Motorcycle Tour
Selfguided: Northern Greece

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Welcome to our Greece Special Program.


- Prices for dates between 01.04. - 30.06.2021 per person -
per person in a double/shared room from €985.00 $1,095.77 ?
per person in single room €1,885.00 $2,096.98 ?
- Prices for dates between 01.07. - 30.10.2021 per person -
per person in a shared/double room from €1,085.00 $1,207.02 ?
per person in single room €1,985.00 $2,208.23 ?
Please note: Depending on the desired date, prices may vary.


10 overnight stays in the best possible category in the village according to description incl. local taxes
Breakfast (We are looking for very good hotels in top locations, which also offer breakfast. Due to the time period of your booking, however, it can happen that we are occasionally left with hotels that do not offer breakfast. Should this be the case, we will let you know before booking. Nevertheless there is a possibility to buy breakfast for little money everywhere in Greece :-)
local taxes
Detailed roadbook with extensive information and road maps in our US BIKE TRAVEL-APP (offline use possible) for every rider
Road atlas and travel guide per rider
One PIN per person
Insurance certificate for package tours
Not included features
Supplementary insurances
Motorway tolls
Parking fees
Entrance fees
Everything not listed under features

More details

More details
Duration: 11 days
Minimum age: 21 years
If you would like to shorten or lengthen the program, please contact us and let us know your ideas. Everything that is feasible will be done. Promised.
- Depending on the season, the route/accommodation/services are subject to change.
Change requests:
We are happy to accept your change requests. Changes (max. 5) are possible for an extra charge of 20 € per change (plus the costs for the additional service).
Exceptions to this are:
You would like to stay in an easier accommodation category
You would like to do without the bath extension in Halkidiki, or you would like to stay there longer.
You would like to stay somewhere a few days longer without changing your route
In the Corona times that we are going through, we would like to set an example and relax the cancellation conditions in your favour. This is only possible for us because the hotels allow us to do so.
The special cancellation conditions for your round trip are as follows:
up to 91st day before departure 0 € (no cancellation fees due)
from 90 to 61 day before departure 25 € per person
from 60 to 31 day before departure 50 € per person
from the 30th to the 16th day before departure 75 € per person
from the 15th day to 4 days before departure 100 € per person
from the 3rd day before the start of the journey or 90% of the price of the journey if the journey is not started.
The deposit is a flat rate of 75 € per person and the balance is due 30 days before departure.
If we arrange the ferries or other services for you, the fees are to be considered according to the terms and conditions of the respective service provider.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

Here you will find a program especially developed for motorcyclists.

Due to its special geographical structure and nature, Greece offers a great variety of possibilities. Besides the 13.676 km of coastline, Hellas offers a great combination of mountains, rivers, canyons, streams, lakes and valleys.

We know these areas from the "old days", from the time when there were no motorways in Greece. These routes are still very important because they connect the different mountain villages with the rest of the world. The other dream landscapes we ride through can be enjoyed "on top". You can enjoy a coffee and chat with the locals at a kafenion everywhere. Not seldomly there is also someone who can speak German, because he has spent time of his life with us. English is usually no problem.

Look forward to a journey through the more than 3000 years of history of this beautiful country and experience the hospitality from the country where this term originated.

Day 1: Arrival in Igoumenitsa

The entry takes place on your own via Italy with the ferry from Ancona, Venice, Bari or Brindisi (subject to change). Since most ferries run overnight, you are already fit for the journey after the simple entry formalities. Today's leg takes you to Ioannina, the capital of the Greek province of Epirus. Here you can visit the historic old town and enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the freshwater lake Pamvotida from the citadel. Here you will also find first class restaurants and bars for your physical well-being. Overnight stay in Ioannina. Daily kilometre: about 96 Km

Day 2: Ioannina - Kastoria

Today you ride to the Pindos Mountains. You have two possibilities to reach the day's destination. In any case we recommend you to ride to the Vikos gorge and enjoy this amazing view. Vikos Gorge is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge in the world, measured by the ratio of depth to width. The further ride to Kastoria through the mountains will more than inspire you on a motorcycle. Kastoria lies picturesquely on a rocky peninsula in the freshwater lake Orestida. Meanwhile everybody calls it the Kastoria Lake. Fifty-seven of the seventy-two medieval churches are located in the old town of Kastoria alone. You will not be able to miss them. From the 14th century until the end of the last one, Kastoria was famous all over the world for the unique processing of furs. On the shore of Lake Kastoria, about 5 km south of the town, the remains of a Neolithic settlement have been found, dating back to 5260 B.C. You are welcome to visit the museum there. Daily kilometres: approx. 164-183

Day 3: Kastoria

Our recommendation for today is to do at least the "little tour of the lake". This is about 10 km long and leads you along the peninsula. Plane trees, wild chestnuts and other trees will provide the necessary shade along the way. One of the main attractions there is the former monastery Panagia Mavriotissa from 1083, where you can admire the historical frescos and enjoy the panorama from the shore. Another highlight on the way is the "Dragon's Cave", which is a very nice cave with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. But don't just leave it there for today. Ride to the villages outside the city on the Vitsi mountain range. Even bears can cross your path there, as there are many bears and other wild animals in northwest Greece. Enjoy the evening with a tsipouro, beer or wine and good food in one of the beautiful restaurants by the lake. Overnight stay in Kastoria. Daily kilometres: about 10 - 150

Day 4: Kastoria - Halkidiki

If you are in a hurry to get to the beach today, then you better take the highway. Don't worry, the Greek motorways are not as crowded as ours and the toll booths are not expensive. However, if you prefer the way rather than the destination, then ride along the beautiful old roads and the mountains. What are 1-2 hours more on the bike, but enjoy the curves? 30-45 minutes from Thessaloniki, unfortunately, the curves end, as the flat country with its famous fruit fields begins. Around Thessaloniki you will come in traffic, but it is not so bad, as we recommend to take the bypass motorway. Depending on the place you have chosen in Halkidiki, you will then have approximately 30-90 minutes ride to your beach hotel. Here we have planned three nights for you. Daily kilometres: approx. 306

Day 5 to Day 7: Holiday in Halkidiki

Here you can relax and enjoy your beach holiday. We still recommend you to take one or the other trip because the first two Halkidiki "fingers" offer some dream corners for swimming, beach sports or culinary delights. If you would like to stay here longer or prefer another (smaller) hotel class, please let us know and we will gladly organize it for you.

Day 8: Halkidiki - Kalambaka

Today it is time to say "Goodbye" to Halkidiki beach and "Hello" to Meteora monasteries. The road will take you back past Thessaloniki and then after a stopover to greet Mount Olympus, you will arrive in Kalambaka, where you will have two overnight stays. Daily kilometres: about 350

Day 9: Meteora Monasteries

Today you have the opportunity to admire these famous monasteries, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, built on the top of the unique rock formations. Even an earlier James Bond 007 film with Roger Moore (For your eyes only-In deadly mission) used this area as a backdrop. Review the evening in Kalambaka with Tsipouro or Retsina. Overnight stay in Kalambaka. Daily kilometers: about 20

Day 10: Kalambaka - Igoumenitsa

Today they are coming back to the curves. A wonderful stretch to Igoumenitsa is waiting for you again. The gate to Italy is the nickname of this small town, of course because of the number of ferry connections to Italy from there. Enjoy your last evening in Greece in a restaurant or cafe at the harbour. The overnight stay is in Igoumenitsa. Daily kilometers: about 184

Day 11: Return journey to Italy

End of this beautiful tour.

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