higher. Still cool at night at high altitudes. May is considered a month with little rain, but is already pleasantly mild
Special features: Individual arrival at the meeting point hotel in Piedmont, Italy. On the return journey, the ferry from Palermo arrives in Genoa on 02.06. around 19 o'clock.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, you read that correctly, mountain range and not low mountain range or something. No, the Apennines are going full blast, that is to say, scratching at the 3,000 metre mark. The Gran Sasso, the big rock, for example, competes with our Zugspitze with its proud 2,914 metres, and also the marble Alps of Carrara swing up to proud 2,000 metres and more. So it's no wonder that the Apennines determine the Italian boot - and that they are curvaceous.

The curves that meander around the rather round mountains invite you to endless orgies, as they otherwise only existed in ancient Rome. And because there are so many and tempting of these charming asphalt bands from north to south, the capital unfortunately falls by the wayside. On the other hand, Abruzzo and Gargano, the boot spur, with fragrant woods and wonderful routes along the Adriatic Sea, and the Costiera Amalfitana with even better views of the sea - this time the Riviera. A visit to the Vesuvius, as well as an extended ramble through Pompeii, finally pays tribute to the time-honoured history and the Roman culture. Basilicata and Calabria, far to the south, will be honoured with unspoilt mountain scenery and lush nature at the foot of the boot - free of disturbing traffic. Here it is worthwhile to cruise between the nearby seas as often and for as long as it takes for the sun to set - this too is a spectacle beyond compare. At the sweet end of an extraordinarily eventful tour, the widely travelled Italy fan is finally spoilt by the island where the gods live. You have to be able to tolerate a boot, a boot full of curves, of course.

Route description

Day 1


Meeting point Gavi In the morning at 9 o'clock meeting at the meeting point hotel. Short introduction with a coffee in the breakfast restaurant of the hotel for all those who have not yet stayed there the evening before.

Our nice hotel near Gavi welcomes you in the middle of the lovely wine hills of Piedmont. The booking of this hotel selected by us is optional for the night before the tour and all catering services. Our guide will also arrive the evening before. The travel services, which are included in the tour price, begin with the welcome of our tour guide and with the actual start of the first common stage:

From the gentle hills of Piedmont to the wild Apennines Around Gavi, lovely wine hills dominate the panoramic view, but already on the eastern side of the Scrivia Valley, the wild Apennines begin with imposing mountains and dense green forests. The 1724-metre-high Monte Lésima is the figurehead of the region. Over many small passes and through innumerable curved bends, the route continues through the Apennines until we reach our small hidden hotel in the relatively unknown Frignano between La Spezia and Modena.

Day 2


From the wild Apennines to the romantic Tuscany

Over the famous, notorious Passo Abetone we swing down to Tuscany, more precisely into the Maremma. The southernmost part of Tuscany fascinates with its curvy entrance. Past Volterra along the Colline Metalliferre, the iron hills, to Roccastrada. From there small roads lead us to old cultures and right into the middle of southern Tuscany. We spend the night near Montepulciano.

Day 3


From the hills of the Maremma to the mountains of Abruzzo

Right outside the front door the curve dance begins. Passing Chiusi, the route goes through Todi and Spoleto, and then turns immediately towards Abruzzo. Where the Umbrian Apennines end and the high Abruzzo ends,

we will hardly notice. But the colorful, approximately two-meter-high sticks to the right and left of the roadway edge make it clear that these mountains are among the higher ones of their kind. Yes, in winter there is snow here, and it's meters high! If time permits, we will explore on foot the mountain town of Norcia, apparently still in the Middle Ages, before we continue on the last stage on exciting mountain roads to Ascoli-Piceno, in whose beautiful old town with its charming Mediterranean ambience we will spend the night.

Day 4


A tour around the Gran Sasso and into southern Abruzzo He is the king of Abruzzo: the Gran Sasso, with its 2,914 metres, towers above all the mountains on the boot south of the Po Valley. And its surroundings are guaranteed to take everyone's breath away. A high mountain range in the middle of Italy, garnished by the Campo Imperatore plateau, the emperor's field, which is reminiscent of the vast steppe of Mongolia. Only a few kilometres towards Santo Stefano, and you suddenly feel like you are in the middle of Scotland. The Abruzzo is hard to beat for variety. Behind the plain of L'Aquila, the capital of Abruzzo, which was unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake in 2009, we immediately go up to the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, where brown cows and shaggy horses graze in wide pastures. However, the heraldic animal of this national park is the bear. In Alfedena we stay in a small family-run hotel and taste the specialities of the hearty Abruzzo mountain cuisine.

Day 5


The National Parks of Abruzzo

Because of its luxuriant nature and the originality of its mountains, there are many national parks in Abruzzo. It's nice to see that there are even the smallest asphalt strips that need to be ridden on. Towards the southeast, still in Abruzzo, the route goes for miles through exciting landscapes and beautiful mountain valleys.

The Maiella group, for example, is a wild national park, with a wolf's head indicating that there are still wolves living in the wild. Along the Monti del Matese with its two small romantic lakes and past its highest point, Monte Miletto at 2,050 metres, we travel along the eastern

Flank of the Napoletan Apennines.

Later on it becomes more and more flat, the roads more and more straight (which is nice at times), so that there it goes directly and hardly braked by the fertile plain around Foggiá. Even the Romans knew how to use this area for agriculture. Behind this strip of land, in places reminiscent of the Po Valley and Tuscany, the "Promontório del Gargano" rises in the distance, with its 1,000-metre-high, gently sloping mountain peaks.

The dark and humid jungle, the Foresta Umbra, welcomes us cool and reserved. It will accompany us all the way to the coast, where we will spend the night close to the warm waves of the Adriatic.

