2 Days Enduro Experience

Even more intense riding fun on 2 days with even more tips and tricks. Our instructors with many years of experience will guide you step by step through our various stations with a lot of fun.


Own motorcycle €479.00 $532.87 ?
Beta RR Enduro 125 4T LC €539.00 $599.61 ?
BMW G 310 GS €569.00 $632.99 ?
BMW F 750 GS €599.00 $666.36 ?
BMW F 850 GS €599.00 $666.36 ?
BMW R 1250 GS €649.00 $721.99 ?
BMW R 1250 GS - (lowered) €649.00 $721.99 ?
KTM 790 Adventure €599.00 $666.36 ?
KTM 1290 Super Adventure S €649.00 $721.99 ?
For a small usage/maintenance fee, the following protective clothing of the BMW trademark can be rented
Enduro boots (per day) €15.00 $16.69 ?
Accommodation - for a group of at least 5 people we offer you the possibility to stay in our double-walled tents of the quality brand Marmot. Price per person €22.00 $24.47 ?
Dinner - "Package Supper" incl. 2 drinks - per person €18.00 $20.02 ?


Friendly advice / nice team.
Full board (breakfast, hot and cold drinks, snacks, lunch).
Knowledgeable instructors with many years of experience.
Full vehicle insurance with our well-maintained and modern rental machines is included.
Safety clothing can be rented.
Enduro trainings also offer a lot of fun and training for road bikers
Discover what is possible!
Experience a great day with lots of fun!
All trainings also available as individual instruction. Group trainings (motorcycle clique, company outing, etc.) on separate dates possible with 4 or more participants.
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

More details
max. 6 participants per group
Duration 2 days
A valid driving licence is required to participate in our training courses. Young people can participate in the training accompanied by a parent or guardian even without a driving licence (except for the exit).
Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (helmet, motorcycle pants & jacket (min. back protector), Enduro boots).
We are also happy to help with recommendations for hotels within a radius of about 2 to 12 km.
The training takes place in 29392 Wesendorf (Germany)
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

On the 1st day, the basics of off-road riding will be shown and deepened, the first stations will be "riden through" and the feeling and fun will bring a broad grin to your face. The next day, the exercises of the previous day will be extended / increased accordingly or new ones will be added, so that you can look back happily on a successful Enduro training at the end of the "groggy" training session.

At the end of the training, the highlight is an exciting off-road trip through the beautiful Lüneburger Heide, where you can put what you have learned to wonderful use.

That's what awaits you:

Welcome breakfast: Around 8.15 a.m. participants and instructor meet in our Coffee Corner to get to know each other for the first time during breakfast. Around 9 o'clock the training day starts.

Motorcycle handling: When stationary, pushing, on sand, gravel or crossing water: We will practice the safe handling of the machine with you.

Riding physics: We will explain riding physics to you - without complicated formulas and numbers - in a clear and understandable way and put it into practice right away.

Assistance systems: They work discreetly in the background. We make the systems visible and experienceable for you.

Stations: The training ground offers about 20 realistic stations. Through appropriate explanations and demonstrations by the instructor, you will be able to master these skillfully.

Trip: To a successful training belongs as a crowning conclusion a great offroad trip: After an eventful day we ride with you approx. 1 hour by our beautiful Lüneburger heath.



> Can I participate in the training without a riding licence?

A valid rider's license is required to participate in our training courses. Young people can also take part in the training course without a riding licence (except for the exit) if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

> Do you have changing facilities?

Yes - we offer modern sanitary facilities: showers, changing rooms with their own locker. So you like to come to us in a "civilian" car and then move there.

> Do you have deep benches or should I bring my own?

We have some deep benches in stock here (best to book in advance / ask if available). But you are welcome to bring your own from the identical model, then you know for sure that it fits and you don't need to pay attention to availability.

> I have never riden offroad before. Can beginners also take part?

Of course I am! Our instructors are responsive to each participant. In the morning they ask for their previous knowledge in the welcome round and the training day starts with the first offroad "dry exercises" for demonstration. You quickly get into the rhythm and learn quickly - step by step.

> Are there also advanced trainings?

Our training ground is designed in such a way that beginners as well as advanced learners get their money's worth. The instructors will be responsive to the participants so that everyone is challenged and has fun.

> May I participate in the training with my Sozia / Sozius?

No, in the Enduro trainings it is not possible for two people to participate on the same bike.

> Do I have to pay for damage to the motorcycle myself?

No! All damages are covered by the training fee, except for wilful damages.

> How are the vehicles insured?

All our motorcycles are insured against the participant without deductible, no additional fees will be charged.

When riding your own motorcycle (no rental motorcycle):

For riding safety trainings (no racetrack trainings!) the insurance that you have for your motorcycle in road traffic applies. It is best to check with your insurance company before training.

> Is an individual instruction possible?

All trainings are also possible as single instructions. From a number of participants of 4 or more riders, own training dates are also possible by arrangement.

> Does the training take place in any weather?

In principle, the training is carried out in all weathers. Training only does not take place if no training at all is possible on the training ground due to the weather conditions - but this has never happened before. The conditions at our site are decisive! Participants arriving from further afield should call us at their home in case of adverse weather conditions to be on the safe side and ask what the situation is like here.

> Do I have to pay attention to something when I ride my own motorcycle?

Stollen tyres are required on your motorcycle in order to participate in the Enduro training. If the motorcycle is not approved, you are welcome to participate in our training on the Hammerstein Park grounds. However, you cannot take the exit, as we are leaving our private area here.

> What payment methods do you have?

You can pay the participation fee by credit card, paypal or Sofort-Überweisung.

> Can I bring friends / family as visitors?

I'd love to! We have set up a visitor platform with tables and seating especially in the enduro area. You can stay there throughout the day. You have a great overview over a large area of the training area.