World Vet Glen Helen


Senior World Cup in Glen Helen!!

and Senior Nations Cross


12 days MotoCross pure with participation in the World Vet Championship or the World Cup of Nations per person €2,380.00 $2,647.65 ?
12 days pure MotoCross with participation in the World Vet Championship in Glen Helen and the World Cup of Nations €2,530.00 $2,814.52 ?


11 nights accommodation at Canyon Lake
Use of MX Bikes
Trucks, trailers, tools and bike service
One day JetSki or Wakeboarding
Airport - Transfer
Entry fee for WORLD VET CHAMPIONSHIP in Glen Helen (1 race day)
Race support in Glen Helen... helpers, trailers, tools...
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

More details
- Accommodation -
Welcome - Your private accommodation during your MX vacation is located in Canyon Lake! One of the most beautiful, cleanest and safest residences in California and right in the center of all the famous motocross tracks. Here you are guaranteed to be in a holiday mood from day one. The idyllic quality of living, the great weather and the possible activities here on site will do their part to immediately put you in the holiday fashion.
The house - Where the Vacation starts:
6 rooms / 5 bathrooms / 15 beds
2 kitchens
Common room
2 laundry rooms
Fitness room
2 TV rooms
6 garages
Terrace with lake view and whirlpool
Equipment - Shouldn't get boring:
Pool table
Electric Dart
Apple TV
80" TV
The Garage - All you need...and more:
all 250/450 Japanese
50 / 65 / 85 Husqvarna & KTM
2 Polaris Jet Skis 100PS
18feet "SeaRay" motor boat 140PS
3 F150 PickUp Trucks
3 fully mountain bikes
Activities on the lake - what else could you ask for:
beach volleyball
Mountain biking
- MX tracks -
Canyon Lake is located right in the center of all the famous routes like:
Milestone - Perris - Pala - Glen Helen - Cahuilla Creek - Competetive Edge - Lake Elsinore.
Each of these world famous MX parks has different tracks with different levels of difficulty on the terrain. No matter what level you ride, whether you are a complete beginner or an absolute pro, there is something for everyone. You do not have to decide in advance which route you want to take. There are all routes available for everyone Each of the routes is regularly watered and pushed, if necessary several times a day. Track marshals are posted at each training session. Some of the routes even offer floodlights, so that even after sunset you don't have to give up riding. At FULLPROmx you can ride the routes you want. We only suggest what is possible on which day, but you decide.
Travel time to the respective route:
Lake Elsinore - 10 minutes
Perris Raceway - 10 minutes.
Starwest - 20 minutes.
Pala Raceway - 30 minutes
Beaumont - 40 minutes.
Milestone MX Park - 40 minutes
Glen Helen - 45 minutes
Cahuilla Creek - 50 minutes
Competitive Edge - 55 min.
Sunrise MX - 75 min.
LACR - 120 minutes.
0.5 hours to temecula/wine tasting
1 hour to San Diego Zoo
One hour to San Diego.
1 hour to SeaWorld
1 hour to Joshua Three National Park
1 hour to Oceanside
1 hour to Newport/Huntingten Beach
1.5 hours to Big Bear Mountain
2 hours to LA/Hollywood/Santa Monica
4 hours to Las Vegas
5 hours to Sequoia/Yosemite National Park
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

a license is required. Whether absolute hobby rider or "Expert" up to the Pro class. There is the right class at the start for every rider level.

Each of these is divided into 5 year steps, i.e. from 25+ ,30+, 35+ ... to 70+ and women.

Double start is possible, i.e. 40+ may also start in 35+, but not vice versa.

More information at

The World Vet Championships in Glen Helen is the ultimate opportunity to compete with riders from all over the world, in your age and ability group.

Last year a WORLD CUP NATIONAL took place for the first time this weekend. Unfortunately there was no german team at the start...we have to change that ;)

There are 3 teams per nation and each team must provide one +30, +40 and +50 rider. Also here it does not matter if beginner or pro.

There will be two heats on Sunday and the team with the least points will win. The worst placement can be taken as a strike result.

Unfortunately the teams will be confirmed in September so that a 100% participation as a Nations Team cannot be guaranteed.

Should a team not be confirmed, there is the possibility to start at least as an individual rider in the World Vet.

What awaits you the 11 days:

Do. Arrival in California and transfer to Canyon Lake

Fr. Riding in JS63MX

Sa. training in Glen Helen or visit of the Straight Rhythm

So. Riding in Barona Oaks

Mo. Riding in Pala / Alternative route StateFairMX

Di. Riding in Perris Raceway / Alternative Freeriding

With. Riding in Cahuilla Creek

Do. Last practice in Glen Helen before the race.

Mrs. Shopping/Sightseeing and gathering strength for the World Cup


There. WORLD CUP of NATIONS in Glen Helen

Mo. Out of the dream, off we go to the cold home country...hopefully with a world championship title :)

These are only suggestions, of course you can always take a break and do other things.

We can also go out for freeriding or, weather permitting, wakeboarding on the lake.

Of course, everyone can arrange their stay individually, depending on their mood and, of course, their physical condition.

This package is of course also available without race participation!

Of course the stay can be extended. Either with us at the Lake with jet ski and wakeboarding or just to explore California on your own with a rental car. California has so much more to offer and the airfare is the same whether for 11 days or 21.

Only with us there is no riding day restriction, it can be ridden every day.

Supporting programme Individual: Harley tours, skydiving, jet ski, boat tours, cart racing, car shows and drag race, shooting ranch, sightseeing / MX industry, beach/lake, shopping, BBQ and nightlife !!! can't get boring!