Motorcycle Tour and Training
Personal Offroad Training on Tour Portugal

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Explore the impressive backcountry trails of Portugal around Lisbon, enhance your offroad skills – or get started as an offroader. Between awesome trails and local traditional food, you will not want to leave!


per person on your own motorcycle in a single room (All single participants need to choose either the single unshared room or the option "shared twin room" surcharge depending on their preference) €720.00 $800.97 ?
per rider on your own motorcycle in a double room (only possible for bookings with 2 persons. If you are a single person, please select the single room.) €680.00 $756.47 ?
Dual-sport motorcycle rental for 4 riding days Suzuki DR350/650 or similar (No insurance: Light scratches and regular usage damage won’t be charged. Beyond that you will be charged according to local shop/mechanic prices for all damages done to the bike or to third parties. Deposit of 300€ is to be paid in cash upon arrival and will be refunded completely in case of no damages to be charged.) €280.00 $311.49 ?
Basic insurance add-on: You will be charged for damages up to a limit of 300€, unless damage is caused by intentional or negligent behavior. Guide will warn against these undesired behaviors. 300€ limit also applies to damages done to third parties. Excess of 300€ is to be paid as a deposit in cash upon arrival and will be refunded completely in case of no damages to be charged. €60.00 $66.75 ?
Full comprehensive insurance add-on: You won’t be charged for any damages unless caused by intentional or negligent behavior. Guide will warn against these undesired behaviors. Full coverage on damages done to third parties as well. Deposit of 300€ is to be paid in cash upon arrival and will be refunded completely in case of no damages to be charged. €120.00 $133.49 ?
Basic protection equipment (Enduro boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, armor/jacket, knee pads) for 4 riding days. Please state your shoe size, regular t-shirt size and helmet size in your booking notes. €60.00 $66.75 ?
Transfer to/from Lisbon €50.00 $55.62 ?
1 extra day (riding or training), no accomodation included €140.00 $155.74 ?
1 extra night (twin shared room) before tour start €50.00 $55.62 ?
1 extra night (single room) before tour start €60.00 $66.75 ?
2 extra nights (single room) before tour start €120.00 $133.49 ?
3 extra nights (single room) before tour start €180.00 $200.24 ?


1 Day training/warm-up trip (~100km)
3 Days touring off-road with high focus on training and improving skills (~200km a day)
3 nights accommodation (twin or shared room depending on booking option))
3 breakfasts, 4 lunches (full meals, typical/traditional Portuguese food)
Tour guide/instructor with mechanical and first-aid knowledge
Each tour is tailored on the go to your experience and physical preparation
All fuel and tolls
Not included features
Alcoholic beverages
Everything not listed as included features

More details

We highly recommend you pick our light-weight selection of dual-sport bikes for this tour (280,00 €). They are easy to ride, tough to break and have the perfect power-to-comfort ratio for you to enjoy the challenges Portugal has to offer.
Protection equipment is mandatory: Helmet, off road boots and armoured jacket or armor at least. If you can’t bring your own, we can rent you the equipment, please choose from pricing options when booking.
Each tour is tailored on the go to your experience and physical preparation
Average daily riding time that can be adjusted according to your wish.
We are very proud of the Portuguese gastronomy, and every meal will be different.
Transfers and extra nights in hotel can be arranged to accommodate your travelling needs. Please let us know your wishes.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. We will gladly provide binding information upon request.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.

This training tour is meant for individual riders or small groups who want to improve their riding skills, while enjoying a true motorcycle adventure experience in one of the most off road friendly countries in Europe.

For this tour, we will always sleep in the same city (Santarém, considered to be the Portuguese capital of gastronomy), yet every day we will do a completely different track through a different region in order to get new challenges and new opportunities to learn and develop your riding skills.

You will learn, amongst many other things:

- The importance of body positioning in different situations

- How to brake properly and efficiently

- Tricks and techniques to save energy when maneuvering the bike

- How turn sharply at low speed, and how to turn fast using powerslides

- You will learn how to ride in sand and all sorts of terrains

- Clutch techniques for any situation

- How to use your suspension to deal with obstacles

- How to tackle hills and to recover from tricky situations

Day 1 - Warm up day:

(Includes: Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation in Santarém)

We will meet up in our headquarters in Santarém (transfers or nearby accommodation can be arranged for you) for the introductory briefing and a thorough explanation of the main learning goals of the day.

We will adjust the bike’s controls to your needs (levers, brake and shift pedals, handlebar rotation and so on), suit up, and hit the trails.

On this first day you and the tour guide/instructor will ride around 100km of handpicked tracks for being accessible and easy all year round.

There will be frequent stops in specific places to practice the many base skills you will need to become a true adventure rider; from adequate body positioning to being able to efficiently stop the bike, as well as simple tricks to help you deal with common problems like lifting up the bike or recovering it from a steep hill.

Lunch will be in a typical restaurant in one of many villages we will encounter along the way.

At the end of the afternoon we will come back to our hometown, have dinner and return to the hotel.

Day 2 - Onto the Coast

(Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation in Santarém)

You will be picked up early in the morning, receive the daily briefing and initiate the daily course.

This time the instructor will take you West, through mountains and plains onto the Atlantic Coast around Peniche, a city well known for the quality of their grilled fish, which we will have for lunch.

There we will ride along the sandy cliffs by the ocean before making our way back to Santarém.

Day 3 - Meet Alentejo

(Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Accommodation in Santarém)

After the usual morning routine, we will travel South-East onward to Alentejo. Through fast and smooth tracks we will cover a lot of distance, allowing us to make a short visit to the well known historical city of Èvora.

We are confident that your newly acquired skills will serve you well and turn this long day into an easy and relaxed experience.

The return to Santarém will be through a different route.

Day 4 - The moutains

(Includes: Breakfast and Lunch)

This last day will be the most challenging. We are going to ride North, into the many mountains you can find in this direction. Mountains mean steep hills, loose rocks and technical areas, but also scenic views over the region and amazing forgotten villages to discover.

By the end of the afternoon we will make our way back to Santarém, and finish our program.

Extra accommodation nights or transfers to other towns can be arranged, according to your needs.