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Motorcycle Tour
Self-Guided: The Real America Explorer

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Self - Guided Tour - The Real America Explorer Denver, Colorado - Sturgis, South Dakota via Yellowstone National Park.


Prices for desired dates in the period 15.08.2022 - 30.09.2022:
per person (for 2 people sharing 1 bike and 1 double room) - starting from €3,995.00 $4,444.27 ?
per person (for 2 people with 2 bikes, sharing 1 double room) - starting from €5,795.00 $6,446.69 ?
per person when booking alone, one bike, single room - starting from €6,895.00 $7,670.40 ?
Surcharge for the Grand Touring class motorcycles €260.00 $289.24 ?
Please note: on certain dates surcharges may have to be applied. They will be calculated upon request. Please contact us and we will inform you about the exact valid price for your date.


14 nights as per description incl. local taxes
Breakfast, if offered by the hotels (A frank word on the subject of breakfast in the USA: We would like to point out that breakfast as an included service in American or Canadian hotels is not a matter of course. There are all different varieties of breakfast. Some hotels offer coffee and some kind of roll, toast or a piece of cake, plus maybe some jam. If one is lucky, there is some fruit or dairy products. Some accommodations only offer coffee with a coffee maker in the room. Other hotels offer a varied breakfast. Many hotels decide in the middle of the season to launch this service, to abolish it or even to change it. There is generally everywhere a possibility to buy breakfast for little money. We write in the services "Partial breakfast", because we can not guarantee which hotel all of a sudden decides for it or against it.)
13 days motorcycle with motorcycle class guarantee (surcharge of 260 € per motorcycle ONLY in Grand Touring class).
Unlimited free miles
TOP PROTECTION: Takeover of the deductible in case of theft via our German insurer
TOP PROTECTION: 2 million EUR additional liability insurance
TOP PROTECTION: Flat tire assistance 24/7
Local taxes
Provisioning costs
Seasonal and event surcharges
US-DOT Approved Half Shell Lending Helmets
Saddlebags and safety lock
Detailed roadbook with extensive information and road maps in our specially developed TRAVEL APP (offline use possible) for every rider
Road atlas and guidebook for every rider
An exclusive PIN for each participant
Guarantee certificate for package tours
Not included
Transfers (airport-hotel-airport)
Supplementary insurance
Motorway tolls
Parking fees
Entrance fees
Personal expenses
Everything that is not specified under services

