Motorcycle Tour
Southeast Europe - Towards Olympus

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In a fortnight we cross eight countries on the way to Zeus' place of work - a cross-section of south-eastern European culture.


per rider in shared twin/double room €2,190.00 $2,436.28 ?
pillion passenger €1,690.00 $1,880.05 ?
per person single room (surcharge) €390.00 $433.86 ?


14 nights in a double room
half board
Entrance fees
all tolls
German speaking tour guide, please inquire for English speaking tour guide
Not included features
Everything that is not listed under services
Travel cancellation and return transport insurance

More details

Directions: The start and finish hotel is located near Karlovac in northern Croatia. From Berlin to the meeting point hotel is about 1,100 km, from Munich about 600 km, from Cologne about 1,100 km, from Vienna about 400 km. If you arrive by car and trailer, you can park them safely in the courtyard of our meeting point hotel.
Route: 3,750 km total distance, daily stages between 220 and 380 km.
Motorcycles: This trip is suitable for all motorcycles. However, it is most comfortable to drive with touring enduros or tourers with plenty of ground clearance and sufficient suspension travel. All the other motorcycles get through - but it is not always associated with fun. The motorcycles should be technically perfect. Please consider that with arrival and return journey up to 7.000 km are to be driven. Accordingly, the tyres should be new or as good as new.
Riding skills: This tour is not suitable for inexperienced riders. The stages are often very long and exhausting due to the road conditions. A good physical condition and a lot of riding experience are a prerequisite, safe control of the bike in hairpin bends and on low quality asphalt is a prerequisite.
Luggage: Pack only the bare essentials. Pay attention to low weight and small volume. The bike is put under a lot of stress on this journey, and the less weight the rider has to balance, the more stable and safe he or she will be on pothole tracks. We recommend a luggage roll or sturdily attached rear bags and a sturdily attached tank bag. Please use sturdy lashing straps in sufficient quantity for fastening.
Road condition/traffic: Mostly asphalt, sometimes rough, sometimes fine, unfortunately often bad. The condition ranges from extremely broken roads, which are full of deep potholes, to brand new and perfectly paved roads. Construction activity has been very brisk in recent years - so it is possible that one or the other broken road has already been newly asphalted. In total you have to reckon with about 15 -20 km of gravel road. The same road traffic regulations apply in all countries driven over as in Germany, including right-hand traffic. You have to keep an eye out for stray dogs, goats, sheep, donkeys and cattle - or very slow moving horse-drawn carts.
Daily routine: Normally a day of travel begins at 8 o'clock with breakfast. At 9 o'clock everybody should be on the bike. Lunch and breaks are taken regularly. Usually we reach the hotel by 18 o'clock at the latest. If there are exceptions, there is certainly a good reason for them.
Accommodation: In clean hotels and guesthouses typical of the country. Each room has its own bathroom and WC. According to Southeast European category, these are 3-star houses, although they do not always meet Western European standards. Often the rooms are simpler than one would expect from the outside. Not every bathroom has a shower cubicle or shower curtain. However, each accommodation is characterized either by its unique location, history, cuisine or atmosphere.
Rations: For breakfast we usually serve the usual continental breakfast, occasionally varying with specialties such as olives and sheep's cheese, filter coffee, Turkish coffee or tea. This trip is also a culinary foray into the cuisine of southeast Europe. In each country we will have the opportunity to taste the local specialities. The soups and stews are very rich and highly recommended during our lunch breaks. In the evening a multi-course menu is usually served. In addition to water and the usual soft drinks, there are various kinds of tasty beer from the country's own breweries to drink. Various red and white wines round off an enjoyable dinner.
Additional costs: The petrol is a little bit cheaper in all visited countries than in Germany. Altogether, one has to calculate with 200,- to 300.- Euro fuel costs on the tour (with 4 litres or 6 litres consumption per 100 km). In Croatia and Greece you can easily pay with credit card or Maestro card at petrol stations. In all other countries this is not always possible and if it is, then only with the PIN of the card. The drinks in restaurants and cafés are relatively cheap: ½ l beer about 1 to 2 euros, a bottle of red wine about 10 to 15 euros (except for Croatia and Greece). Depending on the drinking pleasure one has to calculate with approximately 220,- Euro for the tour. In addition, there are about 10 Euro per day for lunch (so a total of about 360,- Euro for drinks and lunch). As it is completely unusual in restaurants and cafés to pay individually, it is advisable to set up a joint cash register for lunch and drinks, which your tour guide can manage for the group if you wish. So you actually have nothing to do with money anymore and can concentrate on the journey and the various impressions.
Climate: Because we are on the way across Europe and have to cope with big differences in altitude, the climate is also very different. In general we can expect temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees. In case of rain and on the pass heights it can get 5 degrees cold. In contrast, the thermometer on the coasts and lowlands can sometimes scratch the 35 degree mark.
Documents: An identity card valid for at least 6 months is sufficient for entry. A visa for German citizens is not necessary. If the vehicle is not registered to you, please carry a power of attorney, preferably in English, with you. A national driving licence is sufficient. Please also remember the Green Insurance Card, which must be valid for all countries you travel to. On the motorways in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, motorcycles are also subject to tolls, but not in all other countries.
Electricity: The voltage is 220 volts.
Equipment / protective clothing: The most suitable clothing is waterproof textile clothing or enduro clothing (and rain trousers and jacket if necessary) and a helmet with visor (because of the possible rain). As there are large differences in temperature between the lowlands and the mountains, the onion principle with many thin layers, which can be put on or taken off as required, is most suitable. Waterproof motorcycle gloves and boots should be a matter of course. Please do not forget your bathing suit. Also useful would be: a multitool or pocket knife, earplugs, sunglasses that fit under the helmet and a water bottle. On such tours, drinking rucksacks in the style of a camelback have proven to be particularly useful. Please also think about medication for the most common travel diseases. Diarrhoea and cold remedies as well as vitamins can be very helpful on the way.
Money requirements and means of payment: For drinks and lunch it is best to take 100,- Euro in cash with you, the remaining 260,- Euro then converted into the Bosnian and Albanian national currency can be withdrawn from the ATM. National currencies for petrol can be exchanged at ATMs or exchange offices. You should also have some money for possible tips, souvenirs and gifts. Please remember that at petrol stations in Albania, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia you cannot pay everywhere with a credit card or Maestro card, and if you do, then mostly with PIN. So find out your PIN in advance. With cash in foreign currency you are always on the safe side!
Minimum number of participants: 5 riders. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 28 days before the tour starts.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

