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Motorcycle Tour
Carpathian Highlights - 8 day self-guided tour

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The most beautiful passes of Romania - the Transfagaras, the Transalpina, the Alpina of Banat, the Donaudefileé, and some more nice roads in between. On your own. Without a guide.


Per rider in shared twin/double room: €595.00 $661.91 ?
per partner in a twin/double room with the rider €595.00 $661.91 ?
Per person single room (supplement): €295.00 $328.18 ?


Reservation, booking, and payment of all hotel rooms
7 nights in hotels of the 3- and 4-star category (mostly pool, spa, air conditioning, satellite TV)
Daily rich breakfast in buffet-form
Daily route as exact roadbook (plan & gpx-format)
Multi-page checklist before departure with things worth knowing and noting about Romania and all the details of the trip
Restaurant tips with addresses at many stops
Restaurant-Tipps mit Adressen an vielen Stops
Not included
Additional booking of special services for entertainment, guides on site, boats, entrance fees, and the like are possible.
If you need a room in Vienna for the day of arrival and departure, we are happy to help.
Everything that is not specified under services

More details

Desired date is possible at any time in July and August. Simply request
Optional additional services:
You’d like to arrive with a car & trailer or van at the first hotel and park there for two weeks? No problem - just let us know!
Single room surcharge:
The surcharges are not insignificant. In Romania, as for example in the USA, there are no per-person prices. Room prices are charged (but there is no room at the end of the corridor, it’s a "normal" nice, large double room for single use). Thus it comes to these nevertheless not small single room surcharges. But if you are alone, you can, of course, share a room with another person who is also traveling alone. If you are interested, just let me know, and I will bring you together with another roommate who is also traveling alone. In this case, you will of course stay in double rooms with two single beds!
A word on the Covid 19 situation:
In our opinion, it is not to be expected that tours will be canceled in 2022 due to closed borders. No European country would be able to cope financially with another "tourism zero round". So possibilities will be found, the tours will take place. But what about your safety?
70% of the time you're sitting alone on your bike and riding around on lonely country and mountain roads. The other 30% you spend almost exclusively in your group. At home we have public transport, supermarkets, fetch children and grandchildren from kindergarten and school, have customer traffic at our workplaces,... - so the stark contrast! Furthermore, we spend 90% of our time outdoors (thanks to high summer)
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Drive the most beautiful passes of Romania - the Transfagaras, the Transalpina, the Alpina of the Banat, the Donaudefileé, and some nice roads in between.

Besides, there are still a few small sightseeings to be done. The daily stages are chosen in such a way that it becomes a tour for every hobby driver and no "motorsport event", on which one falls daily in the evening dead tiredly exhausted in the bed, it should be a vacation.

The start of the tour is directly in Romania / Timisoara. So you could also arrive with a car and trailer or transporter - between Vienna and Timisoara is a pure highway. You can park your car safely in Timisoara during your holiday (for a fee - approx. 20,-€ per parking space for the whole week, secured, locked, guarded).

Of course, you will get a precise roadbook for each day, which will guide you exactly to the hotel (in paper and gpx format).

Day 1

Vienna - Timisoara

Daily distance approx. 550 km

Today is dedicated to the journey to Romania - you are on the motorway the whole time. Everybody does this boring necessity in his own way - whether fast and continuously or slowly with many breaks. In any case, you should arrive in Timisoara without any problems around 17.00 hrs and can still enjoy the amenities of our wellness hotel (pool, sauna,...).

Day 2

Timisoara - Eselnita

Daily distance approx. 250 km

On the first day, you will be spoiled with a little orgy of curves. The "Transalpina des Banat" is not nearly as high as its big sister of the same name, which you will still ride, but it is much curvier. So the tour starts right away, as a motorcyclist can only wish. The day's destination is a fantastic hotel right next to the Danube at the Iron Gate.

Day 3

Eselnita - Targu Jiu

Daily distance approx. 200 km

In the morning you can take a boat trip at the iron gate (approx. 15,-€ p.p. if available) and visit the famous king Decebal carved in stone. Afterward, you will drive a few kilometers along the Danube defile and stop at the monastery of Tismana (you have to see at least one monastery in Romania, some people even travel here just for the monasteries). At the day's destination Targu Jiu you can either admire the artworks of the world-famous artist Brancusi or relax at the hotel - a top restaurant with shady terraces awaits you there!

Day 4

Targu Jiu - Sibiel

Daily distance approx. 220 km

Another dream day in every biker's life - "Big Mama" is waiting for you - the Transalpina and the famous pass Urdele. It is the highest pass in the Carpathians and guarantees fantastic distant views and unforgettable impressions. In the evening the next highlight - you will spend the night in the small village of Sibiel on a farm. For dinner we invite you to a typical Romanian evening with country specialties, wine, and schnapps - the farmer's wife cooks personally for you (included in the price!).

Day 5

Sibiel - Bran

Daily distance approx. 300 km

One highlight follows the next - today we will ride up the most famous pass in Romania - THE TRANSFAGARAS (voted one of the 10 most beautiful motorcycle routes in the world). Unbelievable impressions are waiting for you, which can hardly be captured on photos. A must in the life of every motorcyclist! There is also a good chance that bears will cross your path - there are quite a few of them on the southern Fagaras. For lunch, we recommend a sumptuous farmer's picnic on the mountain (all specialties from the local farmers). Day's destination is THE DRACULA CASTLE of Romania - Bran Castle. In the merchant village at the foot of the castle you can stock up to your heart's content with Romanian sights and souvenirs, in the evening you can stroll extensively in the little town.

Day 6

Bran - Sibiu

Daily distance approx. 200km

In the morning we take a nice mountain road with a great view of the city of Brasov, where we stop for about an hour. Take a look around the city, you will like it! Then on the same way back (the road is so nice, you can drive it twice) back to the country road to Sibiu. In this beautiful small town and one of the cultural centers of Romania, you will stay almost in the center and have enough time for an extensive evening stroll.

Day 7

Sibiu - Timisoara

Daily distance approx. 280 km or 380 km

Today you have the choice. The shorter route leads over country roads directly back to Timisoara to your wellness hotel. There you can relax in the pool, sauna, etc. for tomorrow's journey home. Or you still don't have enough of curves and mountains, then it's about a 100km detour again half the Transalpina up (this time, of course, from the other direction) and only then to Timisoara (Attention - here are about 40km "a little rough" but easy to cope with adapted speed with each bike).

Day 8

Timisoara - Vienna

Daily distance approx. 550 km

As it has begun, it ends - drive home from Timisoara to Vienna via the motorway.