Day 6


Gargano, spur of the boot

It is considered the most beautiful coast of the entire Adriatic Sea: Gargano. For this reason alone, this peninsula is worth a visit. What better way to experience the beauty of the coastline than in a boat that takes you to the most beautiful beaches and sea caves. During a two-hour sea journey we explore Italy once from the water.

Those who still feel like having two bikes after the boat tour starting from noon time will have a good three hours tour alongside the wonderful coastal road with the tour guide. Or, what is much better for the photographers among us, one rides individually without any compulsion and without a group for oneself. Until dinner you have time for yourself and your own motives. With the sun at your back, it not only rides particularly well, it also takes better photographs. We'll stay another night in our hotel.

Day 7


From the Adriatic to the Riviera to the Costiera Amalfitana

Granted, it's a long way from one coast to another.

But this is the destination - and in a country as large as Italy, the distances are sometimes a little longer. But what the heck, we are here for motorcycling - and besides it helps a little bit that the roads around Foggia are rather straight through the plain. This helps to make distance.

Via Troia the route leads back to the Neapolitan Apennines - and across it. The road is winding in the direction of Napoli. Shortly before the coast, the Monti Picentini rise again to 1809 metres and, in their well-protected centre, are home to the "Pian Laceno" plateau, which, with its green pastures and brown spotted cows, one would expect to find in Tyrol rather than south of Naples. On the slopes of the Monti Picentini, you can enjoy a splendid descent to the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea and then, after Salerno, you can admire the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Day 8


From the Amalfitana to Vesuvius and Pompeii

First thing in the morning we take one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Italy, the Costiera Amalfitana. Steeply the mountains plunge vertically into the turquoise green sea, while the road high above shimmers frighteningly along the cliffs. The whitewashed houses of the world-famous village of Positano stick so closely together on the steep slopes that you can't get enough of them.

First of all, there are a few other highlights before the gates of Naples. A short stage on the highway brings us quickly to the

to the flanks of Vesuvius, which we climb up to the last parking lot on two wheels. Only the last 1000 meters or so have to be covered on foot in order to look over the rim directly into the volcano's gorge. From here, Pompeii is not far away, which we ride to on the motorway in order to avoid the traffic chaos in the south of Italy as much as possible.

After an extended sightseeing tour (three hours can be easy) we ride back to our hotel on the Amalfitana and crown the end of an eventful day on the terrace of our hotel on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, in the warm twilight of a mild summer night.

Day 9


Over the boot instep "Cilento" to the coast of Calabria

We say goodbye to the "Costiera Amalfitana" and set off for the far south. In order to escape the hectic traffic in Salerno, we only take the motorway to Campagna for a very short time. One hour later at the latest we fall into a never-ending whirl of curves on the "old" SS 18. Which we can continue from Sapri on the SS 19 at will. Once again we stop and look at the beautiful coast from a wonderful viewpoint before we reach our hotel.

Day 10


Cross and across Calabria

From the instep of the foot to the lowest ball of the foot, so to speak, we zigzag from the Adriatic Sea until we catch a glimpse of the Ionian Sea shimmering in the distance. The region "La Sila", covered with fir forests, plays the main role of the day.

This range of hills dominates the entire region between the coasts and enchants with deep green forested mountains that rise up to 1928 metres into the blue sky and between which beautiful lakes shine in the sunlight. We stay overnight in one of the small places hidden in the forest.

Day 11


The Calabrian Apennines or the big toe of Italy

Depending on our mood and how Peter likes it, the foothills of the "Sila" invite us again to go slope surfing. Often enough one has a free view to the Mediterranean Sea at the flanks of the wooded heights. The Apennino Calabrese, so to speak the big toe, enchants with its untamed wildness and with sea views on both sides. Along its ridges we are constantly moving towards the south of Sicily. But before that we spend the night on the boot on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea...

Day 12


Over the beautiful Aspromonte to Sicily

Today is the day of the small crossing. It only takes 15 minutes on the ferry to get Sicilian soil under the wheels.

But before that the mainland shows us once again what it has to offer in terms of landscape, views and road construction.

The latter refers more to the road layout than to the pavement. Because unfortunately you can tell from the condition of the asphalt that there are not only hot summers here.

Between the coasts we ride wonderfully curvy and with just as little traffic to Villa San Giovanni - and in no time we are on the island where the gods live.

And not only them, we also live here, at least for one night. Near Taormina on the east coast of Sicily.

Day 13


Smooth shot through in sicilian

Without wasting much time, we go straight to the big furnace - Etna. In contrast to Vesuvius, here you can still feel warm under your feet and heart, because Etna is still active.

If time permits, we will ride to the edge of the crater under the guidance of local experts. But with special vehicles that cannot melt away the tyres - a truly hot ride.

All of Sicily in one day? Sure, this is not possible, but there is a good overview and a great incentive to discover this island once again.

Even though we will most likely have to use the motorway to reach the ferry in Palermo in time. After moving into our cabins we meet on the afterdeck for a beer and to say goodbye to Sicily.

And while the lights of Palermo slowly fade away in the darkness, the evenly vibrating ship's diesel takes us into a well-earned sleep.

Day 14


On board - from Palermo to Genoa

We'll spend another full day on board. There are no obligations, as no catering services are booked.

This ensures that everyone can organise their day exactly according to their own needs. Those who want to do without breakfast will sleep a little longer, those who skip lunch will be looking forward to dinner ashore.

The ferry arrives in Genoa at about 18:00, and then it's time to say goodbye to those who want to go home on the road.

For those who have booked an overnight stay, there is one last dinner together before going home the next morning.