More details

Tour duration: 15 days
Total length: 3360 km
Minimum age: 21 years
Motorcycles on this tour:
Please note: Not all types are available at all motorcycle stations. As we are not the direct service provider for the motorcycles, we cannot guarantee for the "first motorcycle wish".
So that everything is clear in advance: Our partner requires the specification of a substitute desired machine mandatory at the time of booking and gives us a MOTORCYCLE CLASS GUARANTEE. This means that we will confirm your initial request (if available on the day of booking) and as an alternative a guarantee within the booked / requested category.
Class mix in booking is not allowed.
OPTIONAL MOTORCYCLE MODEL GUARANTEE: If the desired model is available, our partner will confirm the booking for the desired model, however, he reserves the right to offer an alternative model from the same category, if your desired model is not available. This can happen, for example, if the previous renter returned the motorcycle with damage. If choosing a specific model is very important to you, then this model will be guaranteed to you for an extra charge of 105 EUR per rental.
In the unlikely event that this service does not work out on the spot, you will get a motorcycle from the same category and the fee will immediately be refunded to you.
Motorcycles at our partner - the motorcycles in the overview sorted by classes:
HD GRAND TOURING CLASS: These Harley-Davidson® models are best equipped for longer rides or multi-day trips. All Touring Class machines are equipped with very comfortable seat backs for the pillion passenger. These American motorcycles are very well balanced and easy to ride for an experienced rider. They offer plenty of space in the saddlebags and a top case. Please note: the models of this class can be booked with an extra charge. You will find the exact amount in the inclusive services of your tour:
Harley-Davidson® Ultra Glide® Classic
Harley-Davidson® Ultra Glide® Limited
Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Ultra
HD STREET TOURING CLASS: These Harley-Davidson® models are also equipped for longer rides or multi-day trips. All Touring Class machines are equipped with comfortable seat backs for the pillion passenger, but without the top case and touring seats. These American motorcycles are very well balanced and easy to ride for an experienced rider. They offer plenty of space in the saddlebags:
Harley-Davidson® Street Glide®
Harley-Davidson® Road Glide®
Harley-Davidson® Road King®
HD CRUISER TOURING CLASS: The quintessential American bike. These models have become famous through movies and enthusiasts around the world. Very easy to ride for people who are used to a smaller machine, sport or sport-touring. Almost all models available with pillion backrest and windscreen. Excellent for long rides and tours, weekend rides, day trips and city rides:
Harley-Davidson® Heritage Softail®
Harley-Davidson® Low Rider®
INDIAN TOURING CLASS: The second American motorcycle brand. Long disappeared from the market, but it still has fans firmly in its grip. The Indian® motorcycles are equipped with comfortable seat backs for the pillion passenger. These American machines are very well balanced and easy to ride for an experienced rider. Excellent for long rides and tours, weekend rides, day trips and city rides. Not available everywhere. Please ask us about them beforehand. IMPORTANT: Indian® Roadmaster® and Challenger® can only be booked with a surcharge and belong in the Grand Touring Class. Indian® Chieftain® and Chief Vintage® belong in the Street Touring Class:
Indian® Chief Vintage®
Indian® Challenger®
Indian® Roadmaster®
STREET CLASS: The quintessence of American bikes. These models have become famous through movies and enthusiasts around the world. Very easy to ride for people who are used to a smaller machine, sport or sport-touring. Almost all models available with pillion backrest and windscreen. Excellent for long rides and tours, weekend rides, day trips and city rides. Not available everywhere and not possible for every tour. Please ask us beforehand:
Harley-Davidson® Sportster 1200®
Indian® Scout®
HD THREE WHEEL CLASS: Some tours can also be ridden with a HARLEY DAVISDON® TRI-GLIDE® ULTRA for an additional charge (depending on the station from 120 EUR/rental day). Appropriate experience is a prerequisite. Very limited availability of maximum 1-2 trikes per station. Not available everywhere. Please ask us beforehand:
Harley-Davidson®TRI-Glide® Ultra
Harley-Davidson® Freewheeler®
POLARIS® SLINGSHOT® CLASS: This is the perfect alternative if you either do not have a motorcycle license or if you have no experience with an HD® TRI-Glide€ Ultra motorcycle. You are allowed to rent a Polaris® Slingshot® with your passenger car license. The vehicle has an H-shift with clutch, probably like your car at home. The Polaris® Slingshot® will still be categorized as a motorcycle. We ONLY get these types of vehicles in Las Vegas and they can be rented on almost all other guided tours from/to Las Vegas for an additional fee (starting at 135 EUR/rental day) except for "The American Dream" and "Silver & Golden State" tours. These vehicles privide a lot of fun and can keep up very well with their approx. 173 HP.
Important to know:
A valid credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD or American Express) is required for the motorcycle pick-up. The deposit of 100 USD can only be paid by credit card.
Your additional super - tour companion: the specially developed Travel - App (In the travel documents you will find both a road atlas and a travel guide of the region. In addition, you will receive our specially developed app for your tour. It works on and offline and uses the GPS from your mobile phone to make sure that you are on the right biking route. It also has some tips and information about the place where you are. Works with all major iOs and Android phones. For copyright reasons, the password of the tour on the app will be deactivated by the manufacturer about 2 weeks after the end of the trip, but you will get enough additional material from us so you can keep your memories.)
Half double rooms cannot be booked on Self-Guided Tours.
Supplementary liability insurance:
When booking, an additional liability insurance of € 2 million is included, which insures the renter as well as additional riders registered in the rental contract against claims of third parties for property damage and personal injury.
Motorcycle insurance:
The renter is responsible for any damage to the motorcycle including theft or vandalism. In order to protect the renter against any resulting claims, the rental price includes comprehensive insurance which limits the renter's liability in the event of damage to an excess of USD 0 or USD 1,000 in the event of theft. The excess will be reimbursed by Allianz Travel (Allianz Travel is a brand of AWP P&C S.A.) upon the return of motorcycles. This is subject to strict adherence to the terms and rules of the rental agreement, submission of a police report in the event of an accident, if an at-fault party is involved, and compliance with the riding restrictions. In the event of damage, the excess will be retained by the rental company. The following damages are not insured: damages due to use contrary to the landlord's permission, damages due to overheating/undercooling. This also applies to the following damages up to a maximum of the deductible:
