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Ladakh compact

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Ladakh translated means "land of passes". And indeed, there is no other country in the world with higher accessible roads and passes than Ladakh. In the very North of India, at the upper run of the Indus River bordering Tibet, we find this rough piece of land.


per rider in shared twin/double room €2,850.00 $3,170.51 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €2,300.00 $2,558.65 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €375.00 $417.17 ?
per rider in double room with motorcycle Royal Enfield Himalayan €3,060.00 $3,404.12 ?


11 x overnight stay in hotel
2 x overnight stay in a tent
12 x breakfast
12 x dinner
Rental Motorcycle: We provide each of you with a motorcycle of the traditional British Indian brand Royal Enfield for the duration of the trip and the planned travel programme.
Accompanying vehicle: For groups of six or more self-drivers, an accompanying vehicle is available for luggage.
Mechanic Service
Tour guide: Each tour is accompanied by a German or English speaking tour guide.
Other travel expenses: We will pay all entrance fees for visits that are included in the travel programme. Special fees for the use of photo or video cameras are excluded.
Airport Transfers in India: On arrival you will be picked up at your destination airport and taken to your hotel and on departure we will bring you back to the airport on time.
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services
Flights and travel insurance
Travel Insurance Package: Travel Cancellation Insurance Holiday Guarantee (Travel Cancellation Insurance) Travel Health Insurance Emergency Insurance Travel Accident Insurance Baggage Insurance
Single occupancy surcharge: Indian hotels almost without exception have double rooms. Nevertheless it is possible to occupy the rooms individually. Please refer to the price lists of the respective tour for the surcharges charged for this.
Visa fees
Drinks: Drinks are not included in the tour price.
Tips: Tipping is very big in India. It is self-evident that one slips a few rupees to the waiter and the hotel boy.

More details

Total distance: approx. 965 km
Daily stages on site: approx. 50 - 185 km (except arrival and departure stages)
Road condition: Asphalt with scree passages, potholes
Driving skills: The difficulty level is high. High demands are placed on the bikers' riding performance and condition as well as on the reliability of the machines.
Climate: The climatic conditions are a constant challenge for man and machine. Temperatures reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in summer and can easily drop to freezing point at night.
Hotels: You sleep in good, well-kept Indian middle class hotels in double rooms with shower or bath and WC.
Minimum number of participants: 4 persons. If the minimum number of participants has not been reached 6 weeks before the start of the trip, we will refund the deposit in this case.
The outward and return flights between Frankfurt and Delhi are available from about 650,- € or even from 500,- €. The prices depend on the time of booking and the chosen airline.
Flights: When booking flights, please note that the first day of travel is the day of departure and the last day of travel is the day of return.
Insurance: A complete travel insurance package is available at HanseMerkur for about 100 €, depending on the price of the trip. You can find all information here: HanseMerkur You are welcome to take out travel insurance with HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung.
Visa: To participate in a "Wheel of India" trip you need a tourist visa with a validity of 6 months or the new eTV. The visa is valid from the day of issue. The passport must be valid for 6 months after the end of the trip.
Vaccinations: It is generally recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis A and typhoid fever.
Half double room: We offer single travellers the possibility to share a double room with another traveller. If there is no "half" double room available at the time of your booking, we will charge the single room supplement. We will refund this as soon as a double room partner is found.
Single room occupancy is possible at extra charge. The single room surcharges can be found in the tour descriptions.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Ladakh is an extension of the Tibetan Plateau and therefore it is also called "little Tibet".

The first settlers of Ladakh were Buddhist monks, who took a break here during their pilgrimage from India to Tibet. In the 9th century, the influence of Ladakh grew far beyond the borders of the Indus valley; during this time, the numerous bastions and palaces have their origins. In the 14th century, a pilgrim from Tibet founded a Buddhist monastery, at that time know under the name of "Gelupka"; the head of it was the first Dalai Lama. Until today, Buddhism is the dominant religion in Ladakh, and you find Buddhist monasteries everywhere. Thousands of believers from all over the world come here every year to learn about the lessons of Buddha from the mouth of the Dalai Lama and other teachers.

