Motorcycle Tour
Southern Iran Cruise

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For ten years, since our first overland trip from Germany to India, we have been taking one or two groups a year to and through Iran.


per driver in a double room €3,600.00 $4,004.85 ?
per partner in a double room €3,100.00 $3,448.62 ?
per single room (surcharge) €450.00 $500.61 ?


15 x overnight stay in hotel
14 x breakfast
14 x lunch or dinner
Rental motorcycle: Benelli 250 TNT
Operating fluids (petrol/oil)
Service vehicle
Tour guide
Airport Transfer in Iran
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under services

More details

Total distance approx. 2635 km
Difficulty level Medium
min: 6 - max: 12 riders
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Whether during the transit to India or Oman or on our combined Caucasus-Iran expedition: Iran is the country that inspires us the most again and again. And it is above all the people who amaze us with their hospitality and cosmopolitanism. How far apart are prejudice and reality here!

Since my first visit to Iran I have been toying with the idea of offering motorcycle tours exclusively in Iran. But this dream failed because of the unavailability of motorcycles suitable for travelling, as it is forbidden to ride motorcycles with more than 250 sq cm in Iran.

My research now brought to my attention a new motorcycle that appeared on the Iranian market and after thoroughly weighing the pros and cons, I decided to use this motorcycle on our tours in Iran. It is a small copy of a BMW 800 GS with 248 cubic capacity from China, designed as a touring enduro. It comes standard with three panniers. With this motorcycle the Iranian roads can be taken comfortably under the wheels, and finally nothing stands in the way of travelling in Iran. A local partner to organize and guide the trips and an experienced motorcycle guide who knows the area are also on hand, and to make the riding experience as enjoyable as possible, we use a support vehicle with a driver for the luggage.

The flight to Isfahan and back is not included in the tour price. We recommend to fly with Turkish Airlines. Our partner Prima Klima no limits will be happy to advise you.


Day 1


The adventure can begin. You board the plane and land a few hours later in Isfahan.

Overnight stay in Isfahan

Day 2


The first day in Persia. After a few hours sleep and a good breakfast, we set off for an exploratory walk through Isfahan. Our destination is Naqsh-e-Jahan Square (Image of the World), recently also called Imam Square, one of the largest city squares in the world. We visit some of the surrounding mosques and palaces and then surrender to the hustle and bustle of the bazaar. In the afternoon we take over the motorcycles and familiarize ourselves with them.

Later we stroll along the mostly dried up river Zayandeh.Dinner together in one of the most famous restaurants of the city.

Overnight stay in Isfahan

Day 3

Rider to Garmeh (approx. 395 km)

Today it will be hot. We ride into the desert. But not just any desert, but the Kavir-e Mesr, which is part of the great Dasht-e Kavir, and where the highest temperatures ever were measured, over 70° Celsius.

Overnight stay in Garmeh

Day 4

A day in the desert

Garmeh is a wonderful place, a very special place. Years ago it was almost completely abandoned by its inhabitants and threatened to fall into disrepair. Then Maziar, who was living as an artist in Tehran at the time, had the idea to turn his parents' 400-year-old house into a guesthouse. He encouraged other former residents of Garmeh to do the same, and over the years a good dozen beautifully renovated guest houses have been built, where guests can stay in the traditional way. They sleep, eat and live on the floor.

We can spend the day with walks through the oasis, climbing a mountain just behind the oasis or even a motorcycle trip to a salt lake about 80 km away.

If everyone agrees, we will spend the evening in the dunes of Mesr. Maziar and some of his friends will bring us to the destination by off-road vehicles, and we will have dinner together under the clear starry sky and accompanied by traditional Iranian music.

The costs for this excursion, which is not included in the tour price, will be announced by Maziar on site.

Overnight stay in Garmeh

Day 5

Drive to Yazd (approx. 295 km)

We leave the enchanting Garmeh. but we remain faithful to the desert for a while. Before we reach our next destination, the time-honored Yazd, we leave the main road and pay a visit to the abandoned mud city of Kharanaq.

To a large extent the houses are dilapidated and little is done to preserve them. But you can still stroll through narrow winding streets, mentally transport yourself back a few centuries and imagine the hustle and bustle of an ancient oriental city.

Overnight stay in Yazd

Day 6


The day is at your free disposal. Yazd invites you to a long walk through the well-preserved and still inhabited old town. It is built entirely of clay and takes you back to times long past. A visit to the water museum is highly recommended. Here you can learn how the problem of water supply, which is a big one for a desert city, was solved hundreds of years ago by ingenious engineering.

Overnight stay in Yazd

Day 7

Rider to Kerman (approx. 365 km)

Now we point our bikes to the south. We have quite a few kilometres ahead of us. Scenically we are in the desert fringe, temperature-wise in the middle of a blast furnace. In the late afternoon we reach Kerman.

Overnight stay in Kerman

Day 8

Rider to Shahdad (approx. 95 km)

Don't be surprised if you think you have been transported to Arizona today. The rocky landscape of Shahdad is very similar to the famous rock formations in the USA. We will spend the afternoon and evening here and be enchanted by these extraordinary natural phenomena.

Overnight stay in Shahdad

Day 9

Rider to Bam (approx. 225 km)

We will hurry up and make the few kilometers to Bam quickly. There we will visit the old mud city and fortress. It was almost completely destroyed by a devastating earthquake on December 26, 2003, but the government soon set about rebuilding the city. The last time I was there was about 8 years ago, and the progress looked quite remarkable then, so we can expect to get a good impression of this old settlement again.

Overnight stay in Bam

Day 10

Rider to Sirjan (approx. 380 km)

This day and tomorrow will essentially be riding days with a break in Sirjan. We have more than 600 kilometers to cover before reaching Shiraz. Iran is a big country.

Overnight stay in Sirjan

Day 11

ride to Shiraz (approx. 385 km)

And on we go until we reach Shiraz around evening.

Overnight stay in Shiraz

Day 12

Day trip to Persepolis

Today we leave the bikes and let us be chauffeured by a comfortable bus to Persepolis. A local guide will introduce us to the secrets of the ancient Persian imperial city, which Alexander the Great completely destroyed in 330 BC.

Returning from our half-day excursion, there will be plenty of time for a stroll through the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz and a visit to the famous Nasir al Mulk Mosque.

Overnight stay in Shiraz

Day 13

Ride to Yasuj (approx. 100 km)

On the way back to Isfahan we will stop in Yasuj. We are in a gorgeous landscape and will enjoy the two days of riding from Shiraz to Isfahan.

Overnight stay in Yasuj

Day 14

Ride to Isfahan (approx. 395 km)

The travel circle closes and we are back in Isfahan.

Overnight stay in Isfahan

Day 15


Today we have another opportunity to explore the "most beautiful city in Iran". For dinner we have thought of something special. We will go by taxi to a caravanserai a little outside and enjoy the good cuisine there.

Overnight stay in Isfahan

Day 16

Flight home

I am sure that you will now take home a completely different picture of Iran. Report on it and correct the false image that is suggested to us by the media. The people of Iran deserve to have their country portrayed truthfully.

"Be omide didar", in German "Tschüss und bis bald".