- Theft
- Damage to tyres and wheels
Procedure in the event of damage:
In the event of damage, the following points must be done on site:
- Immediately report the accident to the police and file a police report if other party is involved.
- Immediately notify the rental station
- Upon return of the motorcycle, have a damage report drawn up and signed by the rental station
- Upon return of the motorcycle, have a damage report drawn up and signed by the rental station
For reimbursement of the deductible, please send the following documents to the following address - AWP P&C S.A., Branch Office for Germany Bahnhofstr. 16 D-85609, Aschheim (near Munich)
- Damage report and police report
- Copy of the rental agreement
- Proof of deposit payment (receipt or credit card debit note)
- Final settlement of the claim
- Reservation number and travel confirmation of the organizer
However, reimbursement is excluded in the following cases:
Damage caused by disregard of the mediation conditions and rental conditions
Damage due to improper handling
Damage caused by personal negligence, motorcycle riding while being drunk or impaired consciousness due to medication or drugs
If the motorcycle key has been lost or damaged
Private items damaged in an accident, stolen from the rental vehicle or lost
Follow-up costs, e.g. for hotels, telephone, etc.
Damage excluded from the renter insurance
We generally recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.
Upon request:
We are happy to accept your change requests. Changes (max. 3) are possible for an extra charge of 25 € per service (plus the cost of the additional service).
On certain dates surcharges may have to be applied. They will be calculated on request. Please ask and we will inform you on the exact valid price for your date.
- Entering the USA - Important information -
Required proof of vaccination:
International travelers must present proof of full vaccination before departing for the United States.
Vaccines that are accepted are those that have been approved or licensed by the FDA, as well as vaccines that have received an Emergency Use License (EUL) from the World Health Organization (WHO).
Individuals are considered fully vaccinated if they received their last required dose of vaccine at least two weeks before the trip. This applies both to vaccines where only one vaccine dose is administered and to those that require two vaccine doses.
In Germany, a person that recovered from Corona is considered immunized if he or she received an additional dose of a vaccination of which two doses are normally needed for immunization. This combination is not recognized by the USA and one is considered not fully vaccinated or immunized. These persons are not allowed to enter the country according to the current status.
Children under 18 are exempt from mandatory vaccination. Other limited exemptions are also being applied.
Here you can get the latest info on vaccination from CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/proof-of-vaccination.html
Required test certificate is no longer necessary:
According to AA information, airlines are required to collect the following completed entry form from all passengers (including minors) traveling to the U.S.: (https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/Proof-of-COVID-19-Vaccination-For-Noncitizen-Nonimmigrants-Passenger-Disclosure-and-Attestation.pdf). However, this can also be completed online in advance of travel, printed out and signed and carried with you. The form is available on the CDC site in several languages (but not in German).
Here you can get the latest info on testing evidence from CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html
Contact tracking:
All passengers are required to provide pre-departure information to the airline they are traveling with for the purpose of contact tracing (name, phone number, email address, and address while in the U.S.).
Information on ESTA:
The pre-pandemic rules for entry with ESTA have not changed. German travelers still need an approved ESTA application for entry into the USA.
For travelers entering the USA, a registration via the electronic ESTA system has been mandatory since 20.01.2010. Officials at the immigration counters can refuse entry to the USA to passengers without the ESTA authorization. It is recommended that travelers apply for the entry authorization via the ESTA website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta at least 72 hours prior to departure. The ESTA fee amounts to $21 per application. The ESTA authorization must be applied for online no later than 72 hours prior to travel. The ESTA authorization does not constitute a visa, visa-required travelers do not need an ESTA authorization, but a visa.
Additional notes:
All travelers (two years of age and older) are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth in airplanes, airports, and other enclosed public areas (including transportation) when entering, leaving, or within the United States.
Upon arrival at your destination, certain states as well as some companies may have their own health and safety policies regarding masks, distance rules, vaccination status and more. Here is a link to the travel industry website with this information.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (CDC): https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/international-travel/index.html
Page of the German Foreign Office: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/de/aussenpolitik/laender/usa-node/usavereinigtestaatensicherheit/201382#content_0
Entry requirements:
Please pay attention to the changed entry regulations in the USA.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado - the cowboy states of the West are breathtaking wonders created by Mother Nature - with incredible routes, as if made for motorcycles. Start and finish of the tour is Denver, the modern metropolis at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Starting points of the tour are Yellowstone National Park with its vast forests, numerous mountain lakes, deep canyons, geysers, waterfalls and a particularly diverse wildlife population, the rugged peaks of Grand Teton National Park, Devil's Tower - a huge monolith resembling a colossal tree stump made of stone (known from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"). Admire incredible views from mountain peaks and steep canyons of the Rocky Mountains. Experience western towns as if they were straight out of a John Wayne movie: Cody, with its western duels and cowboy bars; Buffalo, Cheyenne, and of course the historic gambling town of Deadwood.

