Motorcycle Tour
12-Day Enduro Tour in Thailand

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Enjoy stunning nature along Pattaya's challenging enduro trails, dive into Thailand's vibrant nightlife, relax on a luxurious speed boat and experience the country's traditional side - all in one tour!


per rider in shared twin/double room €2,449.00 $2,724.41 ?
Rental motorcycle: Kawasaki KLX 250cc €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Honda CRF250L €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Honda CRF 300cc €0.00
Rental motorcycle: KTM 350 €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Kawasaki KLX 125cc €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Kawasaki KLX 140cc €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Kawasaki KLX 150cc €0.00
Rental motorcycle: KTM 450 EXC-F €0.00
Rental motorcycle: Husqvarna 300 TE €0.00


11 overnights with breakfast and Thai lunches
Welcome dinner with soft drinks
Rent of the bike and gear (enduro clothing, boots, knee pads, body armour, helmet, goggles, gloves and hydration packs)
Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back
8 guided tours with our experienced guides
Enduro Madness T-Shirt and Enduro Madness Polo Shirt
Rent of a GoPro Hero 3 action video camera with a free SD card with all pictures and videos. Rest day on a VIP luxury speedboat with Thai dishes and a delicious seafood lunch as well as soft drinks throughout the day
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services
International flights
Dinner (except on day 1) and beverages
Extra transportation for trips at night
Personal accident insurance

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Duration: 12 Days
Number of participants 2 - 18 persons
Tour size: 18
languages: English
Please note: To protect the motorcycles from major damage, we require a deposit of 5,000 Baht. However, you don't have to worry about a huge bill at the end of your trip - usually our bikes are robust enough that you won't be damaged and our guests get most, if not all, of their money back. We do not charge you for damage such as scratches in the plastic parts or mechanical problems, but we do have to charge you if something breaks that we have to replace - examples would be a bent handlebar, broken plastic parts or a broken light. If something should break, we are however very fair with the fees and in addition we have the advantage that we can buy the parts we use relatively cheaply, as we use Honda brand enduros, which are also made in Tahiland.
The minimum number of participants for this tour is 3 persons. However, if you only want to book 1 - 2 tickets, you can of course do so. Book the tour in advance on our website and we will then assign you to a tour together with other travellers. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we will contact you in time to find a pleasant solution.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Day 1: Welcome to Thailand!

After your arrival at the airport, we will pick you up and drive you to your hotel where you will be officially welcomed around early noon. Afterwards, you can enjoy a Thai massage, relax by the pool or stroll through the city. If you're interested, you can also join a city tour where we will show you the most interesting sights of Pattaya! In the evening, we will enjoy a delicious Thai seafood dinner in a traditional restaurants, accompanied by some traditional music as well as some dancers. While we're eating, we will also tell you more about the enduro tours that are waiting for you and if you've still got any questions, we will be happy to answer them for you. Afterwards, it is up to you decide whether you would like to go back to your hotel to get a good rest before the start of your journey tomorrow or if you'd like to dive into Pattaya's vibrant night life - and of course, our guides will be happy to show you the best places to go to!

Day 2: Pattaya Dirt Bike Adventure Tour

In the morning, our minibus will pick you up and drive you to our base, where you will receive your gear and rental bike. We will take some time to customize your bike to suit your needs, such as adjusting the gear lever, foot brake, handlebars, clutch, front brake, and suspension. Once your bike is set up and you're ready to go, we will start our enduro tour by riding a variety of different terrains at our nearby Enduro track. This course is great for us to get a first impression of your riding skills, as it includes jungle-style single trails, wide open berms, muddy swamps and some steep inclines and descents. We will continue our ride through farm lands, pineapple and coconut plantations, Chad Nok Dam, rubber, banana and eucalyptus tree plantations, rocky pathways, woodlands, streams and other water obstacles, so that you can get a first insight into what's waiting for you in the upcoming days. Before lunch, we take a break at the top of the Big Buddha mountain where a nice picture opportunity awaits us. After lunch, we will move on to a more difficult terrain, as you already had some time to get accustomed to you new bike and surrounding. We will make our way through the local valleys on our enduros and at the peaks, picturesque views of the entire area await us.

Day 3: Jungle trails, Motocross track &

You'll quickly realize how demanding todays tour through the Khao Mai Kaeo Jungle will be as we ride this 70 km stretch of jungle trail. The single track hillside passes that we will encounter will truly test your enduro riding skills. While riding along the trail, many passages are covered by the huge jungle plantations, letting us ride in the much needed shade. When the jungle clears, we are rewarded with the most beautiful views across the hills and lowlands. The ground can become very boggy during the rainy season and you will see some small waterfalls which you can even ride through. As local farmers frequent these trails often, prepare to encounter herds of cattle when you least expect it. Right in the heart of the jungle, we will enjoy some laps on a sandy motocross track while working on our skills. Afterwards, we'll ride back to our resort, where some cold beers are awaiting us, along some beautiful trails.

