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Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle shipping Canada, airfreight

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Possible delivery points are Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. On request, the transport box can also be picked up / delivered at your premises. About one week before the start of the trip the motorcycle will be sent off, so that a timely arrival is guaranteed.


Motorcycle transport to Canada by air freight and back per motorcycle €5,500.00 $5,948.25 ?
The costs are based on the size of the transport box and amount to about € 5.500,00 for a normal enduro for outward and return transport. The weighting for outward and return transport is about 40/60 Please consider the information as a rough price indication and let us know your transport data for an exact calculation.


Motorcycle transport by air freight to Canada and back
round trip check-in
Storage of the empty crate
Fuel, dangerous goods and security charges
Not included
Transport box
Customs clearance
Everything that is not listed under services

More details

Contract and payment: Once you have decided to book, we will draw up a forwarding contract, which you will send back to us signed. The first partial billing of the transport will be made promptly after the collection/delivery of the motorcycle, we do not charge a deposit at the conclusion of the contract!
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.



The motorcycle must be packed in a box or similar for transport. Just ask your local motorcycle dealer, they are usually happy if the outer packaging of new vehicles can be disposed of free of charge. You are usually luckiest at the dealers of Italian or Japanese brands. Alternatively, you can purchase a standard motorcycle box from us, which can be delivered to your home or you can pack the motorcycle at the airport or port. Additional baggage may be stowed with it, provided that it is not hazardous material according to aviation regulations. (e.g. methylated spirits, motor oil, spray cans) Basically, it saves money to keep the box as small as possible, e.g. removing the front wheel

Problem-free import and export in the country of destination is possible without Carnet de Passage.

In addition to transport by air, we also offer sea transport, but we do not recommend this on the way there.

Possible destinations are Halifax, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Whitehorse is not accessible by air or sea for motorcycle transportation within the affordable price range. We recommend here a transport to Anchorage and our corresponding General Information Alaska.

You also have the possibility to book a one-way transport only, forklift transports as well as a way there by flight, back by ship or vice versa is also possible.

Air freight

After customs clearance - which must be carried out by the traveller himself (takes about 3-5 hours) - the motorcycle is now just unpacked and off you go! Meanwhile, the empty box is stored or simply left behind in the case of one-way transport. A few days before the return transport you contact our forwarding agents and agree on the delivery of the vehicle. At the end of the holiday, the motorcycle is loaded back into the box, everything else is organised by our local partner and us here in Hamburg. The return transport is calculated with about 10 days.

Our service includes transport and handling for the outward and return journey. The storage of the empty crate as well as the current fuel, dangerous goods and security fees are also taken into account.