And of course Sturgis - THE motorcycle rally of the West. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a life experience in a place where locals can teach you a thing or two about hospitality. A visit to the exhibitors shows that no wish is left unfulfilled, either in terms of what to wear or what to equip your bike with. Every year during the rally Harley Davidson® and Indian® present their new models and you can try every kind of motorcycle at the festival. It's like being a kid in a candy store again. Only better! Because in addition to the motorcycles, there's atmosphere, concerts, races, shows, the annual Mayor's Ride, Michael Lichter's exhibit, the annual World Championship of Custom Bike Building, the Limpnickie Lot, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame, plus freestyle stunt riders like the Star Boyz, organized rides, some very impressive "watering holes" (bars), customs, legends, blue skies and warm, sunny days. It's all just waiting for you in Sturgis and the Black Hills of South Dakota. All this is an experience of the real West.

This tour is bookable with Harley-Davidson® as well as BMW® motorcycles (extra charge).

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Denver, Colorado

Arrive in Denver, "the city a mile high" and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Transfer to the hotel on your own. As the largest city within 1000 km, Denver is the best starting point for visiting the Mountain States. In Denver, we recommend an exploration of 16 Street and the famous Larimer Square, a restored part of Denver's oldest street, with many restaurants and pubs.

Day 2: Denver - Estes Park, Colorado (155 km)

In the morning, pick up your motorcycle - then head straight to Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, whose Trail Ridge Road is America's highest paved road. Scenic overlooks offer spectacular views of Rocky Mountain peaks rising to 14,000 feet. Eleven miles of the route are above timberline and pass mountainous tundra countryside. Established by Congress on January 26, 1915, the park hosts all the splendor of the Rocky Mountains. We will spend the evening at Estes Park, a popular summer resort and site of Rocky Mountains National Park headquarters. It is located on the Big Thompson River. The urban outskirts include the Stanley Hotel. Once a fine example of prosperity as it was in the days of Edward VII, the 1909 building, where Stephen King stayed as a guest, is the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in the novel "The Shining." Tour length approx. 155 Km

Day 3: Estes Park - Steamboat, Colorado (225 km)