Different from the Great Ladakh-Kashmir-tour, this motorbike tour begins and ends in Ladakh. Ladakh is in the center of our attention, and we do without the long journey from Delhi through Himachal Pradesh. In order to escape from the unpleasant side-effects of the height, we will spend the first days in Leh and surroundings, with its non-critical height of 3000 meters. During the first days of our trip, we also will not move above 3000 m over sea level. Then we'll be safe from catching mountain sickness. During our trip to Lake Pangong, we'll spend the night above 4000 meters for the first and only time, but by then our bodies will have become used to the height.

But also here, a bike travel across Ladakh means ultimate adventure. The climatic circumstances are a never-ending challenge for man and machine. During the summer, the temperatures go up to 30 degree Celsius, while falling towards zero during the night. Roads might be blocked from one moment to the next. Landslides, subsurface erosions or political unrests might be the reason for that. All this means high demands concerning the road performance and the physical condition of the bikers as well as the reliability of the bikes.


Day 1 - Flight to Delhi

Your plane will reach Delhi airport at midnight. A few hours later, we'll take the plane to Ladakh. We'll arrive early in the morning. Our team will pick you up at the airport and bring you to our hotel.

Because of the early check-in, this is counted as the first overnight stay.

Accommodation in Leh

Day 2 - Flight to Leh

Breakfast, then a very relaxed day in Ladakh's former capital. Once you have acquired a taste for it, you will never want to leave this town again. The calm, cheerful mental balance of the Buddhist population is extremely catching, and soon the last remnants of hecticness and stress will disappear. Today, relaxing is on top of our agenda, be it during a walk in the picturesque old town, a visit of the Shanti Stupa, the local palace or as visitor of one of the many cafes.

Accommodation in Leh

Day 3 - Take-over of the bikes, tour of monasteries (ca. 50 km)

After breakfast, we pick up our Enfields in the Fort Road Garage. You'll get a short introduction how to handle the Indian bikes by our guide and our mechanic. The Enfields are real oldtimers and need an affectionate treatment. Besides that, our staff will try to introduce you to the "logic" of the Indian traffic.

Then the journey begins. A short round trip takes you to some of the most beautiful monasteries of Ladakh, above all the monasteries in Thikse and Hemis. Beyond that, the palace in Stok and the Spituk monastery are part of the program.

Overnight stay above 3500 NHN

Accommodation in Leh

Day 4 - Ride to the Dha-Hanu-Valley (ca. 175 km)

Breakfast. Today, we'll leave Leh and start our first big tour. At first, we'll reach the Dha-Hanu-Valley, named after two villages, where the direct descendants of the Arians are living who immigrated more than 4000 years ago. The tribe of so-called "Brokpas" differs from the other inhabitants of Ladakh by their light skin and blue eyes. The Brokpas settle in five villages in the region, but only two of them, Dha and Hanu, are open for tourists.

There are no hotels or guest houses, therefore we spend the night in a stationary camp.

Overnight stay above 3240 NHN

Accommodation in Dha Beema

Day 5 - Ride to Kargil (ca. 75 km)

After breakfast, we continue our ride in the Western direction. The landscape is spectacular. Only very few tourists ever reach this remote part of Ladakh, and we are the only travel agency who discovered this extraordinary piece of land, hidden in the depths of the Himalaya, for you.

Today's travel destination is Kargil. In Kargil, the Buddhist part of Ladakh ends, and we now enter the country of the Muslims. Men with beards and veiled women determine the appearance of the streets. A fascinating experience! During our walk across the streets of Kargil, we will notice that the easygoing happiness of Buddhism had to make room for the rigidness of the Islamic faith. Fortunately, there is now a hotel in Kargil which is suited for the taste of Western tourists.

