Motorcycle Tour
Morocco: The Land of Colors

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From the Atlantic over the Anti-Atlas to the sand desert of Erg Chebbie and back over the High Atlas and the royal city of Marrakech to Agadir.


per rider in shared twin/double room: €1,590.00 $1,768.81 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room: €1,190.00 $1,323.83 ?
Single room - surcharge: €190.00 $211.37 ?
Total comprehensive insurance (payable on site): €90.00 $100.12 ?


Rental motorcycle
Liability insurance
7 nights in a double room (bathroom/WC) with half board
Collective transfer from the airport
Entrance fees
German-speaking tour guide
Escort vehicle / luggage transport
Not included features
Personal expenses and excursions marked as optional
Travel cancellation and repatriation insurance
Everything that is not specified under features

More details

Total distance: Approximately 1900 kilometers. Shortest stage 210 kilometers - longest stage 420 kilometers.
Group size: Minimum 5 riders, maximum 10 motorcycles. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 28 days before the start of the tour.
Motorcycles: Travel enduros Yamaha XT 660 and Hond XL 600 Transalp. The concrete allocation of the motorcycles to the participants according to body size and riding ability will be carried out on site by the tour guide. Of course he will also try to consider individual wishes. We recommend the optional conclusion of a fully comprehensive insurance (with 500,- Euro deductible). The surcharge is 15,- Euro per driving day and will be paid on site.
Deposit: The renter collects as security a deposit in the amount of the maximum deductible of 500 euros in cash.
Road condition/traffic: Mostly asphalt, sometimes coarse, sometimes fine, unfortunately not always good. Loose gravel lurks at the roadside from time to time. Often mountainous and winding routes, about 10 km of gravel roads. The routes are mostly very little used, with a few exceptions when we are forced to use main roads. In Morocco the same traffic rules apply as in Germany, including right-hand traffic. You always have to watch out for animals like goats, sheep, donkeys, cattle and camels.
Riding ability: The tour is suitable for any experienced rider in good physical condition. The motorcycle should be safely controlled on winding roads and in hairpin bends. Off-road experience is not necessary.
Daily Routine: Normally a travel day starts at 8:00 with breakfast. At 9:00 everyone should be on the bike. Lunch and intermediate breaks are taken regularly. We usually reach the hotel by 18:00 at the latest. Should there be exceptions, there is certainly a good reason for it.
Accommodation: In clean typical hotels and guesthouses. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet. Most hotels are in the typical Kasbah style, so with courtyard and usually equipped with swimming pool. According to Moroccan category, these are 3 and 4 star houses, although they do not always meet European standards. Often the rooms are simpler than the first impression and the ambience would suggest. However, each accommodation stands out either for its distinctive location, history, cuisine or atmosphere.
Meals: Breakfast is typically Moroccan, so tea (sweet and with mint) or café au lait, white bread or pita bread, olives, cheese, honey and jam, sometimes egg. Breakfast is usually vegetarian. At lunch, there are different Moroccan specialties. Moroccan cuisine is very varied. We will try to arrange the menu in the course of the tour so that each specialty can be tried at least once. There are always different starters, lots of fresh vegetables and fresh salad, different kinds of meat from beef or lamb (pork is not available for religious reasons) and sometimes fish. Tajine and cous cous are very popular. Besides bread, there are usually potatoes as side dishes. Besides water and the usual soft drinks, Moroccan beer is also available. Various Moroccan red and white wines (mostly dry) round off an evening dinner with pleasure.
Additional costs: The gasoline in Morocco is cheaper than in Europe with about 1 euro per liter Super (as of September 2019). In total, you have to reckon with about 100 euros in petrol costs. The non-alcoholic drinks in restaurants and cafes are cheap. It is quite different with beer and wine. Here the prices are at least on German level. So about 3 to 4 Euro for a small bottle of beer and for a bottle of red wine you pay about 14 - 18 Euro. Depending on the drinking pleasure, one has to calculate with approximately 120,- Euro for the week. For lunch, one should calculate approximately 5 euros per day. Thus, one gets 150,- Euro for lunch and the drinks. Since it is completely unusual in restaurants and cafés to pay individually, and also the payment at the fuel stop should be done as quickly as possible, it makes sense to set up a joint cash box for fuel, lunch and drinks (in the amount of 250 Euro, divided into 50 Euro and 2200 Dirham from the ATM), which, if desired, your tour guide can manage for the group. This way you don't really have to deal with money anymore and can concentrate on the trip and the diverse impressions - and enjoy pure riding fun.