Rising to an elevation of 12,183 feet, Trail Ridge Road seems to leave the earth behind. Cutting directly through the heart of Rocky Mountain Nation Park, the trail reaches a world of rare alpine beauty. Peaks loom in all directions in the distance, while fragrant wildflowers blanket the tundra in mid-summer. Keen observers can usually spot moose, bighorn sheep and other wildlife crossing the grasslands and cliffs. After reaching Grand Lake, a popular recreation spot on the shores of Colorado's largest natural lake, we follow the Colorado River for part of today's route. In the evening you will find yourself in Steamboat Springs, known for its excellent powder snow during the winter months. The valley and surrounding area include a variety of geothermal hot springs, one of which, Steamboat, gave its name to the town. However, there are no Steamboats in town, it does offer two hot springs that are open to the public. The largest is the Old Town Hot Spring, equipped with several pools and 2 slides. A few miles out of town, located in the mountains, is Strawberry Park Hot Spring, which has two pools and a natural rock as a special feature. Tour length approx. 225 Km

Day 4: Steamboat - Vernal, Utah (280 km)

Today you continue your journey to Dinosaur National Monument, located on the southeast flank of the Uinta Mountains and bordered by Colorado, Utah and the confluences of the Green River and the Yampa River. The park has fossils of dinosaurs, including Allosaurus, Abydosaurus, and the sauropod genus (known for their long necks and long, whip-like tails). Tour length about 280 km.

Day 5: Vernal - Jackson, Wyoming (455 km)

North of Vernal is the Flaming Gorge Recrational Area, the centerpiece of which is the 91-mile (145.6 km) Flaming Gorge Reservoir, a water reservoir created in 1964 by the Flaming Gorge Dam along the Green River. Because of the spectacular red rock cliffs that frame the river in this area, the area was given its name "Flaming Gorge" in 1869 by explorer John Wesley Powell, who traveled down the Green River during his expeditions. Today's destination is Jackson, a quaint little western town surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is the main destination for millions of tourists who want to visit nearby Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the National Elk Refuge. A visit to Jackson is only complete if you make a stop at the Million Dollar Saloon. Tour length approx. 455 Km.

Day 6: Jackson - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (160 km)

Passing Grand Teton National Park and the rugged mountain peaks towering over the Jackson Hole valley, you'll head to the highlight of the day, Yellowstone National Park! The oldest national park still retains its original wilderness, 97% of the 3,400 square mile park is still undeveloped. While Old Faithful, the most widely known geyser, serves as a hot steam fountain particularly worth seeing, Yellowstone Park has more than 10,000 other geothermal features including geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles (steam vents). Tour length approx. 125 - 160 km.

Day 7: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (220 km)

A full day at leisure to explore the many wonders of the park. Tour length approx. 160 - 220 Km.

Day 8: Yellowstone National Park - Cody, Wyoming (175 km)

Again the agony of choice! - From the northeastern Silver Gate of Yellowstone Park, to the beautiful Clark's Fork Valley, runs the scenic Beartooth Highway, arguably the most spectacular stretch of road in North America, dominated by the "Pilot" and "Index" peaks. This ride above timberline takes travelers through towering mountain peaks and past lakes created by glaciers. Or take the over the Dead Indian Hills, Chief Joseph Highway, which branches off the Beartooth Highway and follows the Clark's Fork River, then makes a hairpin turn, down into Sunlight Basin and back over the Dead Indian Hills. The road follows the escape route taken by Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce Tribe when they were pursued by the U.S. Army. The most direct route is the Buffalo Bill Highway, which follows the north branch of the Shoshoni River East to Cody. Buffalo Bill, Cody's founder and namesake, called the road, "The most beautiful 50 miles in the world." Your destination for the day is famed Cody. The nightly rodeo is not to be missed - plus you get the real western feel while watching a western shootout in front of the historic Irma Hotel. Tour length approx. 175 km.

