Morocco "INTENSIVE" - Round trip

"Salam aleikum" - We take you on a wonderful journey through the country from "1001 Night"! From Marrakech we start through the "High Atlas" over the Tichka Pass "Tizi n'Tichka" (2.260m) to Aït-Ben-Haddou, which served several times as a film backdrop with its deep red loam buildings.


Rider in double room (per person incl. half board) €2,996.00 $3,332.92 ?
Pillion in double room (per person incl. half board) €2,696.00 $2,999.19 ?
Single room (surcharge) €550.00 $611.85 ?
- Additional bookable: 1x overnight stay in a luxury bivouac with shower & WC, with 4x4 jeeps with driver to the bivouac and back, 1x dinner as part of half board, 1 dromedary at sunrise with camel guide - per person: €100.00 $111.25 ?


Motorcycle transport by truck from Duisburg area to Marrakesh and back. Further loading points are unfortunately not possible for customs reasons.
Transport insurance of the motorcycle by the forwarder
Carriage of luggage (luggage roll or travel bag with your motorcycle clothes/helmet (no hard-shell cases)
Transport of the two side cases + top case in the truck
Luggage transport by truck also during the round trip.
Flight from Düsseldorf to Marrakesh and back. (Economy-Class with 23kg free baggage allowance)
Transfer airport hotel and back (Marrakech)
10x overnight stays in good 3*** and 4**** hotels of the national category
10x extended breakfast or buffet in the hotels
9x 3-course menu or evening buffet in the hotels
1x 4-course menu in the 4****Restaurant Marrakech
1x city tour Marrakech incl. bus and german speaking guide
1x night carriage ride in Marrakech
8 x elaborated day tours during the trip with at least (!) 2 tour guides
Remembrance T-shirt
route plans
travel security note
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
Any tolls or parking fees in/at the hotels and any visitor's tax or bed tax must be paid by the respective travel participant at the reception desk.