Currency: The currency in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham MAD. The exchange rate in November 2020 was 1 Euro = 10.8 MAD.
Climate: April/May and October are optimal temperatures for motorcycling. However, there are big differences between the sea climate, the desert climate in the south and the mountain climate in the interior. While temperatures of 25 - 30 degrees are normal at the sea, it can go down to less than 10 degrees in the mountains. In the sandy desert of Erg Chebbi and near Tata it can be 35 degrees hot. Now and then it can rain - but then we have only a short shower, and it brightens up again soon after.
Equipment / protective clothing: Waterproof textile clothing or enduro clothing and a helmet with visor are best for Morocco. For clothing, the onion principle with many thin layers that are put on or taken off as needed is best. Waterproof motorcycle gloves and boots should be a matter of course. Please do not forget your swimming costume. Also useful: a multitool or pocket knife, sunglasses that fit under your helmet and a water bottle. Drinking backpacks of the camel back type have proved particularly useful on such tours. Please also remember to take medication against the most common travel illnesses. Diarrhoea and cold remedies as well as vitamins can be very helpful on the road. Please also think of earplugs - it is not everyone's cup of tea to have to hear the muezzin calling from the minaret even early in the morning.
Documents: A passport valid for 6 months is required for entry into Morocco. The identity card is not sufficient. A visa for German citizens is not necessary. Participants of other nationalities should enquire at the Moroccan Tourist Office or at the Moroccan Consulate in the nearest larger town. A national driver's license is sufficient, but it is still recommended to bring an international driver's license, which is only valid in combination with the national driver's license. As a deposit for the motorbike rental a credit card slip will be taken and destroyed after returning the motorbike. Therefore please take your credit card with you. Otherwise, the deposit must be deposited as traveler's checks or cash.
Insurance: The motorcycles are insured to the usual insurance conditions in Morocco liability insurance. A comprehensive insurance with 500.- Euro deductible can be optionally booked and paid on site. It is important to take out an international health insurance. The corresponding insurance certificate should be carried during the trip. We particularly recommend travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption insurance, which covers the cancellation costs in the event of illness and reimburses the remaining value of the lost travel days in the event of interruption of the trip. Luggage insurance is recommended in any case. With regard to the above-mentioned insurances, please contact your insurance agent in case of doubt.
Flight: The flight is not included in the tour price. After the minimum number of participants has been reached, we will be happy to put you in touch with a friendly travel agency in order to obtain appropriate offers. Of course, flights can also be booked online, but here we would like to expressly point out to inquire in advance with us about the realization of the trip, otherwise high cancellation costs may arise.
Partners: The tour is organized and carried out in cooperation with our partners.
If you would like to join us, but you are not yet able to precisely define your holiday, for example, we will be happy to reserve a place for you for a short time without obligation. We look forward to your participation!
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Even the well-travelled agree: Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Three high mountain ranges stretch over this North African country. The High Atlas with its over 4000 meters high peaks awaits with countless passes that promise breathtaking views into deep canyons. In the barren and rugged Anti-Atlas, fans of curve swinging will get their money's worth. Another highlight of the tour is the beautiful dune landscape of the Erg Chebbi. The country also impresses with its play of colors, the reddish clay houses, the ochre mountains, the green oases and the deep blue sky. In the royal city of Marrakech, showmen, snake charmers and storytellers enchant visitors of the medina. Word of the hospitable Moroccans' varied and delicious cuisine has probably spread to Europe by now. This is a journey for all the senses - a dream from 1001 nights!


