Motorcycle Training Course
1-Day Enduro Experience

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Do you love your touring enduro and want to master your machine even better and more safely? Northern Germany's largest off-road park for heavy touring enduros offers you the right programme for this.


Training with own motorcycle €260.00 $289.24 ?
Training with Beta RR Enduro 125 4T LC €290.00 $322.61 ?
Training with BMW G 310 GS €310.00 $344.86 ?
Training with BMW F 750 GS (also "low" possible) €320.00 $355.99 ?
Training with BMW F 850 GS (also "low" possible) €330.00 $367.11 ?
Training with BMW R 1250 GS - TIEFERGELEGT €360.00 $400.48 ?
Training with BMW R 1250 GS €360.00 $400.48 ?
Training with KTM 690 R €320.00 $355.99 ?
Training with KTM 890 Adventure €330.00 $367.11 ?
Training with KTM 1290 Super Adventure €360.00 $400.48 ?
Training with Yamaha Ténéré 700 "deep €320.00 $355.99 ?
Training with Yamaha Ténéré 700 €320.00 $355.99 ?


Family atmosphere with a lot of fun & learning success
Instructors with many years of experience
German/English speaking instructors
rental motorcycle insured
Fuel and camber parts
Welcome Breakfast
Full board during the event
Not included features
Everything that is not specified under services
Optional Services:
Enduro boots on loan
Changing the tyres on your touring enduro during training
All trainings also available as individual instruction
Group training from 5 participants
VIP: Corporate training as an incentive experience

More details

max. 6 participants per group
Duration: 8 hours
A valid driver's license is required to participate in our training sessions. Young people can also take part in training without a driving licence (except for the ride) if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (helmet, motorcycle pants & jacket (min. back protector), enduro boots).
The training takes place in 29392 Wesendorf.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

In the 1-DAY ENDURO EXPERIENCE (suitable for beginners/beginners as well as experienced bikers) you can expect the following:

- full board

- safe motorcycle handling

- practical riding physics

- use of the motorcycle assistance systems

- realistic training stations

- final ride

In the 1-DAY ENDURO EXPERIENCE on the training grounds, you will learn up close and in a compact way how your machine behaves off the road. You will learn how to control your touring enduro safely even in rough terrain in order to experience even more riding fun with safety!

In this training for heavy touring enduros, the focus is on your dexterity and safe control of the vehicle. You'll get to know your bike's rider assistance systems better and feel how your big ship behaves with them as you ride through over 20 training stations at the Enduro Park.

Step by step and above all with a lot of fun, our experienced instructors - all of them long-time motorcycle and enduro riders themselves - will guide you through the program. The highlight of the 1-DAY ENDURO EXPERIENCE awaits you at the very end: an exciting ride through the Lüneburg Heath!

Of course, the physical well-being will not be neglected - from the welcome breakfast to the end of the training, full catering will be provided.

This is what you can expect:

Full catering:

Getting to know each other at the joint welcome breakfast, lunch after the first training rounds and drinks and snacks throughout the event - full catering is provided, because an empty stomach doesn't like to ride.

Motorcycle Handling:

Riding physics and the assistance systems will be explained to you clearly and you will practice with them the safe handling of your touring enduro - so that you can enjoy full riding fun with SAFETY in every situation.

Enduro Park:

At more than 20 training stations in our Enduro Park with realistic conditions, we will show you how to master them easily and SAFELY - and after an eventful day, it's off to a great Lüneburg Heath ride.


FAQ - frequently asked questions

> Is protective clothing required?

Participation in the training is only possible with complete safety clothing (integral helmet, motorcycle pants + motorcycle jacket with protectors, gloves, boots).

> Can I borrow Enduro boots?

You can borrow Enduro boots (in common sizes) for a usage/maintenance fee of 15.00 €/day.

> Do you have changing facilities?

Yes - we have modern sanitary facilities: showers and changing areas with your own locker. So feel free to come by car in "civilian" clothes - you can then change on site.

> Do you have deep benches or should I bring my own?

We have some deep benches in stock here (best to book/ask in advance if available). You are welcome to bring your own of the identical model, then you know for sure that it fits and you don't have to worry about availability.

> Does the training take place in all weathers?

Basically the training will take place in all weather conditions. Training will only not take place if there is actually no training possible at all due to the weather conditions - but this has never happened so far. The conditions on site are decisive! Participants who travel from further away should call us to be on the safe side in case of adverse weather conditions at their home and ask what the status of things is here.

> Can I take part in the training without a driving licence?

A valid class A/A1 driving licence is required to take part in our training courses. Young people accompanied by a parent or guardian can also take part in the training without a driving licence (except for the ride).

> I have never driven off-road before. Can beginners also take part?

Of course! Our instructors cater for every participant. In the morning, they ask about previous knowledge in the welcome round and the training day starts with the first off-road "dry runs" for demonstration. You'll quickly get into the rhythm and learn quickly - step by step.

> Are there also advanced trainings?

Our training area is designed so that both beginners and advanced riders get their money's worth. The instructors respond to the participants accordingly, so that everyone is challenged and has fun.

> Is individual instruction possible?

All trainings are also possible as individual instruction. From a number of participants of 5 riders onwards, individual group training dates are also possible by arrangement.

> Can I take part in the training with my pillion partner?

No, it is not possible to participate in the Enduro training with two riders on one motorcycle.

> How are the rental motorcycles insured? Do I have to pay for any damage caused?

Our rental motorcycles are all insured without any deductible for the participant, there are no additional fees. Only in the case of gross negligence/violation of the instructor's instructions or in the case of fully comprehensive damage, a deductible of € 1,500 is due.

> Do I have to pay attention to anything when I ride my own motorcycle?

Studded or mixed tyres (at least Conti TKC 70) are required on your motorcycle in order to participate in the Enduro training. Motorcycles with street tires are NOT allowed to participate for safety reasons!

If the motorcycle is not approved, you are welcome to participate in our training on the Hammerstein Park grounds. However, you will not be able to take part in the ride out, as we are leaving our private grounds here.

> Insurance when riding your own motorcycle (no rental motorcycle):

At driving safety trainings (no racetrack trainings!), the insurance that you have for your motorcycle in road traffic applies. It is best to check with your insurance company before the training.

> What payment modalities do you have?

You can pay the participation fee by invoice - normally payable within 30 days or by the training date at the latest, if this is earlier. If the date is in 4 months or later, there are 60 days to pay.

> Can I stay overnight with my camper, bus or similar?

You are welcome to park your overnight vehicle in the marked parking areas. However, we do not have any public sanitary facilities here. If your motorhome or similar is not equipped accordingly, you will certainly be better off at one of the nearby campsites.

> Can I bring friends/family as visitors?

With pleasure! We have set up a special visitor platform in the Enduro area with tables and seating. There your visitors can stay during the day and have a great overview of a large area of the training ground. In our Coffee Corner we offer snacks and drinks during the training days.