From Croatia it goes through Serbia, Bosnia and Bulgaria to Greece and back via Northern Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia. On the way to Olympus we enjoy the winding roads through the Balkan mountains.

In Bulgaria we marvel at the imposing Rila Monastery before we see Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. On our day off we climb the seat of the gods or enjoy the beach and the sea.

On the way back, Albania offers breathtaking views on the many winding mountain roads, and of course a walk through the town of Berat is a must. The beautiful landscape at Lake Ohrid in Macedonia casts its spell over us.

Another highlight is the impressive bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina we visit the impressive city of Mostar with the world-famous Old Bridge over the Neretva, before we reach our starting hotel in Croatia again.


Day 1: Individual journey to our base hotel near Karlovac (northern Croatia) until 18 o'clock with fully fuelled motorcycles. From 18:30 tour briefing and first dinner together.

Day 2: The first winding roads soon lead to the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Beautiful are the views of the Vrbas river valley. At Bosanska Krupa we enjoy our lunch directly at a beautiful river restaurant. In the afternoon main and side roads alternate. After riding through the beautiful hilly country, we reach Banja Luka and our beautiful hotel directly at the Vrbas in the late afternoon. Who would like can make a detour to the beautiful old town with its castle. Daily kilometres approx. 310

Day 3: Today is dedicated to the gentle curve swing. After initially riding on the M4, we make our way eastwards through the Zvornik hills on magnificent side roads. Smallest side streets and countless curves make the heart beat faster. In Olovo we enjoy not only the view of the city and the canyon from which we came, but also our tasty lunch. Also in the afternoon we enjoy the

great winding roads of Bosnia. After a beautiful canyon stretch along the Drina river, we reach Visegrad. Here we take the opportunity for a photo stop at the world famous bridge. The rest of the route to our destination is also spectacular. In the early evening we reach our nice hotel in the Zlatibor Mountains in Serbia. Kilometres per day approx. 380

Day 4: Right after breakfast we ride east with our machines. the curve swing on the small side roads makes your heart beat faster beat. After our coffee break in Ivanica we reach a winding road that brings us closer and closer to the Kopaonik Nature Park. After the lunch break expected and the highlight of today: the highest pass in Serbia. A great winding road leads us higher and higher. The scent of freshly cut wood bewitches our senses. Then we reach the tree line and have a fantastic view of the surroundings at the pass height of 1800 meters. Also the ride down is great. The afternoon is also full of bends until we reach our hotel in the centre of Leskovac in the early evening. Daily kilometres approx. 330

Day 5: After only a few kilometres we leave the main road in Surdulica and look forward to an ingenious route on mostly very good asphalt. This Curve combinations make the heart beat faster. Soon we reach Lake Vlasina. Also the further distance to the Bulgarian border is great. After our lunch break in Kyustendil we always ride along the beautiful river Struma. The last few kilometres are on a main road, but the landscape remains worth seeing. In the afternoon we reach our luxury hotel in Bansko. Those who wish can enjoy the indoor pool, outdoor pool or sauna. Dinner in the neighbouring restaurant is a treat for the palate. Daily kilometres approx. 270

