Motorcycle Tour
Northern Iran Cruise

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Iran is the country that always inspires us the most. And it is above all the people who astonish us with their hospitality and cosmopolitanism. How far apart are prejudice and reality here!


per rider in shared twin/double room €3,900.00 $4,338.59 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €3,300.00 $3,671.11 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €450.00 $500.61 ?


20 x Accommodation in Hotels
19 x Breakfast
19 x lunch or dinner
Rental Bike: Benelli 249 TNT
Lubricants (Petrol/Oil)
Service Car
Tour guide
Airport transfer in Iran
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

Total distance: approx. 3660 km
Level of difficulty: Medium
min: 6 - max: 12 riders
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Day 1


Your adventure is about to start. You board your flight (not included) and a couple hours later, you arrive in Isfahan.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 2

Arrival in Isfahan

Your first day in Persia. After a couple hours of sleep and a tasty breakfast, we are starting to explore Isfahan by foot. Our destination is the Naqsch-e-Dschahan square (image of the world), which is now also called Imam square, one of the world's biggest town squares. We will also be visiting some of the surrounding mosques and palaces and immerse into the hustle and bustle of the bazaar. In the afternoon, we are getting to know the motorbikes.

Later on, we are strolling along the mostly dried-up river Zayandeh and have dinner together in on of the city's most famous restaurants.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 3

From Isfahan to Kashan (ca. 245 km)

Today is the first trip on our bikes. We have to ride a relatively short distance and will arrive in Kashan around noon.

After checking in to the hotel and freshening ourselves up, we will set out for a tour through the city. During that tour, we will not only see a koran school, a beautiful old bathhouse but also two of the most prestigious merchant's houses. Also, we are getting to know the specialty Kashan is famous for: the production of rosewater.

Accommodation in Kashan

Day 4

Day Trip to Abyaneh and the Fin Gardens (ca. 185 km)

Abyaneh is a small village in the mountains, with picturesque historical buildings and streets. Also the inhabitants try to keep old traditions alive as much as possible. The whole village is like a big museum.

Following the visit to Abyaneh, we ride to one of the most beautiful and most famous gardens of Iran, the Fin Gardens near Kashan.

We'll also enjoy a spectacular mountain part, because Abyaneh is located amidst beautiful mountains, only connected to the outside world by a very curvy road.

Accommodation in Kashan

Day 5

From Kashan to Qazvin (ca. 380 km)

We are able to visit impressive mosques, a royal bathhouse and one especially beautiful bazaar in Qazvin.

During our dinner together, you have the opportunity to try a specialty from Qazvin: a meal made of lamb or chicken with different nuts, saffron and rice.

Accommodation in Qazvin

Day 6

Day Trip to the fortress of Alamut (ca. 200 km)

The trip to Alamut leads us to the most beautiful roads for motorcycling of the whole tour. The landscape is stunning, and the roads seem to only have curves. The fortress itself is not well-preserved but the strenuous climb up is absolutely worth it: The magnificent view on the surrounding mountains and valley pays off for any physical effort.

Accommodation in Qazvin

Day 7

Day Trip to Teheran

Our bikes have their rest day today. We organized a bus and a local guide with whom we will discover Iran's capital city. Of course, one day is not enough to get to know the city with its history of thousands of years completely, but we will get a good first impression.

Accommodation in Qazvin

Day 8

From Qazvin to Rasht (ca. 170 km)

Today, we are riding into the mountains of the Alborz range.

Accommodation in Rasht

Day 9

From Rasht to Masuleh (ca. 95 km)

Our trip today brings us to a fortress which is only reachable with great difficulty. The road itself is not the problem, but rather the 1000 steps waiting for us to climb them up.

If we still have the energy, we can visit the nice mountain village Masuleh afterwards, which is built in a special way: The houses are terraced on a steep mountainside so that each roof of the lower houses are also the floors of the houses above them.

Accommodation in Rasht

Day 10

From Masuleh to Astara (ca. 225 km)

Today's tour leads us partly through the Alborz mountain range and partly along the coast of the Caspian Sea. Astara on the boarder to Azerbaijan is our destination.

Accommodation in Astara

Day 11

From Astara to Sarein (ca. 115 km)

All Iranian bikers will agree that today one of Iran's most beautiful mountain road lies ahead of us.

We will stop in Ardabil and visit the shrine of Safi ad-Din, who founded the first Sufi monastery there. He was also the name giver for the Safavid's dynasty.

Accommodation in Sarein

Day 12

From Sarein to Kandovan (ca. 250 km)

If you have already been to Cappadocia in Turkey, you might find yourself back there. Kandovan is built similarly into the rocks. We will have plenty of time to explore this picturesque place.

Accommodation in Kandovan

Day 13

From Kandovan to Zanjan (ca. 345 km)

We are slowly biking southwards again and will stop in Zanjan, a small town on our way. It is a typical nice Iranian town with pretty mosques and a lively bazaar.

Accommodation in Zanjan

Day 14

Day Trip to the fortress of Behestan (ca. 200 km)

On today's agenda is an excursion to the fortress of Behestan from the epoch of the Achaemenids.

Accommodation in Zanjan

Day 15

From Zanjan to Hamadan (ca. 325 km)

Accommodation in Hamedan

Day 16

Day Trip to Ali Sadr and Lalejin (ca. 170 km)

Today, we are getting deep into Iranian soil and visit the country's probably best-known stalactite cave. We are sailing through the tangle of tunnels with a boat and especially our photo-enthusiasts will enjoy this trip.

On our way back, we will visit Lalejin, a small village where almost every inhabitant is a potter. We will be looking over these artist's shoulders while they are working.

Accommodation in Hamedan

Day 17

From Hamadan to Kermanshah (ca. 185 km)

We will be biking through the Zagros Mountains for the next three days and will get to know many nice mountain passages with our bikes.

Accommodation in Kermanshah

Day 18

From Kermanshah to Khorramabad (ca. 190 km)

On our way to Khorramabad through the Zagros Mountains, we will visit two historically important places: Tag-e Bostan and Bistoon.

Accommodation in Khorramabad

Day 19

From Khorramabad to Isfahan (ca. 380 km)

This is our last day motorcycling. It leads us once again through the Zagros Mountains and finally to the starting point of our tour: Isfahan.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 20


Today, you have again the opportunity to explore Iran's "most beautiful city". We came up with something special for our dinner. We will be riding to an out-of-town caravanserai with a taxi and enjoy the good cuisine there.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 21


Your Iranian adventure has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed your tour with us and that we might see you again, maybe on the tour through the southern, more desert like part of the country.