Bolivia Adventure

Incredible Motorcycle Tour through the Wild West of Bolivia


Prices for the tours in October include a 4WD trip to the Altiplano (day 11 and 12):
per rider in shared twin/double room €3,990.00 $4,438.71 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €2,450.00 $2,725.52 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €490.00 $545.10 ?
Prices for the tour in May:
per rider in shared twin/double room €3,690.00 $4,104.97 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room €2,150.00 $2,391.78 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €490.00 $545.10 ?


Transfers Airport Santa Cruz - Hotel and back
All hotel stays at the Altiplano excursion easy
The itinerary of the October and November tour also includes a 2-day 4WD excursion to the Altiplano, which is not possible in May.
rental motorcycle
Multilingual tour guide on the motorcycle
Escort vehicle and luggage transport
travel security note
travel guide
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
Scheduled flight Germany - Santa Cruz and back, we can be of help
entrance fees
Optional excursions
food and drink
Foreign health and accident insurance incl. return transport
travel cancellation insurance

More details

More details
Motorcycles: During this trip we ride on Suzuki DR 650 ccm motorcycles.
Tour character: We ride 2300 kilometres, of which 40% off road. The tour is a motorcycle adventure for those who are not afraid to leave the asphalt. During the trip through Bolivia we drive very varied routes. Sometimes it goes over good tar roads, over sand, through hot flat country, over stones, or over 4000 meters height mountains. The day trips are easy to do and there is usually enough time and opportunity to stop on the way, take pictures or visit villages. These tracks are sometimes difficult to drive without offroad experience. Offroad experience is therefore necessary. An offroad basic training is very useful as preparation. You learn how best to handle a motorcycle in the country. It will certainly increase your driving pleasure. The motorcycles are handy Enduros, perfect for the unpaved roads. This tour is not suitable for beginners. But we start the tour slowly and on asphalted roads. The first day is a learning and adaptation day.
Climate: The climate in Bolivia varies according to the region and has different climate zones. Temperatures and precipitation vary depending on the location and altitude of the region. The weather in Bolivia can be quite unpredictable. We tour in the dry season from April to November. The best month for tours into the desert of the high plateau (Altiplano 4.200 - 5.800 m altitude) is November.
Clothing: A helmet is mandatory, as is protective clothing with protectors, good gloves and boots or sturdy footwear. It can get very warm in the low regions. At the same time it is much colder in the high mountains. A motorcycle jacket with removable lining is very suitable here. In colder parts of the mountains you can also wear extra clothes under your jacket. Furthermore, a good pair of sunglasses and a helmet with visor or an open enduro helmet with protective glasses against dust is useful. It is advisable to have waterproof clothing with you.
Travel documents / Visa: For this trip you need a valid international driving license and a passport that is valid for 6 months after the trip. German citizens do not need a visa for a purely tourist stay in Bolivia. In principle, all travellers may be required to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate when entering the country.
Insurance: The motorcycle has a basic liability insurance called SOAT. This only covers medical costs and no material costs. In the event of damage to the vehicle caused by the user, the material costs must be borne by the party responsible. Foreign health and accident insurance including return transport is compulsory.
* The October tour itinerary also includes a 2-day 4WD trip to the Altiplano, in May this tour is not available.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

It's like riding through the history of Bolivia when we start with La Ruta del Che, the area on the eastern side of the Andes where the Argentine guerrilla Che Guevara wanted to spark a revolution. Through the mountains we ride to Sucre with the beautiful white city centre. It is the actual capital of Bolivia. Our caravan will also visit the local market of Tarabuco. Then we continue to Potosi, the highest city in the world and famous for its silver mines.

Another highlight of the trip is Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt pan in the world and not to forget the nearby railway cemetery. After the white desert we follow the hoof tracks of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, the Gringos Pistoleros who came to their glorious end in the small town of San Vincente. From Tupiza, a city on the border with Argentina, we ride to Tarija, a beautiful city with beautiful squares and wonderful wines.

We ride 2300 kilometers, of which 40% are offroad. The Wild Wild West Tour is a challenging motorcycle adventure for those who are not afraid to leave the asphalt. The offroad part is challenging, but never too long and good for any experienced motorcyclist to ride.




We pick you up from Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz and ride to the wonderful town of Samaipata which is 1600 meters above sea level and has a wonderful climate. There we check into a comfortable hotel and spend the rest of the day there to recover from the long journey. If your flight's too late, you'll be staying in Santa Cruz.

Height 1650 M


We start the day in Samaipata with a briefing. There we will introduce ourselves and discuss things like, safe riding, the route, local traffic rules, etc. To get used to the motorcycles we ride to the remains of the old Inca city El Fuerte, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage.


In a quiet pace we ride the 175 kilometers to the mountain village La Higuera, situated at 1900 meters. There is much to see on this day, so we will leave early in the morning, stopping first in Vallegrande to visit the laundry of the Senor de Malta Hospital. There the body of Ernesto Che Guevara was shown like a trophy to the world press. After the lunch break we ride on to La Higuera, the place where Che was captured and later executed. With a little luck we will see condors, the largest birds on earth, high up in the air. At the end of this beautiful ride we arrive in La Higuera in the late afternoon.

Height 1900 m - 50 % Offroad


Today's ride takes us to Villa Serrano, a village at 2100 metres above sea level. The whole day we ride off road with left of us, the Rio Grande. First we visit the old school building where Che was executed and which is now a small museum. In the middle of the bridge over the Rio Grande we will picnic and if it is possible we can also swim there in the Rio Grande. In the afternoon we arrive at Villa Serrano where the biggest Charango of the world is exhibited. The Charango is a small double guitar with 5 strings. It's very difficult to play with.

