Motorcycle Training Course
Leaning Training on the BMW R1250GS and BMW F900R (Germany)

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Unique in Germany: The new and unique BMW Wingbikes, the R1250GS and F900R.


Training per person with the Wingbike BMW R1250 GS €290.00 $322.61 ?
Training per person with the Wingbike BMW F900 R €290.00 $322.61 ?


Instructors: competent and with many years of experience
Wingbike BMW R1250 GS or BMW F900 R
Fuel and maintenance
full board with welcome breakfast in the Coffee Corner
Not included features
Everything not listed under features

More details

Duration 8 hours
max. 5 participants per group
A valid driving licence is required to participate in our training courses.
Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (helmet, motorcycle trousers & jacket (min. back protector), boots).
In our trainings a full board (breakfast, cold & hot drinks, snacks, lunch) is included.
The training takes place in 29392 Wesendorf (Germany)
Start of the training: 09:00 am
Individual instruction or own group training possible; please ask for separate dates
Tyre service - while you ride the Wingbike, we fit new Continental tyres on your enduro
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

In our leaning training you learn about being able to build up leaning position safely, especially in emergency situations and we show you how it works properly, promised! Curves are then certainly your passion!

Our head allows by nature only about 20 degrees of lean, so the head must be trained, over and over again! Thanks to the outriggers, our Wingbikes give you the necessary safety to clear your head. You have the choice, depending on your preference you ride with us the BMW R1250GS or the BMW F900R.

Important! Before, during or even after your motorcycle driving school you can participate in the leaning training, even without a driving license, our BMW F900R is especially suitable for our younger participants!

An additional sense of security gives you a Helite airbag vest; with us you get to know the function of this "lifesaver in emergency".

PS: With this training we actively contribute to reducing the number of accidents!


FAQ - frequently asked questions

> Is protective clothing required?

Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (full-face helmet, motorcycle trousers + motorcycle jacket with protectors, gloves, boots).

> Do you have changing facilities?

Yes - there are modern sanitary facilities: showers and changing rooms with their own lockers. So feel free to come in "civilian" by car - you can then change on the spot.

> Does the training take place in any weather?

Basically the training is carried out in all weather conditions. Training will only not take place if there is no training possible on the terrain due to the weather conditions - but this has never happened before. The conditions at our location are decisive! Participants who travel from further away should call us at their home in case of adverse weather conditions and ask how things stand here.

> Can I participate in the training with socio/social partners?

In individual phases (from midday onwards) it is partly possible - by prior arrangement - to ride a motorcycle in pairs in the lean angle training.

> Can I take part in the training even without a driving licence?

To participate in our trainings a valid driving licence class A and driving experience is required.

Are there also advanced trainings?

The continuation of the sloping training is the GS-KurvenTechnik training on the Harz-Ring. Here you can deepen what you have learned even more!

> Is a single instruction possible?

All trainings are also possible as individual instruction. If there are more than 5 participants*, it is also possible to arrange your own training dates.

> Do I have to pay for any damage caused to the motorcycle myself?

No! All damages are covered by the training fee, except vandalism.

> What are your payment methods?

You can pay the participation fee by invoice - normally payable within 30 days or by the latest training date if this is earlier. If the date is 4 months or later, there is a 60-day payment term.

> Do you have hotel recommendations?

We have listed some hotels in the area directly here.

> Can I spend the night at your place with my camper, bus or similar?

You are welcome to park your overnight vehicle in one of our signposted parking areas. However, we do not have public sanitary facilities here. If you have not equipped your motorhome or similar, you will certainly be better off in one of the nearby campsites.

> Can I bring friends/family as visitors?

I'd be glad to. In the inclined position training area there is a table and seats. There your visitors can stay and watch you during the day on the training ground.