Alpine Challenge

100 passports in six days. This demanding motorcycle tour is not sightseeing, but a pure riding tour!


per rider in shared twin/double room €1,290.00 $1,435.07 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €450.00 $500.61 ?


7 nights in a double room
Half board (breakfast and dinner)
German-speaking tour guide, please inquire for English speaking tour guide
Support vehicle for emergencies (no luggage transport!)
Not included features
Toll charges (if applicable)
Drinks/coffee breaks
Travel cancellation and return transport insurance
personal issues
Entrance fees for individual day arrangements
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

More details
Total distance: approx. 2,600 km (without arrival/departure)
Daily stages: about 350 - 520 km
Group size: minimum 20 riders. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 28 days before the tour starts.
Driving licence: Participation in the tour requires a valid driving licence of class A or A1 (with the appropriate motorcycle).
Road condition: Over 100 major and minor passes, all asphalted, but sometimes in poor condition. Only three kilometres of gravel
Motorcycles: The many bends make the tyres difficult to handle, so make sure you have full tread before you start. If necessary, apply harder rubber compound.
Route: Every pass, no matter how small, will be taken along on this tour
Riding skills: Solid mountain experience is a basic requirement for this tour. The motorcycle should be safely controlled on winding roads, especially in hairpin bends. The long daily stages require a good physical condition
Climate: In the high mountains also in summer sometimes sensitively cool. In the south mild, Mediterranean climate
Special features: No sightseeing, just riding. The participants receive the navidata from the local tour guides. The detailed route description shows each driver the way. There is no tour guide who drives ahead. Most of the participants organize themselves in small groups, which are similar in driving style. For this extremely demanding tour a protection certificate is absolutely necessary!
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

The Alpen-Challenge is already a legend. Created out of the crazy whim of two editors, who wanted to ride as many passes as possible within one week, this tour has been an integral part of the MOTORRAD action team program for almost 15 years.

Over 100 passes in 6 days, daily stages of up to 480 km - the Alpen Challenge lives up to its name. It is still a challenge for everyone who wants to ride it, today as well as on the first day. And anyone who has ever ridden it will always think back on it.

Extended coffee breaks, formidable lunches or the jump into a cool mountain lake? Maybe next vacation. If you book the Alpen-Challenge, you'll love curves, curves and more curves - and nothing else.

There were already ex-WM-crossers in the team, who admitted at the end of the day, almost subdued, not to be able to see any more curves. That much is clear, this tour is not a coffee party, here it is about the pure teaching of the sloping situation. Left-hand bends, right-hand bends, steep bends, exchange rate bends, tornadoes and the like determine the whole day.

Savoir-vivre and dolce vita are gladly left by the wayside here, where it is all about tracking down and collecting every pass, no matter how small. Passport addicts will get their money's worth on this motorcycle tour: Well over a hundred passes are taken under the wheels in the Western Alps. A few small hidden, unknown mountain roads on the Italian side of the French-Italian border ridge, which are otherwise only frequented by cyclists, are a welcome change.

Of course, with so many mountain crossings not everyone can be a two-thousander. But also the many small passes with their gentle curves are used between the really big ones like Galibier, Izoard, Allos or La Bonnette.

Countries: France, Italy

Motorcycles: You travel with your own motorcycle. Please make sure that you have enough tyre tread for the duration of the journey including the journey to/from the meeting point hotel. Especially the Italian and French mountain roads with their mostly very rough asphalt are real "profile eaters". On the tour there is no possibility to change the tires, just because of the very long daily stages. Half the tyre tread is definitely not enough, as the roads in the target area eat extremely large amounts of rubber, so increased wear and tear must be expected.

Please use harder rubber compounds or touring tyres for this tour, if you have made the experience that even under regular conditions your tyres do not last as many kilometres as expected on the Alpen-Challenge.

Road condition: Very many large and small passes, mostly in good to very good condition. Some sections, however, also with bad asphalt, one pass partly gravelled.

Riding skills: Solid mountain experience is a basic requirement for this tour. The motorcycle should be safely controlled on winding roads, especially in hairpin bends. The very long daily stages require a good physical condition.

Accommodation: Usually these are hotels of the 3-star category, but sometimes there can be four of them. But for this we are also satisfied with a small family hotel with a little less comfort. However, each accommodation is characterized either by its unique location, history, cuisine or atmosphere. Of course all rooms are always equipped with a bathroom.

Specials: no sightseeing, pure riding tour. The tour connects more than 100 passes of the Western and Southern Alps in one big tour. Unlike most other action team trips on asphalt, this tour has navigation data. The detailed route description shows each rider the way. There is no tour guide who rides ahead. Most of the participants organize themselves in small groups, which are similar in riding style. For this extremely demanding tour a protection letter is absolutely necessary.

Board basis: Breakfast and dinner in the hotels are included in the price. Drinks, lunch and snacks must be paid by the participants themselves. Generally typical cuisine of the Alpine region.

Additional costs: The beer can be partly relatively expensive in the French hotels. Otherwise the prices are similar to those in Germany.

Insurance: Please carry your green insurance card with you on your journey. We especially recommend the travel cancellation insurance as well as a travel interruption costs insurance.

With regard to the above mentioned insurances, please contact your insurance agent in case of doubt. Or take out your travel insurance simply and conveniently with Allianz. When you confirm your booking, you will receive information that will help you to book the appropriate insurance.

Protection letter: As this is an extremely demanding tour, a protection letter is absolutely necessary. We have had the best experience with the ADAC foreign cover letter.

Climate: In the high mountains it can be very cool at times, even in summer. In the valleys or in the south partly mild, Mediterranean climate.

Entry: The tour leads through France. Swiss citizens and citizens of EU countries only need an identity card for the journey. Participants of other nationalities are kindly requested to inquire at the responsible national representative office.