Height 2100 M - 100 % Offroad


The caravan rides towards Sucre, which is located at 2700 meters altitude. One third of the 190 kilometre day trip is off-road. We leave early from Villa Serrano to visit the Sunday market in Tarabuco. This is the only place in Bolivia where we can photograph the traditionally dressed Indigenas without getting angry. After the lunch break we ride to Sucre, the capital of Bolivia. The rest of the afternoon and evening we will take time to explore this wonderful colonial city. The white painted city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Height 2700 m - 300 % Offroad

DAY 7 - SUCRE - POTOSI (155 km)

We ride the 155 kilometers from Sucre to Potosi exclusively on asphalt roads, Potosi is 4100 meters above sea level. After lunch we ride off, we climb up to the Altiplano, the plateau. The mining town of Potosi is the highest city in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Height 4090 M - 0 % Offroad


The silver mines of Potosi are the main attraction, but first we visit the miners' market where we can even buy dynamite and light it there. Then we ride down into the "belly of Mother Earth" (Pacha Mama) to visit the 500 year old and still working silver mines. As the tunnels are very narrow this trip is not suitable for people who do not feel comfortable in small rooms. After lunch we will visit the Casa de la Moneda Museum, the coins that were once used in the western world have been designed in Potosi.

DAY 9 - POTOSI - UYUNI (205 km)

The destination today is Uyuni, a town at 3700 meters altitude. We ride the 205 kilometers along almost exclusively paved roads, which lead us along canyons and picturesque villages while we can see Vicunas (kind of camel), Emus (kind of ostrich) and thousands of Lamas in the stretched out fields. We take a break in the miners village Pulacayo, here we look at the old station and mine entrance. We also climb onto the wagon which, according to tradition, was robbed by Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. The next destination is Uyuni where we will visit the railway cemetery. It is a surrealistic landscape with sand and old locomotives, the place to make beautiful pictures. Height 3700 m - 5 % Offroad

Day 10 - Uyuni whereabouts (195 km)

Salar de Uyuni, a trip of 195 kilometers and to see there is only salt, salt and salt again. Salar Uyuni is a dry sea of salt and is 11000 square kilometers in size. The view is especially unreal when there is some water on the surface, then the sky is projected on the ground, which creates a beautiful effect. On the way we visit the cactus island Inka Huasi, the salt market, the flag monument, the salt hotel and the Dakarmonument.

Altitude 2700 M - 90 % Offroad

Day 11 - and 12 - Altiplano

For two days we exchange the motorcycles for all-wheel ride and off we go into the desert. We choose the car because of the high altitude we are at and the difficult riding conditions. We stop at lagoons, home to hundreds and sometimes thousands of flamingos. We will also see llamas, alpacas and vicunas. The Laguna Colorada, Laguna verde and El arbol de piedra, the stone tree, are worth a visit. What you will never forget are the stars in the evening. Without the backlight of the earth, the sky is like a permeable black cloth with a bright lamp behind it. The overnight stay is simple but unique. On the second day we ride back to Uyuni where we arrive at the end of the afternoon. October and November is the best time to visit the Altiplano, in May it is not possible.

Height 3500 M - 5010 M

DAY 13 - UYUNI - TUPIZA (185 km)

In the morning we leave Uyuni on a new tarred road and at a quiet pace we bridge the 185 kilometres to Tupiza, which is at an altitude of almost 3000 metres. We will be surprised to find a huge espresso machine in the café "Alamo" in the small mining village of Atocha, where we have lunch. Before we ride into Tupiza, we visit the Bolivian Valley of Monuments. This area was the hunting ground of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, with a little imagination you'll see the pistoleros galloping gringos through the rugged landscape.

Height 2950 m - 20 % Offroad

DAY 14 - TUPIZA - TARIJA (230 km)

We set course for Tarija at an altitude of 1860 meters, a ride of 205 kilometers of which 40% off road. The landscape quickly changes into picturesque country roads with deep gorges. The trip to Tarija, the wine capital of Bolivia, is very varied, soon after the last mountain a fantastic panorama opens up over the Tarja valley. The dinner is served in the restaurant El Marques, a gastronomic highlight.

Height 1860 M - 90 % Offroad


In order to recover from all the final rides we are planning a rest day in Tarija today. Tarija is a beautiful city with beautiful squares. The Plaza Pricipal is a jewel. Opportunities for those who don't want to rest: Visit to Casa Dorada and Castillo Azul, wine tour with local tour operator, visit to the Palaeontological Museum.


We descend to 390 meters above sea level, and the city we visit is called Villamontes. The 245 kilometre long journey consists of 20% sandy paths. We leave the hilly landscape of Tarija and ride to the dry Chaco area. The last part of this way is seen as one of the most dangerous bus rides in Bolivia. With the motorcycle, however, this is good to ride. Here you can also take great pictures and we will take time for that. Height 390 m - 20 % Offroad


Today we go to Abapo, a 321 km long ride. After all the off-road stages it is pleasant to feel asphalt under the wheels again. The path leads us through the gas fields of Bolivia. We visit a monastery and cross an abandoned very narrow railway bridge. An exciting ride but not suitable for people with fear of heights.

Height 445 m - 10 % Offroad

DAY 18 - ABAPO - SAMAIPATA (260 km)

We ride 206 km back to Samaipata, the way leads along the Pirai river bank, over sand roads and asphalt roads. We say goodbye to the motorcycles and dive into the swimming pool of the hotel. Height 1650 m - 0-20 % Offroad


In the early morning we take you back to Santa Cruz where you can spend the day. In the evening is the farewell dinner.


To the airport, too bad, the journey of your life is over!

- Changes to the route can be adapted to the current local conditions -