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Motorcycle Shipping
Motorcycle shipping Halifax, Canada by sea freight

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Due to various experiences with the Canadian customs, we recommend air transport or Ro/Ro transport to Halifax for the outward transport in any case.


Transport per motorcycle from Germany (Bremerhaven) to Canada East Coast (Halifax) excl. Canadian fees - One-way approx. €1,495.00 $1,616.84 ?
Return transport per motorcycle incl. all port and handling costs (surcharge), approx. €1,595.00 $1,724.99 ?
Please consider the information as a rough price indication and let us know your transport data for an accurate calculation. Our service includes all port charges in Germany, transportation and handling for round trip. Current fuel, dangerous goods and security charges are also included.


Motorcycle transport from Bremerhaven to Halifax (and back)
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You also have the possibility to book a one-way transport only, forklift transports as well as a way there by flight, back by ship or vice versa is also possible.
Our prices are calculated individually, we therefore ask you to give us the length, width and height (mirror / glass disassembly!) and weight - primarily the volume is decisive, so the smaller the box the cheaper the transport costs.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Due to various experiences we have to point out that it can happen under certain circumstances that the Canadian customs insists on the motorcycles being presented from the collection container when the ship arrives in Montreal as the first landing point.

This is done on a separate area and means that the entire container is driven to the area and unloaded, customs carries out an inspection. The container is then returned to the regular procedure so that it can be transported on to Toronto.

This results in a delay of up to 1 week and costs of approx. € 1500,00 / 2000,00, which will be charged to the party responsible for the customs inspection.

We therefore recommend air transport or Ro/Ro transport to Halifax for the outward journey. The return journey can easily be made by the inexpensive sea route in a consolidated container from Toronto / Montreal / Vancouver.

The delivery is only possible in Hamburg. On request, the transport box can also be collected from your premises. Depending on the destination, the motorcycle will be sent out about 3-5 weeks before the start of the trip, so that a timely arrival is guaranteed. The case is loaded into a container in Hamburg, so it is protected from sea/salt water.

After customs clearance - which must be carried out by yourself (time required approx. 1 day) - the motorcycle is just unpacked and off you go! Meanwhile, the empty box is stored or simply left behind in the case of one-way transport.

A few days before the return transport you contact our forwarding agents and agree on the delivery of the vehicle. At the end of the holiday, the motorcycle is loaded back into the box, everything else is organised by our local partner and us here in Hamburg.

The return transport is calculated with about 4-6 weeks. Our service includes all port charges, transport and handling for the outward and return journey. The storage of the empty crate as well as the current fuel, dangerous goods and security fees are also taken into account.

The costs depend on the size of the transport box and amount to about € 2.500,00 for a usual travel enduro for outward and return transport. A collection/delivery of the ready packed transport box by truck with lifting platform and pallet truck at your place is possible.