More details

More details
Minimum number of participants: 16 persons
A maximum of 24 motorcycles is possible.
On this tour we have some hotel changes with luggage transport.
Sufficient GOOD tyres are required for the journey! Stollen tyres are not necessary.
Any tolls or parking fees in/at the hotels and any visitor's tax or bed tax must be paid by the respective travel participant at the reception desk.
We strongly recommend a foreign and health insurance + travel cancellation insurance!
The passport (!) must be valid for at least 6 months after departure! An "International Motor Transport Insurance Card" (Green Insurance Card) valid for Morocco must be taken out in advance!
Program, hotel and route changes are reserved!
Tour profile:
We bring you by plane directly to Marrakech and your motorcycles are waiting for you.
no extra long 3-4 days boring motorway journey and nights on a ferry
no annoying customs formalities to import your motorcycle locally
Total kilometres from/to Marrakech: approx. 1,800 - 2,100 km. The kilometre data are "approximately kilometres according to our route planning", a deviation is not excluded.
Daily stages on site: approx. 190 - 450 km
Road condition: The road network in Morocco offers meanwhile well developed and asphalted roads. In the High Atlas also sometimes narrow and narrow stretches. In the desert region, slight sand drifts can occasionally occur on the asphalted roads. Heavy traffic must be expected in the cities. On the country roads there are often pedestrians, mopeds & bicycles and free running animals.
Driving skills: The motorcycle should be mastered safely on winding roads and hairpin bends. You must be in the right condition for this tour. Not suitable for beginners and returning riders!
Climate: At our travel date we have temperatures of approx. 15 - 28°C in the interior of the country. Behind the High Atlas at the edge of the Sahara the temperatures can be a little higher during the day. In the High Atlas, on the other hand, it is sometimes very cool at high altitudes. At night the temperatures drop strongly and depending on the weather conditions (also in the desert) can drop below freezing point!
Special features:
We stay during the trip in very good 3*** and 4**** hotels of the national category (!). Don't forget your bathing suit! Guarded parking facilities for the motorcycles are available at all hotels.
Bivouac OPTIONAL (can also be booked):
We recommend to pack a "small hand luggage" (in the hotel in Merzouga) for the one night in the bivouac. The main luggage can stay in the hotel room, as we move into our rooms again the night after. Please note: the traditional Berber-style tents are not "luxury accommodation". They have no fixed walls and can therefore be very "clairaudient"! The sanitary facilities may be separate from the sleeping tents and are also used by other participants! Also it can get very cold at night in the desert, a warm sweater or the motorcycle jacket can be helpful here. The duvets are usually thick enough not to freeze. Dinner with homemade Moroccan dishes and the breakfast buffet are served in the dining tent.
Truck loading of motorcycles in the Duisburg area (approx. 20 km away). Optionally we plan further pick-up stations. Info will follow by email. Take your luggage or your motorcycle clothing with you: Motorcycle cases and top cases can be taken along in the truck + your "normal" travel luggage. It doesn't have to be abandoned on the plane. All further, detailed information on loading, motorbike and luggage transport, flight etc. follows after booking by email.
Car insurance for Morocco - border policy:
Please inquire LRIGHTLY whether your car insurance "Morocco" has also insured. It may be worthwhile to change your insurance! If you talk to the insurance company, maybe a green insurance card with validity "holiday limited" is possible! Therefore our tip: Call the insurance company. If you have not had success with your insurance and still do not want to change it, you have to take out a "border policy" in advance (e.g. via an Internet provider), otherwise it can become really expensive! Unfortunately, it is NOT possible for the forwarding agent to conclude a "border policy" at the border, as this is only possible in conjunction with the passport of the vehicle owner. So please take care here early !
Flight connections (exact dates will follow by email):
Düsseldorf - Marrakesh (with Austrian Airlines - transfer connection) Joint transfer from airport to hotel.
Marrakesh - Düsseldorf (with Austrian Airlines - transfer connection) Joint transfer from hotel to airport.
Important: if it is not possible for you to use the group flight from Düsseldorf with us due to time and/or distance, please contact us! You are welcome to book your own flight and we will reimburse you for the group flight!
Pre-hotel in Düsseldorf ?:
For passengers living far away, it might make sense to book an advance hotel near the airport early (independently), where you can also leave your car (for a fee). This is usually cheaper than the parking garage at the airport.
Currency in Morocco:
In Morocco, the Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is the official national currency. 1,-EUR currently corresponds to approx. 11,- MAD
ATTENTION: Dirhams can only be purchased in Morocco, an import of the currency from abroad is only possible in small quantities since 2019, before it was forbidden. Exchange offices can be found at the airport and in every major city. In contrast to the banks, the exchange offices are also open on Saturdays and Sundays. Everyone should stock up there with enough money. While driving through the atlas there are usually no possibilities to change or withdraw money. As one can always find oneself in a situation where tips are required, it is advisable to carry enough small notes with you (50s, 20s or small change). On departure the Dirhams can be easily exchanged again.
Money with the Maestro card:
In all larger towns it is possible to withdraw money at an ATM or ATM. In some cases, the amount per purchase is fixed at 2,000 Dirhams (approx. 178 euros). If you have some knowledge of the French language, you should enter "French" when typing. Even if an input in English is possible, the programming of the device in English is often not complete. It is not uncommon for the cash reserves of ATMs to be exhausted. Devices that are not located directly in heavily frequented locations, however, almost always have a sufficiently large money supply.
Credit cards:
All good hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. ATTENTION: almost everywhere it is only possible to fill up with cash ! If your credit card (or EC Maestro card) is lost or stolen, it should be blocked immediately. Therefore, please always carry the hotline of your credit card company with you so that you can call them at any time.
Language: officially Arabic and since the adoption of the new constitution also the Berber language Tamazight ("Berber"); French is widely used as a business and educational language, Spanish in the north.
Entry regulations:
German citizens can enter the country without a visa for up to 90 days for tourist purposes. However, you need a passport for this trip! This must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the journey!
The entry and vaccination regulations for the country of destination and transit corresponding to the citizenship of the individual travellers apply. The regulations applicable to German citizens can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.
ATTENTION Hobby filmmakers: The import of flying drones of any kind is forbidden!
Religion & Customs:
Other countries, other customs! Not everywhere we can expect familiar comfort and habits. But we are sure that you, as guests who have travelled a lot, will face some circumstances with tolerance. "Tip" recommendation: if you are satisfied with the service, we recommend that you allow about 1-2 Euro per day/person for the Moroccan service staff in the hotels (restaurant & porter) and the bus driver and tour guide in Marrakech. Tips are an essential part of the earnings of hotel staff and are expected from travellers.
The state religion in Morocco is Islam. Around 98.7 % of the population are Muslims, 90 % of whom are Sunnis of the Malikit legal school, who attach great importance to religious customs. Don't encourage locals to drink alcohol!
Before you want to take pictures of other people, you should ask politely beforehand. Often you have nothing against it, but a small tip is usually expected. You shouldn't even take military pictures!!! Officials and authorities are much more respected in Morocco than in other countries. So never insult the King or any other official. Moroccans rarely talk negatively about their country - even if they are critical of the system. So save any testimony on that. It is even forbidden by law to criticize the royal house! And very important: Nudism and "topless" is strictly forbidden (even in the hotels)!
One often sees Moroccan men holding hands or pulling arm in arm through the streets. This has nothing to do with homosexuality, but is merely an expression of friendship among men. Homosexuality is outlawed and considered immoral by the Islamic faith. In general, there is little space in Morocco for the exchange of caresses. Dress appropriately and don't run around in the shortest shorts and with a deep neckline. Following Islamic rules, women and men must always keep a certain distance from each other. Kissing in public is not welcome. Men and women only shake hands.
Important information for your own safety:
PEGASUS MOTORRADREISEN only gives help and support on the routes in Morocco that we have specified. On all individually planned routes and self-planned off-road excursions, the respective participant bears the responsibility for accidents, breakdowns and damage! Please keep in mind that in some remote areas there is no mobile phone reception to get help!
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