Day 4: Luxury boat ride to 5 islands

After the last days were quite demanding, we will take it easy today while we're heading to 5 deserted islands on a private boat. Throughout the day, you can snorkel in the crystal clear water, lay at the beach and enjoy the vibrant coral reefs that surround the islands. If it floats youe boat, you can also go fishing and enjoy a few beers together with a tasty Thai lunch. Another highlight of our day is our stop at monkey island, where you can feed the cheeky monkeys and watch them swim towards you. When the sun sets, we will turn up our speakers and head back to the harbor.

Please note: You can upgrade from the speedboat to a 18 m luxury yacht for 599,00 EUR (shared among the whole group).

Day 5: Enduro adventure in the Ban Chang Mountains

Today, we will head off to an epic ride through the Ban Chang Mountains. Here, a special challenge is waiting for you, as the ruts and boulders are getting bigger, the paths are becoming steeper and the riding is generally tougher than on any other days. However, do not be afraid of not being able to handle the trails, as we've got a variety of trails here where our guides will choose the most suutable from according to your skill level. During the day, we will travel more than 120km along a vast variety of terrain. While we pass through many creeks, rural villages and rubber tree plantations, you should prepare to get wet! As we ride along the challenging trails, some parts might get too demanding for you, however don't panic - our guides regularly face this problem and will find a suitable solution, including riding your bike up or down a section you don't want to ride. After all, we have trails for every riding level, challenging even top level riders! To many of our former customers, this was one of the best riding days they ever had.

Day 6: Silver Lake Vineyard, Big Buddha Mountain, elephant trekking and stunning Thai temples!

Our day starts with a ride to the Silver Lake Vineyard. As we follow the wide dirt roads, we will enjoy many opportunities to ride at full and truly rip it! Once we reach the vineyards, a view at a lush Thai garden presents itself to us. Here, you can taste the fruits that are used to produce traditional Thai wine and visit the twin temples Wat Yansangwararam and Wat Viharnra Sien. At a traditional Thai restaurant, a delicious lunch is served. While we eat our lunch, we can also enjoy the view of the Golden Plated Buddha Mountain that makes for a gorgeous backdrop scenery. After lunch, we can tick off “another thing to do before you die” as we go on a 15-minute elephant trek and afterwards go crocodile fishing. We continue on our enduro on some more technical trails as we make our way to Sattahip before finally riding back to our hotel, where we can enjoy a relaxed evening.

Day 7: Sri Racha Khao Kheow Enduro Adventure OR Rest Day: Custom ATV Adventure Tour and zip lining at the Tree Tops Adventure Park

Today, you can choose whether you would like to go on a hard enduro tour or whether you would prefer to have a rest day and go on an ATV tour and the Tree Tops Adventure Park or to Asia's biggest white knuckle waterpark Ramayana.

OPTION A: Sriracha enduro trails

The Sriracha enduro really has a lot to offer: deep desert-like sandy roads, thick muddy dirt roads, jungle trails and plenty of stream crossings. During the rainy season, you will even pass a water fall! The tour will also gift you with amazing views over the seven naturally tight valleys that line up so perfectly with each other that they almost look man made. Another highlight is the ride up a rocky river bed, with big boulders and limestone sides - the Sriracha ride is technical, challenging and as always, lots of fun!

OPTION B: ATV tour along with jungle zip lines

Start the day by enjoying a late breakfast and a refreshing dip in the pool or a soothing Thai oil massage. Our minibus will pick you up at 1:00 pm for a delicious lunch consisting of a huge beef, chicken or veggie burger, french fries, salad and fresh, seasonal fruit. Afterwards, you will go on a quad tour and enjoy a ziplining action adventure. During the ATV tour, we will take a 1,5 hour break at the Tree Tops adventure park, where you can enjoy various zip lines, treetop obstacles, rope ladders and flying skateboards and swing through the jungle from tree to tree Tarzan-style!

OPTION C: Ramayana waterpark

Visit Asia’s biggest and baddest white knuckle waterpark Ramayana. The minibus will pick you up after breakfast at 11:00 am and you will be back at the hotel around 6:30 pm after a full day of water fun!

After we've enjoyed the actual jungle during the day, we head to the busy jungle that's downtown Pattaya at night. With the many restaurants and clubs as well as people from all over the world, the crazy nightlife welcomes you. As this will be your last night in Pattaya, you should definitely make the most of it. If you're not into clubbing, you can also book a show, go Muay Thai Boxing or even hit the go-kart track.

