Leaning Training on the BMW R1200GS

Curves make motorcycling so special, that's why we love biking.


Per person €289.00 $321.50 ?
Accommodation - From 5 persons as a group we offer you the possibility to stay in our double-walled tents of the quality brand Marmot - per person in a tent: €22.00 $24.47 ?
Dinner - including 2 drinks - per person: €18.00 $20.02 ?


Rental motorcycle BMW R1200GS
Friendly advice / nice team.
Full board (breakfast, hot and cold drinks, snacks, lunch).
Competent instructors with many years of experience.
Safety clothing can be rented (see FAQ).
Get to know "your" thick ship. Discover what is possible!
Experience a great day with lots of fun!
All trainings also available as individual instruction. Group trainings (motorcycle clique, company outing, etc.) on separate dates possible with 4 or more participants.
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

More details
Duration 8 hours
max. 5 participants per group
A valid riding licence is required to participate in our training courses.
Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (helmet, motorcycle pants & jacket (min. back protector), boots).
In our trainings a full board (breakfast, cold & hot drinks, snacks, lunch) is included.
The training takes place in 29392 Wesendorf
Start of the training: 09:00 hrs
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Do you know the moment when the curve was misjudged? didn't hit her hard enough, or even runs out on her? In such an emergency situation, you can only manage the curve by increasing the lean angle, everything else does not work!

As passionate motorcyclists, also on race tracks, we know these moments only too well and have therefore developed a lean angle training.

Your bike for this training is - for the first time in Germany - a BMW R1200GS.

In small groups we will show you how you can safely build up a tilted position of up to 45° with small tricks.

A highlight: Our instructors actively participate as pillion riders and give you valuable tips and tricks already during the ride.

That awaits you:

Welcome breakfast:

Around 8 am participants and instructor meet in our Coffee Corner for the first meeting at breakfast. At about 8.30 am the training day starts.

Safe in inclined position up to 45°:

Many motorcyclists run out of road in curves, because the human head only allows 20° inclination without training. We will show you, for the first time in Germany, how to set up "safe" lean angles of up to 45° with the BMW R1200GS.

Active sitting posture:

Sit properly on the motorcycle! Unlike in a car, it is advisable to adopt an active sitting posture when cornering, as this is essential for safe control of the machine.

Curve technique:

Viewing and line selection are among the most important components of good cornering technique. We show you the difference between the techniques "lay" and "press" and explain when and why which technique should be used.

Emergency situation:

Even better than getting out of a critical situation is not even getting into it. Prevent dangers: We will train with you the correct cornering technique and how to react correctly in an emergency situation!

Helite airbag vests:

Helite airbag vests - a life saver in times of need! We would be happy to demonstrate the function of an airbag vest to you - EXPERIENCE the airbag vest live with us!



> Can I also participate in the training without a riding licence?

A valid riding licence is required to participate in our training courses. Young people can participate in the training accompanied by a parent or guardian even without a riding licence.

> Do you have changing facilities?

Yes - we offer modern sanitary facilities: showers, changing rooms with own lockers. So you are welcome to come to us by car in "civilian" clothes and then move on site.

> Are there also advanced trainings?

As an extension we offer the leaning training "WET" - experience leaning even on wet ground, experience more safety for rain trips and learn what is possible.

> Can I participate in the training with a socio / partner?

In the sloping position trainings it is - after previous arrangement - partly possible to participate in pairs on one motorcycle (only individual phases from lunchtime onwards).

> Do I have to pay for damage caused to the motorcycle myself?

No! All damages are covered by the training fee, except wilful damage.

> Is a single instruction possible?

All trainings are also possible as individual instruction. If there are 4 or more participants, it is also possible to arrange your own training dates by arrangement.

>Does the training take place in any weather ?

In principle, the training is carried out in all weather conditions. Training only does not take place if the weather conditions on the training ground make training impossible - but this has never happened before. The conditions at our site are decisive! Participants who are travelling from further away should call us at their home in case of adverse weather conditions and ask how things are going here.

> What are your payment methods?

You can pay the participation fee by credit card, via paypal or by instant bank transfer.

> Can I bring friends / family as visitors?

I'd be glad to. We have an area with table and seating in the inclined position training area. There you can stay and watch during the day.