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Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle shipping Warsaw (PL) - Catania (IT) and back

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Are you an independent traveler looking for transport for your vehicle? We’ll take care of it! We organize safe transport of motorcycles to the most remote corners of the world.


Two-way motorcycle shippment Warsaw (PL) - Catania, Sicily (IT) €650.00 $723.10 ?
One-way shippment price on request.
Motorcycle storage in the warehouse - additional days, after the first five. Price per bike / day €7.00 $7.79 ?
Additional luggage per piece (if more than 3 pieces) €90.00 $100.12 ?
Inland transportation (optional, on request, prices may vary):
Frankfurt <-> Warsaw €400.00 $444.98 ?
Warsaw <-> Berlin €270.00 $300.36 ?
A disclaimer here: This applies for grouped transport. One-time-only expeditions for single units work differently and have different costs, which depend on the load the transporter has. Please enquire.


Packing and transportation of the motorcycles
3 prices of luggage per bike (e.g. 2 panniers and a top case)
Misc material to pack, wrap, strap the motorcycles in the cages and / or in the truck or container
Storage in our warehouse is free for up to 5 days. Additional storage possible. See prices.
Customs clearance on both sides
Not included
Luggage, if more than 3 pieces. See prices.
Transport to and from Warsaw. We can offer transportation to other European cities on request. Please see under More Details or enquire.
Storage for period exceeding 5 calendar days. See prices.
Everything not specified under features.

More details

Important information about shipping:
- Vehicle reception:
You can deliver your motorcycle to our warehouse in Warsaw. The prices apply to transports from/to Warsaw to the indicated destination - Catania, Sicily, Italy (one way or two ways).
If it were more convenient, for an additional fee, we can collect it from or deliver to anywhere in Europe – even at your doorstep. Your vehicle will be transported to the warehouse in a enclosed van – we never use open trailers.
- Documentation:
Before starting the packing process, we inspect your vehicle in detail and make a detailed photographic documentation of its condition. All process steps are recorded in a checklist that allows us to keep track of each operation. That check list travels with the motorbike, and allows us to ensure that we have water-tight processes to deliver your bike exactly as you gave it to us.
- Special metal cages:
Your motorcycle is transported in a specially designed metal cage. During transport, we DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE WHEELS, so that sensitive parts of the motorcycle, such as ABS sensors or brake discs, can’t be damaged. We only disassemble mirrors and sometimes windshields, depending on their height. Everything is then wrapped in protective material and strapped to the motorcycle. The motorbike is then strapped inside the shipping cage.
Not all bikes fit in the cages. Cage length is 2.35m and width is 1m. The containers have a door opening width of 2.35m. Motorbikes longer that this cannot be shipped at standard rates, nor do they fit in the cages. These would typically be Harley Davidson or large road bikes such as Pan European or similar. Please enquire for an offer for large bikes.
- Panniers and luggage:
You can transport some luggage with the motorbike. If your motorcycle with panniers mounted is wider than the cage (which most often happens with large motorcycles), we disassemble and secure the luggage, typically on a separate pallet. To facilitate identification, we ask that you clearly mark the registration number of the bike on each luggage piece. The luggage must be left unlocked, should there be any customs inspection. 3 pieces are included in the price, please see under Prices for additional luggage.
- Collection of the vehicle at destination:
At destination, we prepare the bikes for collection in the customs warehouse: We unpack the motorcycles from the shipping cages, reconnect the batteries, install mirrors, windshields (if removed) and luggage. We also check the tire pressure to make sure we can flag any potential problem. When you collect your vehicle, we ask that you inspect it, ensure that everything works as the manufacturer intended it to function – and sign a delivery form. You’re then good to go!
Inland transportation (optional, on request):
Freight is always understood to be from our warehouse in Warsaw to destination and back to our warehouse. Inland European transport to and from Warsaw is never included but can be arranged on request. Please see prices or enquire.
Sea freight. Container content is insured up to a value of US$ 250,000. Overland freight, it depends on the transporter, but typically load is insured for value up to EUR 200,000.
Individual transport can be arranged on request. Please enquire.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Choose the direction and date from our regular offers, and we’ll take over from here! You can count on our full support.

For an additional price we can even pick up your vehicle from your doorstep if needed!

Motorbikes are safe, thanks to our to our proprietary transport cages and strict processes.

We also take care of the customs formalities, all for one fixed price.

There are no hidden fees, surprises or commissions.