We ride through the Dades and Toudraschlucht gorges, move to the Sahara to Erg-Chebbi near Merzouga and change to jeeps or dromedaries, which bring us into the desert. There we spend a night in the bivouac, under a magnificent starry sky that you have never seen before! On the way to Middelt & Ifrane in the north, we will not miss the wild Berber monkeys in the cedar forests and along the waterfalls of Ozoud we will return to Marrakech, the walled medieval town from the Berber period. The souk markets in the Medina, the famous "juggler place" Djemaa el Fna and the colourful hustle and bustle there we will dedicate ourselves on the last day still extensively. A city tour by bus and on foot through the medina, in addition to a carriage ride, are on the penultimate day on the program....

Tour schedule:

Day 1: Arrival at the airport in Düsseldorf

Individual arrival at the airport in Düsseldorf. Meeting point at least 1.5 hours before departure in the departure hall and afterwards joint check-in (exact meeting point and time will be communicated by email).

After arrival in Marrakech in the afternoon, we will be taken to the hotel by shuttle. Here we check in briefly and then unload the remaining motorcycles and the luggage from the truck together if necessary. Welcome, travel information, dinner and overnight stay in Marrakech.

(Since we fly very early, it might make sense to move into a start/finish hotel in Düsseldorf where you can leave your car for the 11 days. The parking fees in the airport multi-storey car park are not favourable. The hotels near the airport often charge smaller fees.)

