Motorcycle Tour
Iran Desert Cruise

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Are you fed up with the hustle, bustle and the routine life of the city? Is your desk work sickening you because you spent so much time on it with no fun at all? No worries, we have got just the right solution for you to have a breath of fresh air after a while. You deserve it.


per rider in shared twin/double room €3,900.00 $4,338.59 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €3,500.00 $3,893.60 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €300.00 $333.74 ?


15 x breakfast
15 x lunch or dinner
Rental Bike: Benelli 250 TNT
Lubricants (Petrol/Oil)
Service vehicle
Tour guide
Airport transfer in Iran
5-day Jeep Safari
International flight: Frankfurt - Isfahan / Isfahan - Frankfurt
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

Total distance approx. 2035 km
Level of difficulty Easy to medium
min: 6 - max: 12 riders
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

You might be living your whole life in a town with lots of green sheds and landscape and you might sometimes think how would it feel like to dip your toes into the warm and soft desert sands, watch the horizon while the sun is going down. And yet, the fun is still to begin. As soon as the sun went down you can picture yourself lying down on the sand and watch the endless stars as you feel being among them enjoying the absolute silence of the region. It also applies for those living in cold countries with less sun during the day. Well, you just have to pack your bags and leave the rest to us. We are going to make up all those days without sunlight for you.

You will experience the feeling of exploring a desert which people historically believed that it could not be crossed. Since "Rig-Jen� is an area of different types of dunes which are mostly moving on top of the vast mud lands of the Central Desert, even the oldest caravans avoided the borders of this desert. The lack of water sources is another reason for that. We are proud to finally open a fascinating route to cross this unknown desert. Although we have exact plans to deal with all difficulties, the nature of these trips is to expect the unexpected. Special dune riding techniques will pump adrenalin into your veins. You will visit enormous Tagh jungles (the only plant that may even grow in +70.C) and different climates of a desert from the border to the core. Camp sites with panoramic views of sunrises and sunsets over spectacular oceans of dunes will make an unforgettable memory of a special expedition in one of the most pristine deserts in the world.

You might have heard or watched some documentaries about oriental lifestyle or the culture of the region. And here is the good news for those having a thing for history and culture. We can take you right back in time to 2500 years ago while you are staring at Persepolis&squot; glory. And this is only a well-known example of what we are trying to offer. Each and every city around Iran (Persia) has some ancient monument to visit and let me assure you, even to cover just one historical city like Isfahan, a few days would not be enough.

For those with a good appetite and taste for food, here come the great news: Iran can be considered as a heaven in the region offering you all kind of different dishes. With one spoon you can feel the total different burst of flavor in your mouth. We strongly recommend to try traditional food in every stop even if it&squot;s just a bite. The flavor will be in your mind for the rest of your life.

If you ask around from people who already gave this country a visit, they can cheer you up with some incredible stories about Iranian people&squot;s hospitality. Therefore, if you are traveling alone no need to worry a bit because you are going to find a lot of new friends who would do anything to make you feel like home.

Excited yet?

Well, what we do for you here is to offer you a tour with a selection of cool places, beautiful views, exciting road trips, extraordinary restaurants to enjoy the real taste of what we talked about and long story short, give you a compressed and yet complete tour of Iran, a great place with so many different climates and fun to suit your desire.

ATTENTION! On this tour single rooms are only in a few hotels available.


Day 1: Flight to Isfahan

The adventure can begin. Leave all worries behind, forget everything your heard about Iran, open your heart and your mine, jump on the plane and fly to Isfahan.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 2: Arrival in Isfahan, one day in Isfahan

Early in the morning we will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel in order to let you freshen up a little and right after your rest you will meet up with the group and the tour guides to be utterly briefed about the plan. There will be quite some time to explore some of the highlights of Isfahan. At night, we will all dine together at one of the most historical restaurants of the city. The chef's art is a must see.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 3: Transfer to the first desert camp

For the next five days we booked an Iranian company specialized on desert expeditions.

We begin our tour at 7.00am and bring you from Isfahan to Anarak and then to Rig Jen desert with well-equipped 4x4s for desert expeditions. After passing through the mountains we will enter a vast sea of dunes which we traverse in our trip. We will pass this pristine area to arrive at long walls of dunes with more than 100 km length.

Accommodation in Rig-e Jen

Day 4: Rig Jen swamps and dune walls

We will continue pass through a swamp area with long dune walls to cross the rest of this desert to east direction. The view of colorful mountains and hills in our goal for today.

Accommodation in Rig-e Jen

Day 5: A day in the desert

After we cross the land of fossils, we will reach the other side of this desert. We will reach the ancient old village of Farahzad where we can meet the locals and see their lifestyle in these climates. We will enjoy their hospitality tonight and stay in a local guest house to refresh and get ready for the rest of our journey.

Accommodation in Farahzad

Day 6: How did Egypt come to Iran?

We continue our journey to the desert named "Mesr", which means "Egypt" in Farsi. And there is an interesting story about how this region came to its name.

A few hundred years ago, a camel driver came to this side of this desert to find his lost camel. When he saw the beauty of the place, he said "I will make my own Egypt here". So he started to dig a Qanat for 5 km to bring water to this area and build a small village in the name of Mesr.