Day 6: Also today we will start in a river valley and head south. At Gotse Delchev we are happy about a well asphalted fantastic pass road. Soon after that we cross the border into Greece. Now we are in the Limnis Kerkinis nature park: a beautiful mountain world opens up before us. In the second third of the stage, we ride on main roads along the levels and are making rapid progress. Behind Veria, the route takes you again on charming winding roads through the low mountain range. Many pleasant to ride winding side roads make the motorcyclist's heart beat faster. Now it is not far from our destination, the beautiful hotel in Litochoro. The location is impressive, not only do we have a view of the high mountains of Mount Olympus, but the sea is also not far away. Daily kilometres approx. 370

Day 7: Today we will treat ourselves to a "rest day". If you like, you can do a mountain hike up to the Olympus. We're going to have a nice Mountain route up to 1100 meters altitude. Now the great hike begins, and after about 3 hours we reach a refuge at 2100 meters. Here we have lunch and enjoy the view of the three peaks of Olympus. Then begins the descent. If you don't want to hike, you can make a side trip to the sea and go swimming there or take a trip to the surrounding area

do. In the evening we meet again for our delicious dinner.

Day 8: We say goodbye to the gods of Olympus and set off a little earlier towards the west. Right from the beginning of the pass in the Olympos mountains, your heart will beat faster. Mostly on side roads and small roads we continue through the Northern Greek Highlands. In Grevena we have our lunch break. Now it always goes along the river Sarantapotos. Again and again we enjoy the magnificent views of valley and mountains. In Kalpaki we turn right and a little later we reach the border to Albania. Soon after we leave the well developed main road and enjoy once again the winding roads that lead us first up, then down again and finally to Saranda. A little later we reach our beautiful hotel, located directly on the Adriatic Sea. If you like you can go swimming in the pool or in the sea. Daily kilometres approx. 370

Day 9: After breakfast, you will follow a magnificent route of over 50 kilometres directly along the sea. The views of the high mountains are magnificent. In Vlora we reach the main road and now enjoy the good asphalt road. Always again we are surprised about the extreme contrasts in Albania: Sometimes we get to see horse-drawn carriages, then again noble SUVs, which rush past the slow companions. At noon we reach the beautiful oriental town of Berat. Here we take a coffee break and admire the old town. Afterwards we continue on nice little roads until behind Elbasan, where we move into our well situated hotel in the beautiful valley of the Shkumbin River. You can also jump into the swimming pool or enjoy chilled drinks in the shady garden of the restaurant. Daily kilometres approx. 310

Day 10: At the beginning we will travel north along the river valley until we reach the impressive Ohrid Lake. The 290 meter deep lake is equipped with a deep blue color blessed. Behind Pogradec we cross the border to Macedonia to visit the worth seeing monastery Naum. We also take a coffee break here. On the shores of Lake Ohrid we stop at a nice restaurant to eat the local Koran fish. After crossing the border to Albania again, we continue our journey quickly to our extraordinary hotel in Shkoder. Our dinner today is a special Pleasure. Daily kilometres approx. 320

Day 11: Today we will continue our journey westwards. Right at the beginning we will go to the border of Montenegro. In the following we ride along the gigantic Skadarsko Lake via side roads. We enjoy our lunch at a lake restaurant. In the following we are excited about another natural highlight: the lagoons of the Lake Skadarsko. On winding side roads we enjoy the views of the deep blue of the lake and the intense green of the dense reeds on the shore. A little later we are again overwhelmed: At our feet we see the gigantic fjord of Kotor. Countless hairpin bends take us downhill to our beautiful hotel located directly at the bay. Those who wish can take the opportunity to visit the beautiful old town of Kotor. In the evening we enjoy our delicious dinner with a view of the gigantic bay. Daily kilometre approx. 200

Day 12: After breakfast we will soon be going up again along an old serpentine road. Again and again we enjoy the views of the fjord of Kotor. After we follow the scenically impressive road towards north, we reach the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The landscape remains grandiose. After Stolac, the route continues quickly to Pocitelli in the Neretva Valley. In oriental ambience we can enjoy the delicacies at lunch. Only 30 km further we reach Mostar. Our hotel is located directly in the old town. In the late afternoon a local guide will take us through the world-famous old town including the newly built bridge. Our dinner on the terrace is a special treat today. Daily kilometre approx. 210 km

Day 13: We have hardly left Mostar, and we are already on small winding mountain roads. Impressive is the Blidinje Lake, which we reach soon. Also the further distances are great to ride. According to our Lunch will be served on a scenic plateau. In Livno we enjoy our delicious lunch. After that we don't have any curves for once - but the landscape remains magnificent. Afterwards we reach the Una and enjoy chilled drinks in a nice café. In the late afternoon we reach our nice hotel in Bihac directly at the Una. Daily kilometre approx. 350

Day 14: The last leg of our southeast Europe trip

is again very scenic. At the beginning you follow the main road to the border crossing to Croatia. After our coffee break we reach the Plitvice Lakes and make a short photo stop. At the waterfalls of Slunj we do our Coffee break. In the late afternoon we reach our starting hotel again. In the evening we get a nice farewell dinner and are still quite dazed by the many impressions of this great journey. Daily kilometres approx. 280

Day 15: After breakfast the individual journey home is scheduled.