Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Pure, wild, earthly, heavenly and pristine: a motorcycle trip through Uganda and Rwanda is not much less than a revelation, which in a condensed form lets experience all that the African continent has to offer. Exciting experiences are the program.


Rider €3,250.00 $3,615.49 ?
Single room supplement €585.00 $650.79 ?


Transfers Airport Entebbe - Hotel Kampala and back
All hotel accommodation mostly with breakfast
Rental motorcycle Honda CRF250 ccm
Motorcycle liability insurance
Multilingual travel companion on the motorcycle
Escort vehicle and luggage transport
chimpanzee tracking
travel security note
travel guide
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under Benefits
Visa Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi
Gorilla tracking - optional
entrance fees
Optional excursions
food and drink
Foreign health and accident insurance incl. return transport
travel cancellation insurance
Scheduled flight - Entebbe and back

More details

More details
Motorcycles: During this trip we ride on Honda CRF250 ccm motorcycles.
Gorilla Tracking: The highlight of the trip is a visit to the mountain gorillas in the green volcanic highlands of Rwanda: here the encounter with the imposing mountain gorillas is so close and simply great. Led by experienced gamekeepers, we move quietly through dense mountain rainforest until suddenly a gorilla family appears in the thicket just a few metres away! We can stay with this family for an hour. The duration of the hike depends on the location of the gorillas in the rainforest. Due to the high costs we offer this excursion optionally. The price for this excursion is adjusted annually by the Wildlife Authority. The current price is 750 USD per person. During the gorilla track we visit a gorilla family in a small group of up to 12 people. First you have to tell us if you want to participate in this excursion. A decision on the spot is not possible.
Tour character: During this trip through Uganda and Rwanda we don't ride to any heights worth mentioning. The very bad roads in the mountains around Ruhengeri can make the journey considerably more difficult. In this area, however, we are only two days.
Off Road: There are only a few paved roads leading from Kampala in all directions. Almost all other roads are not asphalted. Due to the poor infrastructure we do not have a large choice of roads. That's why we take turns following the asphalted main roads and narrow unpaved side roads.
Overnight stays: With a few exceptions, we stay in comfortable hotels or lodges during this trip. In Nyagatare we will stay in a simple hotel and in Ngozi we will stay in a monastery.
Climate. Uganda has two rainy seasons: In spring, from March to May inclusive and in autumn, from October to November. As Uganda lies exactly on the equator, the average temperature throughout the year is almost 30 degrees. The average altitude of the country is 1000 meters. This fact reduces the heat in many places. Especially in the evening it can cool down a lot. In Rwanda there are four seasons, the great dry season is from June to September.
Clothing: A helmet, motorcycle protective clothing, good gloves and boots or other sturdy, high footwear are mandatory. Sunglasses are also useful. A helmet with visor or good glasses that protect against dust on dirt roads can also be useful.
Visa: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry. For German citizens there is a visa requirement for Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Visas should be applied for in advance. The visa application for Burundi must be accompanied by proof of yellow fever vaccination. Costs visa Uganda (about 50 US$), Rwanda (about 30 US$) and Burundi 65 €.
Maximum number of participants 10
Maximum number of passengers 2
Camping: One night in camp. The tent is a permanent tent.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

The development of tourism is still in its infancy in Uganda and Rwanda, so it is just the right time to take an adventurous motorcycle tour through this magnificent country.

The highlight of the trip, apart from the challenges on the roads, is of course our visit to the mountain gorillas in the border area of Rwanda. This is a fantastic experience that you will remember for a long time.


Entebbe and Kampala together form the so-called "twin cities". The airport is located in the first town we reach but the more beautiful part of the town and our hotel are also located in the centre of Kampala.


The whole day we ride on the main road to Masaka. Riding out of the city is an experience. On this day many riding kilometers are planned. As soon as we have left the city we will go to the countryside, crossing the equator on the way. The ride out of Kampala will be an experience you will not forget so quickly and here we should not lose sight of each other. It will be a long, sometimes monotonous ride from the capital. There is no time to experiment with dirt roads.