This village was destroyed by a flood a few years ago. The beautiful desert in this region is named after the village.

Accommodation in Mesr

Day 7: Transfer to Garmeh

Today you will be leaving the desert and head over to a mysterious residence with deep culture. In this place you hear all kinds of different stories about the desert and what the local people call the desert language, they will teach you how to communicate with the nature over there. These locals have their own type of music in this region you will hear the sound of their instrument while you have this infinite view of sand hills.

You can see lot of salt around the palm tree gardens of the town which creates a magnificent shot for those who are into photographing. You also will stop at traditional café to experience the warmest hospitality of these people and taste few different sweets and drinks.

Accommodation in Garmeh

Day 8: We continue with our bikes and head to Nay Band (ca. 440 km)

And now: here is the main surprise for you, now your trip will begin with motorcycle into the heart of one of the hottest places you have ever experienced. You will be driving with the view of the desert with few stops as we need them.

So far you might be thinking "Oh man it's all about the desert". That's why we thought of a sweet twist in your trip. Right after a long drive passing the heart of the desert you will end up reaching to a 1000 year old village which seems like taken out of a Si-Fi movie. Its name is Nay Band. We will stay ghere for the night in a small guesthouse.

After you reach the place you have to climb up because this village has been built in a staircase kind of architecture. Therefore, after you put enough effort to get up the village now you can cool off in the mineral fountains. There are both types cold and warm fountain ready to treat your skin better than any beauty shop.

Accommodation in Nay Band

Day 9: To Shahdad (ca. 410 km)

Our destination today is one of the most magnificent places based on Geology which you can only be witness in central America talking about the Death Valley. Yes, we got some resemblance right in this part of the world which you can see while you are sitting on your bike. we will drive to the village next to this piece of art of nature where you can rest your eyes in a room made by the locals with natural materials like palm's leaf. This will be another part of the culture and life style of this vast region you can experience for yourself.

Accommodation in Shahdad

Day 10: One day in Shahdad

Today we leave the bikes in the yard and change to jeeps. After half an hour drive we reach one of the most spectacular landscapes you can imagine.

Accommodation in Shahdad

Day 11: Journey to Mahan (ca. 85 km)

Today we will be heading to a city called MAHAN. This town is pretty popular for its fabulous gardens actually the city has been built based on the gardens what carries a very long history and background. One of these very gardens are called SHAZDEH Garden which is about 5 hectares a place where you will be having great memory from. There few more historical places among these gardens that if you be willing we can all check it out together. I hope we can have enough time to cover all the places in this city for you guys.

Accommodation in Mahan

Day 12: Drive to Meymand (ca. 260 km)

In these two day you will be visiting few villages but among all there is this one place with the rarest architecture you have seen before. You will be a witness to see houses carved in the heart of mountain only by primary tools and human hand together with green sheds around these beautiful suites. People in Iran believe that this place has the most unique cliff like architecture and they would love to visit on the holidays. I must mention locals still live in these paces in the mountain and once you get to know them you can take a look inside for yourself. This village has aged about 3000 years and not a single break has been used to build such glory.

We mustteell you, that here we will find no typical touristic infrastucture. We will live like the local population and for the next two days there will be no shower.

Accommodation in Meymand

Day 13: Daytrip and back to Meymand (ca. 240 km)

Today we will be on our way to RAFSANJAN another state of Iran where you can visit the biggest adobe house of the region and also a great canyon called RAGEH right beside the city. You can also visit ancient windward and have a look at the stone garden as well.

Accommodation in Meymand

Day 14: Journey to Zein-o-Din caravansary (ca. 205 km)

After a pretty long trip (trust me so far you have almost crossed the country) it worth a while to stop by a caravansary called ZEYNODDIN and give your body a rest. This place has something special to it besidesthe great local food and other Iranian cousins you will try. The atmosphere of this glories place will take you back in time when there was no cars or roads people used to have camels in this region so they can cross the desert with. Also if you ever be willing we can sit down with the local astronomers and listen to their stories of how people used to look at sky back in time.

Accommodation in Zein-o-Din

Day 15: Drive to Isfahan (ca. 395 km)

Well, if you are a person with an eye of imagination you might be pretty tired now because the trip had so much to offer and yet words cannot describe what will happen here exactly till you come see for yourselves. So our adventures trip is going to be finished but there is still a day left. Now that it's time for all of us to get back to our routine life again we won't let you get shocked so, we will take right back to a metropolis city Isfahan province. I am sure you have heard about this city before, we are talking about the beating heart of art in Iran. a place full of mystery and history at the same time and a beautiful river where you can chill you last day by it. A cup of tea with some Isfahani's sweet called Gazz is totally recommended.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 16: A day in Isfahan

Today will be a day to buy souvenir for your loved once and trust me we have just the places ready to match with your taste. You can buy small souvenirs from all the regions you have visited to remember the hot sands of the desert to the cool breeze of the garden and fountains. After taking these beautiful stuff with you back home you can share your sweet memories with your friend s and family and who knows maybe next time we will have the honor to be a host to your families as well.

Accommodation in Isfahan

Day 17: Flight back home

Very early in the morning your flight goes back home. At the end we will escort you back to the airport and something tells me that won't be a farewell but a beautiful beginning to come.

We will be looking forward to see you back here again.