Day 9: Cody - Buffalo, Wyoming (280 km)

The 45-mile Cloud Peak Skyway (state highway - US16), connects the town of Tensleep and the city of Buffalo and traverses the southern portion of the Bighorn National Forest, in addition to offering breathtaking views of often snow-capped mountain peaks. Highlights include Hospital Hill, Powder Pass, Meadow Lark Lake and Tensleep Canyon. Weather permitting, we will take the route through Crazy Woman Canyon - this route offers the opportunity for close-up views of the beautiful rock formations framing a roaring mountain stream. The route follows a single unpaved narrow road enclosed on either side by high canyon walls, ending with a beautiful view of the surrounding Big Horn Mountains. The historic town of Buffalo, with its numerous stores and art galleries, is idyllically situated between the gently rolling plains of the West and the towering peaks of the Big Horn Mountains. Here you will enjoy the hospitality of the Old West. What not to miss: the historic Hotel Occidental! As soon as you step through the front door of the hotel, you truly go back to the Old West - standing on the floor where Butch Cassidy and Calamity Jane stood. The saloon's magnificent bar counter is an original. Tour length approx. 280 Km.

Day 10: Buffalo - Rapid City, South Dakota (420 km)

On the way to the Black Hills of South Dakota and - FINALLY - the craziness of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we recommend a stop at Devils Tower, an extraordinary natural monument and a landmark that can be seen from far away. This huge remote rock (alt. 5118 feet) was designated as the first National Monument in the United States of America in 1906. Known to native Indians as Mateo Tipi, the rock was the subject of an ancient legend. While the name Devils Tower is not as familiar, millions will recognize the outline of the rock from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," where the rock tower served as a landing site for the awe-inspiring alien mother ship. Next stop is Deadwood, tucked away in a pine-clad mountain canyon not far from where Kevin Costner filmed "Dances with Wolves." For more than a century, gold mining flourished in the old Western town of Deadwood. Almost all of the attractions relate to gold, or to the legacy of the town's wild and tangled gold rush. Deadwood became the third place in the nation, after the states of Nevada and Atlantic City (N.J.), with legalized gambling. The revenue made Deadwood's extensive historic preservation possible. Today, you can join visitors from around the world who try their luck at the gaming tables of Deadwood's beautifully restored and historic gambling halls. More than 85 historic casinos in Deadwood offer blackjack, poker and slot machines. Gambling for money is as much a part of Deadwood's history as prospecting for gold. In fact, the 1876 Gold Rush began in Deadwood's legendary saloons, where dancers and notorious gamblers like Poker Alice and Wild Bill Hickok made their appearance. A first stop in Sturgis will prepare you for the next few days, packed with motorcycle-related fun, before ending the day in Rapid City. Tour length approx. 420 Km

Day 11: Visit Sturgis and explore the Black Hills (160 km)

The magic of the mountains is mesmerizing and the roads, well; there are few places on our beautiful planet that can offer this kind of motorcycling. Incredible roads such as Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, the Wildlife Loop, Vanocker Canyon Road and Spearfish Canyon will take you to interesting destinations - Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park and Crazy Horse Memorial. Tour length approx. 160 Km

Day 12: Rapid City - Explore Sturgis or the Badlands (180 km)

Badlands National Park is located in southwestern South Dakota. Originally designated a National Monument, the Badlands became a National Park in 1978. By 1976, the area had nearly doubled in size and included the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In 1991, the area gained world fame because some locations of the movie "Dances with Wolves" with Kevin Costner are located in this area. The "Badlands" - a name originally given to this area by the Plains Indians, because of the rugged nature of the land - a grassy plain on a plateau 200 feet high, which has been rutted by erosion, with deep incised dry valleys and bizarre rock formations (pinnacles, spires, mounds, tabular hills) in multicolored layers (numerous fossils) composed mainly of solidified clay, sand, shale and volcanic ash. The National Park includes the most rutted and rugged part of the "Badlands", and the Badlands Loop Road goes through the heart of the park. Tour length approx. 120 - 180 Km

Day 13: Rapid City - Cheyenne, Wyoming (470 km)

Another great "ride" which will end in Cheyenne, capital of the state of Wyoming. Tour length approx. 470 Km

Day 14: Cheyenne - Denver, Colorado (180 km)

Today we return to Denver. Drop off the motorcycles and overnight in Denver. Tour length approx. 165 - 180 km

Day 15: Denver, return flight

and return flight home.

- Itinerary/accommodations/services are subject to change.-