Day 1: Upon arrival in Agadir, we are already delighted by the mild climate of the Atlantic coast. All participants are picked up at the airport and brought to the hotel, the flight times are already available. Two participants are already at the hotel and meet the group there. After everyone is checked in at the hotel, we go to our first evening meal directly at the beach promenade.

Day 2: After taking over the motorbikes, we make our way through the fertile Sous Valley. Arriving in Ait Baha we enjoy our first coffee break. A little later the curve dance begins, as the Anti-Atlas is not only characterized by an extraordinarily beautiful landscape, but also by very winding and mostly well paved roads. Then the time comes when we approach Tafraoute and are completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape. As if out of nowhere, they suddenly appear in front of us: Les Peintures (The Colorful Mountains). A Belgian artist has painted several rocks with natural colors in blue, green and red. The color is a bit bland, but the landscape is sensational. In the evening we enjoy again the views from our tastefully furnished hotel to the surrounding area. Dinner today is a special treat. / Stage for the day approx. 210 km

Day 3: At the beginning we will again drive into the Anti-Atlas. Small and narrow bends alternate with long curves. Again and again there are magnificent views of the bare surrounding mountains. Three times we drive up to a pass and then down again. In Igherm we have our lunch break. From Tata the landscape changes abruptly. Desert lovers are about to get their money's worth now. Because we will be riding along the edge of the Sahara to Zagora. To our right we always see the ochre-colored Djebel Bani, a desert mountain range rising up to 1500 meters. Stone and sand desert alternate. Acacia trees are often the only vegetation. It is hard to believe that there is such a fantastic hotel in this remote area. We check in and enjoy dinner directly on the terrace by the swimming pool. / Stage for the day approx. 420 km.

Day 4: A great desert stage awaits us today as well. The further course of the N8 to Tazzarine and Alnif is also paved. It goes quickly through the stone desert to the east. And then the time has come: We see the fascinating dune landscape of the Erg Chebbi. In the evening we reach our spectacular hotel in Merzouga. From here we have a magnificent view of the entire oasis and the sand dunes. / Stage for the day approx. 310 km

Day 5: After the initial mileage in the desert, the landscape changes when we arrive in Guelmime. From now on we climb up into the spectacular mountains of the High Atlas. One after the other, the canyons of Amellago and Tahemdount and the Todhra Gorge take our breath away. We reach the beautiful oasis town of Tinghir. A little later another highlight follows: the fascinating Dades Valley. The intense green pervades the beautiful pastel-colored rocky landscapes. Our traditional hotel is situated on a hill. We enjoy our dinner with a view of the beautiful valley. / Stage for the day approx. 370 km

Day 6: After breakfast we head west along the road of the Kasbahs. In Skoura we have the pleasure to admire one of the most beautiful Kasbahs of the country during a coffee break. Soon after Ouarzazate a fantastic winding road over the High Atlas begins. At 2266 meters above sea level we cross the Tiz'N'Tichka. In the evening we reach Marrakech. After checking in, we head towards the old town and enjoy a meal at one of the cookshops on the legendary Jamaa al Fna square. / Stage for the day approx. 320 km

Day 7: Today we will again climb a legendary pass over the Anti-Atlas. Already the first part of the pass to Asni is great. The road winds further and further upwards. Then we reach the Tizi-n-Test (2095 meters above sea level). While we could still admire lush vegetation on the ascent to the High Atlas, it becomes more and more barren on the descent. The last 100 kilometers are completely on the main road until we reach Agadir. After returning the motorcycles we enjoy the last moments of the day at the hotel pool. In the evening there is a great farewell menu as well as many long conversations about our fantastic trip. / Stage for the day approx. 310 km

Day 8: After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to a grandiose journey like something out of a fairy tale from 1001 nights. After the transfer to the airport and when everyone has taken a seat in their comfortable armchair on the plane, everyone is still dreaming of this trip and thinking to themselves: "Morocco, we'll be back".

(Program changes are reserved)