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Motorcycle Training Course
Women only - Enduro experience - 1 day

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Would you like to learn how to skillfully and safely control your touring enduro in off-road terrain in an all-women group? Then the "Women only" Enduro training is perfect for you (suitable for beginners and women with Enduro experience).


Training with your own motorcycle: €270.00 $300.36 ?
Rental motorcycles (seat height low optional)
Training with BMW R1250 GS €370.00 $411.61 ?
Training with BMW F850 GS €340.00 $378.24 ?
Training with BMW F750 GS €330.00 $367.11 ?
Training with BMW G310 GS €320.00 $355.99 ?
Training with KTM 1290 Super Adventure S €370.00 $411.61 ?
Training with KTM 890 Adventure €340.00 $378.24 ?
Training with TM 390 Adventure €320.00 $355.99 ?
Training with Yamaha Ténéré 700 €330.00 $367.11 ?


Small group size (max. 6 participants)
Competent and experienced instructors (German/English speaking)
Full board (welcoming breakfast, lunch, snacks, hot & cold drinks all day).
For rental motorcycle booking: insurance included
Loads of fun with quick successful learning
Not included
Everything that is not specified under features.
Optional: Rental of Enduro boots: 15 € usage fee per day (can be booked directly in the booking process; can also be booked directly on site before the start of training with the instructor).

More details

Participate as a beginner: You are very welcome to participate in our training, our instructors will teach you the basics and riding techniques that are necessary for safe off-road riding.
Protective Clothing: Participation in the training is only possible with complete protective clothing: Helmet, motorcycle pants and jacket (back protector recommended), gloves, and enduro boots (can be rented from us).
Damages: All damages are covered by the training fee, except for intent and gross negligence.
Motorcycle insurance: Our rental motorcycles are all fully insured with 1.500€ SB.
Tires on your own bike: A mixed tire (e.g. Conti TKC 70) is recommended. You can also get tire information from us upon request.
Driving license: A valid class A or A2 driving license is required to take part in our training courses.
Individual training: All training courses are also available as individual training.
Group training: Individual group training is possible for groups of 5 or more participants.
Weather: Normally, the training sessions are held in all weather conditions.
Visitors: Friends and family can be brought along. We have set up a visitor platform with tables and seating in the Enduro area.
Overnight stay: You are welcome to park your camper van/bus with us in the signposted parking areas with your overnight vehicle. A power connection is available.
The training takes place in 29392 Wesendorf (Lower Saxony).
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


At our training stations in Wesendorf, you will learn safe motorcycle handling as well as the physics of riding and the sensible use of rider assistance systems. Our experienced and empathetic instructors will explain everything to you in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Of course, this off-road motorcycle training is also a lot of fun if you are looking to ride your touring enduro through the water or on gravel, scree, or sand through the terrain. Women just wanna have fun!

Our guiding principle also applies to this enduro riding training: Everything is possible - nothing is a must!

This is what awaits you:

Full catering

At breakfast in our Coffee Corner all the participants will get to know each other - well strengthened, you will then go to the terrain. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are included during the entire motorcycle training, of course.

Women only

Many women feel more comfortable in an all-female group because they simply dare to do more. Come and join us in our women-only training sessions!

Enduro terrain

Go wild with your touring enduro in our off-road park. Around 20 realistic experience training stations are at your disposal. The grand finale of the training is the off-road ride in the afternoon. Hard-wired women's power!

Rental bikes

We also provide rental motorcycles for the women enduro training, also lowered and lighter.