Motorcycle Training Course
Combo Training: Offroad and Onroad in Wesendorg (Germany)

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You can't decide between the off-road enduro experience and deep lean angle?


Enduro training with your own motorcycle €530.00 $589.60 ?
Enduro training with Beta RR Enduro 125 4T LC €560.00 $622.98 ?
Enduro Training with BMW G310 GS €580.00 $645.23 ?
Enduro Training with BMW F750 GS €590.00 $656.35 ?
Enduro Training with BMW F850 GS €600.00 $667.47 ?
Enduro Training with BMW R1250 GS /lowered €630.00 $700.85 ?
Enduro Training with BMW R1250 GS €630.00 $700.85 ?
Enduro training with KTM 390 ADV €580.00 $645.23 ?
Enduro training with KTM 790 ADV €590.00 $656.35 ?
Enduro training with KTM 1290 ADV €630.00 $700.85 ?
For day 2, please select a preferred motorcycle:
BMW R1250GS with an outrigger system €0.00
BMW F900 R with an outrigger system €0.00


Competent and experienced instructors
Welcome breakfast and full board
With rental motorcycle booking Enduro experience: insurance included
Skew training on our Wingbike BMW R1200GS
1 day Enduro experience & 1 day sloping experience
Optional services:
Enduro boots for rent
Changing tyres on your travel enduro during the training days
BOXER FACTORY Wesendorf - Inspections, service, repairs
All trainings also available as individual instruction
Group training from 5 participants
VIP: Company training as an incentive experience
Not included features
Everything not listed under benefits

More details

3-day dates: The trainings will take place on Friday and Sunday. Saturday is a break day!
2-day dates: The trainings take place on the 2 consecutive days.
Full rations: At the welcome breakfast every morning you will get to know your training group and the respective instructor. Full board is of course guaranteed by lunch and dinner. Hot and cold drinks and small snacks are available all day long.
Motorcycle handling: The different riding techniques, riding physics and assistance systems are explained to you in a clear and concise way. Whether on our motorcycle with an outrigger system or on your touring enduro - you will learn how to handle your bike safely in any terrain.
Enduro-Park: In the onroad area you learn how to ride your Enduro safely in bends of up to 45° and at the 20 or so training stations in the offroad area park you can experience all the fun of riding your Enduro. Then enjoy the final off-road ride together.
Training location: 29392 Wesendorf (Germany)
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Then we have something for you: The two-day GS-KOMBI-TRAINING in Wesendorf, Northern Germany's largest off-road park for travel enduros, offers you full flexibility. In this 2-day-training you will find the best of the 1-DAY-ENDURO-Experience and the SCHÄGLAGEN-TRAINING combined:

- safe motorcycle handling

- correct reaction in emergency situations

- practical riding physics

- realistic training stations

- View and choice of lines

- Riding techniques "Push" and "Lay"

- Final ride (at the Enduro Experience)

And of course, all this on and off-road - so that you learn a lot in all areas and have a lot of fun!

Do you love it when the pressure flies around your helmet while off-road riding? And at the same time it can't go deep enough into the curve onroad - or do you still have deficits here that you would like to improve? In GS COMBI-TRAINING you get both! Fun and action in the off-road terrain are just as guaranteed as the incomparable feeling when you can almost kiss the asphalt for the first time on the Wingbike BMW R1200GS.

Your GS-KOMBI-TRAINING starts on both days with a welcome breakfast in our Coffee Corner. Here you will get to know your fellow riders and your instructor before you go off-road or on the wingbike.

Whether you want to start your enduro on the first day in the off-road terrain or whether you prefer to remove the barrier in your head during lean angle training first, you decide yourself when booking!

On ours - unique in Germany! - specially modified Wingbike BMW R1200GS, you will receive valuable tips and tricks during the lean angle training, so that you can safely and relaxed get into lean angles of up to 45°. You will learn the difference between the riding techniques "push" and "lay" and above all, you will remove the possible existing lock in your head on this training day; because you are probably also aware of the fact that a curve has been misjudged.

In order to avoid such critical situations in the future, the GS COMBI-TRAINING on lean angle day will train your gaze control and line selection, an active sitting posture and everything else you need for safe cornering.

In the off-road terrain park in Wesendorf you will learn how to control your Enduro off-road as well. The enduro training focuses on dexterity and the safe control of your machine. At the approx. 20 training stations you will get to know your touring enduro and only let the mud splash when you go through the water crossings and over rough and smooth. You will be guided through the programme by our competent and all of them enduro-loving instructors with lots of fun.

On this day we have a special highlight in store: the exciting off-road trip to the Lüneburger Heide! Here you will experience the boundless freedom of enduro riding and can put what you have learned into practice.

And because safety comes first in GS COMBI-TRAINING, you have the opportunity to test our HELITE airbag vests or jackets during the training. Together with the use of the riding assistance systems, which will be shown to you in detail during the training, a cool and even safe riding pleasure will be created.