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The Silk Road Motorcycle Adventure

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Along the Silk Road and across the Pamir Hwy to Kyrgyzstan.


per rider €2,000.00 $2,224.92 ?
per pillion passenger €500.00 $556.23 ?


Tour guide service includes:
- 1-day get-to-know-you meeting with travel information, tips for preparing your bike, packing lists, emergency precautions and basic navigation course.
- GPS and track information of the route
- Checklists for your travel preparations
- Assistance in obtaining visas and the Carnet de Passage
- Organization of accommodation and dining facilities
- Assistance with all border crossings
- Assistance with problems and emergencies of any kind
- Travel blog with photos and videos
- Assistance in planning your return or onward journey from Kyrgyzstan
Not included features
tolls for roads, motorways and bridges
Motorbike insurance and entry fees, unforeseen costs approx. 500 €
Costs for visa and Carnet de Passage (approx. 700 €)
Deposit Carnet de Passage (minimum amount 2800 €) Refund if the Carnet is returned correctly.
Overnight stays, meals and drinks if you go for 100% guesthouses / hotels and 100% in the restaurant (breakfast/dinner): daily rate approx. 50 € / total approx. 3.150 €
Overnight stays, meals and drinks if you go for 50% tents and 50% guesthouses / hotels and 50% cooking and 50% in the restaurant (breakfast/dinner): daily rate approx. 30 € / Total approx. 1.900 €
Spare parts, fuel and oil costs for your motorcycle
Entrance fees for places of interest
vaccination and medical expenses, personal expenses, tips
Cost of your return or onward journey. (Motorcycle return transport by truck from approx. 1.300 €, return flight to Europe from approx. 500 €)
Everything not listed under benefits

More details

Tour details:
Tourstart flexible meeting points on the route to Merano
End of tour Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
63 travel days, of which approx. 47 riding and 15 rest days
Total distance about 14'000 km
Daily stages of 300 km on average
Mostly side roads and gravel roads
Minimum 2, maximum 6 motorcycles plus tour guide
Accompanying person on the motorcycle possible
Accommodation according to choice. Tent, pension, hotel
Catering from the camp fire or restaurant
You are ready to embark on an adventure journey with surprises of all kinds.
You ride your motorcycle (enduro) and transport your luggage yourself.
Your riding skills with luggage are good on narrow, winding roads and gravel roads.
Your pulse will stay in the green even in chaotic traffic and long waiting times at border and military controls.
Motorcycle adventure trips require a certain physical and mental fitness. You bring this with you at the beginning of the trip.
Openness and respect for the other group participants, the local people and their culture is a matter of course for you.
Worldwide valid travel and health insurance including return transport to the home country.
Signing of the waiver of liability.
Terms of payment
Registration / seat reservation 10 % of the total amount
Payment of balance 30 days before departure
If the trip cannot be carried out because of the coronavirus or other events, a 100% refund will be made
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Are you looking for adventure, do you love to immerse yourself in foreign cultures and do you like to leave your comfort zone from time to time? Then come along on this special motorcycle adventure trip through the countries of the famous Silk Road and across the roof of the world to Kyrgyzstan.

What makes this motorcycle tour special?

- We move our motorcycles mostly off the beaten track and spend the night mainly in rural areas. This way you have daily contact with the local people and get to know their culture better.

- Apart from the well-known sights you will discover many new things that are not mentioned in any travel guide.

- You can choose flexibly whether you want to "ride free" the respective day's route or together with me as tour guide.

- If you ride alone, we will discuss your route the evening before and load it onto your navigation device.

- Every day we all meet in the evening and at special places.

- You decide on the amount of your travel expenses by sleeping in your tent or prefer a room in the local pension or hotel. This also applies to food that you prepare yourself at the camp fire or order in the restaurant.

- The group size is limited to six motorcycles plus me as tour leader.

The Route

Day 1

It starts in Switzerland over the Alps to Meran. We meet on the way to Verenbarung.

Days 2 - 8

We ride south via Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro to Albania. We follow the Adriatic coast, turn on an adventurous mountain route up to Sveti Jure and over the serpentines of Kotor.

Days 9 - 14

Those who like to travel on gravel roads will get their money's worth in Albania. Or do you prefer narrow tarred roads to Greece? No problem. The country also offers plenty of opportunities.

Afterwards we will visit the impressive Vikos Gorge and Meteora Monasteries together and circle Mount Olympus. Later we cross the Turkish border and then by ferry the Dardanelle Strait. Welcome to Asia.

Days 15 - 26

On our crossing through Turkey we marvel at the rock formations near Görem with the morning spectacle of hundreds of ascending hot air balloons.

In contrast, our ride is on a spectacular gravel road along the lonely Dark Canyon. Further south, we then climb a cult site on Mount Nemrut and enjoy the unforgettable panorama. Passing Lake Van we ride to the Iranian border.

Days 27 - 39

After an ascent and descent through the Zagros Mountains we reach Isfahan. The city offers us countless historical sights and one of the largest bazaars in Iran. Further south we visit the oasis city of Yazd with its unique wind towers. Afterwards we cross the Dasht e-Kavir salt desert to the green Golestan National Park in northeast Iran. The scenic contrasts could hardly be greater.

Days 40 - 43

The Turkmen border runs over a narrow mountain range, in which the border post is located in a secluded area. We take care of the formalities and then steer our motorcycles down to the capital Ashgabad. The city of gold and marble is guaranteed to amaze you. After all this splendour, the barren Karakum desert awaits us and the gas crater of Darwaza, which is located in the middle of it and from which flames have been blazing for over 40 years.

Days 44 - 48

In Uzbekistan lie the three most beautiful cities of the legendary Silk Road. We visit the first of them, Khiva, shortly after crossing the border. A day trip later we stroll through the alleys of Bukhara and the day after in Samarkand over the impressive Registan Square.

Days 48 - 55

We cross the border into Tajikistan and at the same time say goodbye to the huge desert areas of the last weeks. After an overnight stay in the capital Dushanbe we gravel the northern route with the 3'900 meter high Khaburarbot Pass to the Punjab, the border river between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. We follow the river to Korough, where the famous Pamir Hwy over the roof of the world begins. The next days we steer our motorcycles at almost 4'000 meters through this unforgettable mountain world.

Days 56 - 63

The road to the Kyrgyz border winds its way over the Ak-Baital and Kyzyl Ak passes, which are 4,600 and 4,300 metres high. This demands a lot of energy from us and our motorcycles. Therefore, we relax for a day in Osh and then gravel again in the mountains to the remote mountain lake Son Kul. In the last days of our adventure trip we explore the area around Lake Issyk Kul.

Day 64 +

Individual return or onward journey from Bishkek


Options for your return or onward journey from Kyrgyzstan:

- Continue to Mongolia, Ulaanbaator, with the Adventure Tour East Asia

- Return transport of your motorcycle by truck or plane from Bishkek. Costs from about 1000 Euro

- Return flight to Europe from Bishkek about 460 Euro

- Return journey on your own via Kazakhstan and Russia. Takes about two weeks

- Store the motorcycle in Kyrgyzstan for a later onward journey (in Osh or Bishkek possible for a fee up to 12 months)

- Continuation of the journey to Pakistan with connection to a vehicle travel group for the China transit.

- Continuation to Mongolia to Ulaanbaatar with subsequent return transport and flight to Europe

- Sale of the motorcycle in Kyrgyzstan