From Mbarara we take a southern dirt road along the border with Tanzania, which leads us to the border triangle and to the very little used and almost always open border to Rwanda, Kakitumba. In Rwanda the road takes us along Akagera National Park. Nyagatare is the capital of the province. The accommodation is quite simple.


We ride on an unpaved road and climb slowly up from the plain into the hills. From Nyagatare on the road gets wider but is still unpaved. Depending on whether we still have time, we can still ride on the main road on the border with Gasabo, but otherwise the path leads us further on dirt roads to reach Kigali.


Today you have the whole day to explore the quiet capital. A visit to the Genocide Museum and the Hotel Milles Collines (from the film of the same name, Hotel Rwanda) is a must.


We make a beautiful tour in southern direction on unpaved roads and then arrive at the border with Burundi, Kasenyi. On this side of the border a completely different country begins. While Rwanda received a lot of international help after the genocide and is doing well today, Burundi seems to be the forgotten country, the population is, if possible, even poorer. We stay overnight in a nunnery in the small village of Ngozi.


We cross a beautiful mountain range and ride a great route through a nature park. We also pass a very small border post to Rwanda. Here we ride on a path through the big Nyungwe Park. Along the trail you will regularly see monkeys and other animals. Outside the park we take the trail towards Lake Kivu and will stay overnight in the coastal town of Cyangugu.


The whole day we follow the coast of Lake Kivu, this is a mountainous area and therefore you will often have beautiful views. In Ruhengeri the road is sometimes very bad. When we arrive at the highest point of the lake we turn off and ride along the many volcanoes of the Volcanoes National Park of the same name. From here there are often spectacular views.


The whole day will be dedicated to a visit of the gorillas (optional). The necessary "permits" were already organized by us before the trip. Only eight people per day are allowed to follow each of the three gorilla families. We are only allowed to stay with one family for a maximum of one hour. One gorilla family sleeps in a different place every evening. In the early morning, so-called "trackers" are sent out to locate the family. A group of eight visitors led by a guide and some rangers are then guided through the dense jungle to the gorillas with the help of GPS coordinates. How long we have to walk to get to the gorillas therefore depends entirely on where the gorillas are at the moment. But this, a fascinating hour with the gorillas is certainly worth a longer walking distance.


On a meandering path between two lakes we arrive at the border to Uganda. In Uganda we ride to Kisoro and follow a path of lava rock into the mountains and finally reach the wonderfully situated resort at Lake Mutanda.


Today we ride into the high mountains of Uganda, that includes very bad roads. So prepare yourself for a very beautiful but exhausting day. Wonderful mountain ranges covered in fog become visible and alternate with tea plantations. Groups of women with loads on their heads and in colourful clothes walk through the fields. It is a beautiful part of Uganda. Ruhija is a small village where we will stop for lunch. The dirt roads lead us over the mountain ranges to the hills along Lake Edward, where the Queen Elisabeth National Park begins. Across the park there is a long dirt road. We ride on this road and will certainly see wild animals along the way. Uganda is the only country in Africa where you are still allowed to ride into the national parks on motorbikes. In the southern part of the park, which is also called Ishasa Park, we will stay overnight in a safari camp on the banks of a river. Elephants and hippos often run along and through the river.


Ishasha Park is also known for its tree-climbing lions. With the escort vehicle and a possibly locally rented safari jeep we will ride further into the park in search of these lions. After this safari we ride further north where we pass the equator again. On the west side of the road is the Rwenzuri Mountains with Mount Baker at 4843 meters. On the east side is Kibale Forest National Park where we will stay overnight in a jungle lodge.


Early in the morning we move with a ranger into the dense jungle. This part of the forest is inhabited by chimpanzees. You will be able to hear them from far away. In large numbers they are high in the trees to eat. When we get closer, they will first show that they are the rulers of the forest. They will run close to us with noise and shouting, approaching us from all sides. When it is clear that they are the "boss", they will leave us alone and we can observe the chimpanzees from very close. We are allowed to stay close to the chimpanzees for a maximum of one hour. After this impressive walk we get on our motorcycles and ride the long way back to Kampala.


- Changes to the route can be adapted to the current conditions on site -