Overnight stay above 2700 NHN

Accommodation in Kargil

Day 6 - Ride to Lamayuro (ca. 105 km)

Directly after breakfast, we leave Kargil and soon we'll be back in the land of the Buddhists. Today we are heading towards Lamayuro. Here we'll find one of the oldest monasteries of Ladakh. The building is placed high on a rocky mountain, from there you have a spectacular view over the so-called "moon land". "Pasted" to the hills surrounding the monastery, you find the houses and huts where the inhabitants of Lamayuro are living.

Overnight stay above 3520 NHN

Accommodation in Lamayuru

Day 7 - Ride to Alchi (ca. 55 km)

Breakfast. Alchi is the location of an old Buddhist monastery, famous for its picturesque wall paintings. There is a very relaxed atmosphere in this tiny village. If you like, you can make a visit to the close-by Rizong Monastery, which has the reputation of being one of the most rigid monasteries in Ladakh.

Overnight stay above 3130 NHN

Accommodation in Alchi

Day 8 - Ride across the Kardung-La to the Nubra Valley (ca. 185 km)

Breakfast. Today we reach new heights. Leaving Leh, we'll ride on the pass to Kardung-La, the highest motorized pass of the world. With a cloudless blue sky and beaming sunlight, we'll have a magnificent view of Leh and the mountain range of Stok. At the Kardung-La, we'll enjoy a cup of tea in the highest tea house of the world, before continuing our ride to Diskuit in the Nubra Valley after the obligatory "pass fotos".

Overnight stay above 3180 NHN

Accommodation in Diskit

Day 9 - Relaxing or trip across the Nubra Vallay

Breakfast. Everybody can spend the day today as he or she prefers. There are several options. You might want to visit the monastery of Diskit, or take a camel ride in Hundur (appr. 30 km), make a trip to Turtuk (appr. 180 km), a small remote village bordering Pakistan, or along the Nubra River to the Valley of Flowers (appr. 100 km). Kilometers are for both distances.

We meet for supper in Diskit.

Overnight stay above 3180 NHN

Accommodation in Diskit

Day 10 - Back across the Kardung-La to Leh (ca. 115 km)

After breakfast, our return trip to Leh begins. Again we cross the Kardung-La. You will notice that this ride is not simply a repetition of our former trip. Climbing the pass from this side is a totally different adventure. You really need to control your bike. Not suited for beginners.

Overnight stay in stationary camp above 4280 NHN

Accommodation in Leh

Day 11 - Ride to Lake Pangong (ca. 160 km)

Breakfast. Today's goal, the Pangong Lake, is 134 km long and is placed above 4350 meters. The border to China is in the middle of the Lake. Because of the high salt content, you hardly find any living beings in the water. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, and we'll reach the place in time for a long walk.

Overnight stay in stationary camp above 4280 NHN

Accommodation in Spangmik

Day 12 - Back to Leh (ca. 160 km)

Breakfast. The tour back to Leh is the last ride during our journey in Ladakh. Back in Leh, shopping in the busy roads of Leh's capital will end the day.

Overnight stay above 3500 NHN

Accommodation in Leh

Day 13 - Flight to Delhi

Breakfast. Early in the morning, we fly back to Delhi. We'll have a few hours to visit some of the highlights in India's capital.

For visitors of the Taj Mahal: Those who have book a visit of the Taj Mahal right after the tour will be picked up at the airport and go by car to Agra.

Accommodation in Agra

Day 14 - Return flight (or visit of the Taj Mahal)

The adventure comes to an end. Sometime during the night, your plane will head home. Until departure, you'll have a room in the hotel in Delhi.

For visitors of the Taj Mahal:

Early morning, before sunrise, we start towards the Taj Mahal and get the chance to admire this extraordinary miracle of Muslim architecture. Afterwards we'll have breakfast in our hotel, then we drive back to Delhi.

Evening dinner in Delhi.

Accommodation in New Delhi

Day 15 - Flight back home

Now the adventure comes to an end for the visitors of the Taj Mahal. Somewhere during the night, your plane will be ready to leave for home. Until then, you'll have a hotel room in Delhi.

We would be happy to welcome you soon on another tour in "Incredible India", maybe in the desert state of Rajasthan or in tropical Kerala.