Day 8: Off to the Sai Yok National Park

In the morning, our minibus will pick you up from your hotel. We will then switch to pickup trucks with which we will head towards the Sai Yok National Park. This tour will take us approximately 5 hours and on our way, we will have a quick fast food lunch. En route, we will visit the Sai Yok Noi waterfall as well as the Hellfire pass memorial museum. The Hellfire Pass is a railway cutting through a mountain on the former Death Railway in Thailand and has been built during World War II. It is well-known for the rough working conditions and the heavy loss of life the workers faced during its construction. It was named after the sight of the burning torches the workers used to work at night, which made the place look like a scene from hell. When we arrive at the Baan Suan Agape Resort, our final destination for today, you will be stunned by the location's beatuy. Lush tropical gardens invite you to stay and in the resort's own restaurant, we will enjoy another delicious Thai meal along with very reasonably priced beer. As we are facing another tough riding day tomorrow, we recommend you to go to bed early again!

Day 9: Jungle Adventure and Bat Caves

We will start our day with a large English breakfast where we can enjoy tea, coffee, juices, breads and cereals. Afterwards, we will start our enduro tour where we will ride through thick jungle today, always accompanied by the loud sounds of the jungle. Here, you will quickly notice that the terrain we face is completely different from the trails we rode in Pattaya. Instead of the sandy trails we rode before, now hard packed clay trails await us, offering us grip in one second and then becoming slippery like ice in the next. Luckily, our guides know the area well and thus, they will show you where to be extra careful. What makes it even more slippery is the thick mud the trails deeply in the jungle consist of, which totally clogs up our tires and make it even harder to ride our enduros, let alone the hill climbs. For lunch, we will ride to a very simple outback restaurant. Following our meal, we will make our way through the thick bamboo forest and visit some caves where three different species of bats live. In the evening, we will drive to the nearby Hindad Hot Springs in our pickup trucks. Here, there are three natural open air hot springs of varying temperature. Of course, the hottest one will be the most relaxing one, however it always takes a bit of extra motivation to hop inside! We will chill out in the hot springs so your muscles can become more relaxed and afterwards, if you would like to, you can even take a dip in the fresh, cold water of the nearby water stream - a perfect complement! After we have finished relaxing at the hot springs, we will drive back to our resort to have dinner. Here, you can choose between extremely delicious Thai food and, if you're not a big fan of the local kitchen, also some basic Western dishes.

Day 10: Waterfall Adventure Ride

As we travel to 4 different, beautiful waterfalls that are part of the Sai Yok Nationalpark, we can enjoy many wide dirt roads that allow us to ride at full speed. As we cross the deep creeks of the river Kwai on our way to the waterfalls, you should prepare to get very wet - not only while swimming in the waterfall ponds. If you would like to take a quick dip in the water, Pataad waterfall is the one for you with it's ice cold water pond. For lunch, wenn head to a floating restaurant overlooking a fast flowing section of the river Kwai. However, before lunch, we still have three more waterfalls to see! Departing from the restaurant, we will drive upstream in a Thai speed boat. From there, we will slowly float down the river again, passing three stunning waterfalls on our way. At the last waterfall, the speed boat will pick us up again and drive us back to the restaurant, where we can enjoy a fresh Thai meal. Afterwards, some more challengigns trails are waiting for us in the Sai Yok Nationalpark before we head back to our resort. In the evening, we will enjoy a large Barbecue on the island in the middle of the lake of the resort. We will taste fresh, local meat as well as some Singha beers and reminisce about the day's epic events.

Day 11: Let's go to the border of Burma!

On our way to a remote Burmese border viewpoint, we will be crossing a mountainous region and a gigantic fresh water Dam. Today's ride will again be quite varied, as we will be riding along steep tarmac roads with hairpin corners, wide dirt tracks, challenging single trails, stunning jungle rails and overall, many hill sections. As this will be your last ride on this tour, we guarantee you it's going to be a fun one! We will start early so that we can return to the resort in the afternoon, take a shower, load up our bikes and then headto the center of the Kanchanaburi province. Here, you can enjoy one more night at the elegant 4 star River Kwai Bridge Resort, overlooking the world famous Bridge over the river Kwai. In the evening, we will head downtown to have dinner at one of the many restaurant, enjoy some well-deserved beers and if you want to, of course you can go clubbing afterwards!

Day 12: Bye bye, Thailand!

Start your day slow with some relaxed swimming in the pool and a delicious breakfast. If you want to, you can also walk to the famous nearby bridge over the river Kwai or the war cemetery. At around 11 am, we will either drive back to Pattaya or to Bangkok, depending on where you would like to go next. Your journey will end at the airport or your next hotel, depending on your travel plans.