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Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle shipping inside the U.S.

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Enjoy the Door-To-Door shipping service within the United States.


per shipment per motorcycle within the U. S. starting from: $700.00
Please note, fees may apply for pick-ups or shippings to remote or rural areas


Professional motorcycle shipping within the U.S.
$7000 valuation coverage
Total transport time averages 15 business days
Not included
A 7-Day transport time service program is possible on request

More details

Additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation
The drivers will call one business day before arrival
The condition of the motorcycle will be noted at pick up for your protection
Addresses must be tractor-trailer accessible
Someone must be available to sign for the shipment
Terminals are available to help make your move more convenient
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


We do not charge extra “Residential” fees to deliver the motorcycle to your home. Average cost per shipping within the U.S.: $700-$900

Simple: Motorcycles are loaded by the drivers using special equipment and loading procedures. You don’t even need to drain the fuel tank!

Protected: The equipment provides a Perimeter of Protection® and soft straps are used to protect fragile parts.

Safe: All transports are fully enclosed, use air-ride suspension, and are specially equipped with extra large motorcycle-friendly liftgates. $7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation. No deductible. Subject to Motorcycle Shippers’ Contract.

Timely: Total transport time averages 15 business days. In a Hurry? A 7-Day Service program is possible on request.

Addresses must be tractor-trailer accessible:

Your shipment will be transported in an 18-wheeled truck in most cases. This is a tractor-truck with a 53-foot trailer attached, just like the ones you see everyday on the freeway. The total length of the truck from front to rear is approximately 80 feet, and the height is approximately 13 feet. Your streets must be large enough to accommodate a truck of this size, and the truck must be able to drive to the address or location from public streets. Dead end streets and cul-de-sacs are considered “tractor/trailer” accessible as long as there is room to turn around at the end, or the street is wide enough to back down.

Some remote areas do not have roads wide enough for the trucks to navigate and/or include routes not normally used by trucks of this nature. Keep in mind that low hanging tree branches or wires should also be considered when determining if your location is tractor/trailer accessible.

We want your shipment to go smoothly, so please provide an accessible location for the drivers.

Drop-off Terminals in the US:

We have over 44 Terminals across the US that can be used to drop-off or pick-up your shipment when pre-arranged. This is free additional service but we need to provide the terminal with proper notice before you drop off your bike. When reserving your shipment, please let us know which terminal you would like to use. After your order is reserved, you will receive a contract number. You will need to provide your contract number when you arrive at the terminal. Please enquire for further details.