Day 2: From Marrakech via the Tichka Pass to Ait-Ben-Haddou (approx. 190 km)

On the first day we cross the highest pass of Morocco in the "High Atlas" mountains: the Tichka Pass "Tizi n'Tichka" (2.260m)! At the top a photo of a pass summit is a MUST! Our way leads now along the village Telouet to the "fortified city" Aït-Ben-Haddou, which we reach in the early afternoon. It served with its deep red clay buildings several times as a film set in countless films (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Jesus of Nazareth (1977), James Bond 007 - The Breath of Death (1987), Prince of Persia (2010) Game of Thrones (2012) and several others). The entire old town centre has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1987. In the village next door there is also our hotel. Dinner and overnight in Ait-BenHaddou (near Quarzazate).

Day 3: From Ait-Ben-Haddou on the "Road of the 1.000 Kasbahs" to Boumalne-Dades (approx. 270km)

The river valley of the Dades between Ouarzazate and Errachidia became famous under the name "Street of the 1.000 Kasbahs". The archaic forms of the centuries-old clay castles, the lush green of the oasis gardens and the reddish shimmering mountains in the background merge to form images of unique beauty. In the afternoon the trip through the Dades valley with the Gorges du Dadès (Dadess Gorge) will be an unforgettable experience. After about 30 kilometres the valley becomes a gorge. The mountains move closer and closer to the river until the rock faces are so narrow that the road has to wind over the mountain. At the vantage point (great view from the terrace cafe) we treat ourselves to a refreshment and if you like, you can ride a few more kilometres from here for the photo album, then the asphalted road ends and we turn around... Dinner and overnight stay in Boumalne-Dades.

Day 4: From Boumalne to the desert (Erg-Chebbi) to Merzouga (approx. 270/370 km)

Today we still move quite a bit on the "Street of the Kasbahs". These bizarre landscapes along the way and the detours into the unique Gorges du Toghda (Todra Gorge) with its steep walls up to 300 meters high, the bottom of which is about 1400 meters above sea level, will inspire you. Depending on the weather conditions and the water level of the river, the round will be extended by breathtaking (!) 100km. Further on the way to the extreme southeast of Morocco, in the province of Errachidia lies the small desert town of Merzouga with its 500 inhabitants. At the foot of the village are the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Dunes as far as the eye can see.... "Laurence of Arabia" was shot here. Dinner and overnight stay at the edge of the Sahara in Merzouga.

Day 5: Ride to a vantage point and mausoleum in a desert village near Rissani (approx. 180km) -- optional in the afternoon ride to the Erg Chebbi with overnight stay in a luxury bivouac.

This morning we take a short ride (who wants) to a vantage point and then to the "Mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif", an ancestor of the current king of Morocco. In the early afternoon we are back so that there is plenty of time to relax or for the pool. After dinner we end the day under a magnificent starry sky.

Can also be booked as an option (hotel room does not have to be vacated):

Sunrise or sunset in the vastness of the Sahara is one of the most beautiful experiences of a trip to southern Morocco. Therefore we (optionally) will ride on this day starting from 16 o'clock with small luggage in 4x4 all wheel ride off-road vehicles into the desert and make us comfortable in our night accomodation in the bivouac (Bivouac). This tent resort offers a panoramic view of the highest eastern sand dunes and around the campfire we listen to traditional music, drum up our own drums and drink Moroccan tea. We enjoy the breathtaking sunset together and the gigantic starry sky will remain unforgettable.

The 15 luxury tents are all furnished in Berber style. They are equipped with WC and shower and have king-size double beds or twin beds.

The next morning you have the possibility to ride with dromedaries into the dunes and enjoy the sunrise. After breakfast we take the off-road vehicles back to the hotel. IMPORTANT: The hotel room is included in the tour price and does NOT have to be vacated.

Overnight stay and dinner at the bivouac or hotel.

Day 6: Rest day at the hotel & relax at the pool ... or...

After our breakfast together in the bivouac the off-road vehicles bring us back to our hotel in Merzouga, where we can relax today extensively at the pool. Those who nevertheless feel a thirst for action have the possibility to ride a dromedary via the hotel, to rent a quad (with guide) or to undertake a small motorcycle tour on one's own into the surrounding villages... Overnight stay and dinner in Merzouga.

Day 7: From Merzouga via "Col du Zad" direction Ifrane (approx. 400 km)

Today the longest stage of the journey is on the agenda. First past the desert city of Erfoud, along well-developed roads that slowly become more mountainous and open the view of the river valley of the "Ziz" and its green to the oasis. At Er-Rachidia the mountains get closer and closer to the road and we pass through the only tunnel in Morocco: the "Tunnel of Foum Zabel" or also called "Tunnel of the Legionaries". It was built in 1928 by French legionaries and is an incredible 62 m long ! At the southern entrance of the tunnel there is a small guard house in which a soldier always has to do his duty.

We continue to climb up to the Col du Zad (2,178 m). This pass is the highest point of today's stage and on a clear day you can see the white peaks of the Ayachi massif, in which there are several three-thousand-metre peaks (Jbel Ayachi 3,747 m). Continue via Midelt to the Ifrane National Park with its fragrant cedar forests. Dinner and overnight stay in the Ifrane area.

Day 8: From Ifrane via Khenifra to Afourer (approx. 300 km)

After breakfast we start to the penultimate stage. Small country roads and green hilly landscapes lead you through the national park of Ifrane, with the largest cedar and holm oak forests in Morocco. We ride along the estate of King Mohammed VI, who has ruled since 1999 and is one of the richest kings in the world. In Azrou we make a stop and try to observe some Barbary monkeys. A photo stop with fantastic views into the valleys of Khenifra, followed by the view of the gigantic reservoir "Ahmed El Hansali" are a must on this stage. We continue in the direction of Afourer. From here it is only a few kilometres to our next hotel. Dinner and overnight stay in the Afourer area.

Day 9: From Afourer via the Ouzoud waterfalls to Marrakech (approx. 280 km)

Today is the last stage with the motorcycle on the agenda. In the morning we first ride along the huge Bin El Ouidane reservoir. Then we go to the Ouzoud waterfalls where we will also have our lunch break. They are located in the Middle Atlas and are considered to be the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Morocco, where the water plunges over several cascades more than 110m into the depth. The word "Ouzoud" means "olive" in Berber, which is why the waterfalls are surrounded by gnarled olive trees. With a little luck you will also meet the rare Barbary monkeys here again. Afterwards we enjoy our last leg back to the royal city of Marrakech to our starting hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel in Marrakech.

Day 10: An adventure day in Marrakech with city sightseeing & horse-drawn carriage ride

Today we enjoy a day in the royal city of Marrakech. The word "Marrakech" comes from the Berber language and in a possible variant means "The Land of God". Along with Meknès, Fès and Rabat, the city is one of the four royal cities of Morocco. In the morning a bus awaits us at the hotel for the city tour with German-speaking company and following city inspection with conclusion on the well-known place "Djemaa el Fna", the former "place of the hanged" and also "juggler place" called. Today the square is appreciated by tourists and locals alike for its oriental atmosphere. In the evenings there is a wild hustle and bustle with jugglers and snake charmers, storytellers, fortune tellers as well as artists and musicians. There are also stalls where culinary specialities from the region are served. The minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque is the landmark of the city and serves us as a "landmark" to orient ourselves there. Afterwards the bus brings us back to the hotel and you can relax a little at the pool. Depending on the time window, we already start loading the first motorcycles onto the truck. For dinner we are picked up again and traditionally we dine in one of the best restaurants of Marrakech, directly at the Djemaa el Fna. A nocturnal carriage ride through the souks and the Royal Quarter back to the hotel rounds off the eventful day. Last night in Marrakech.

Day 11: Loading motorcycles, shuttle to the airport and flight home...

Today we have to pack our bags and "say goodbye" to Morocco. After breakfast we load together the remaining motorcycles and the luggage on the truck. At noon a shuttle brings us back to the airport and we check in together. After the start a last longing look at the "pearl of Morocco" and with many great impressions we fly home...

We hope to see each other again "inschallah" (God willing) !