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Motorcycle Tour and Training
Go for it!! Enduro Beginners Tours/Training Andalusia

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During your 8-day stay in our Finca near the Andalusian village of Pizarra near Malaga, we will introduce you step by step to your first off-road adventure.


per rider in double/shared room and KTM rental motorcycle €1,649.00 $1,767.32 ?
Single room supplement: 250 €/week (subject to availability on site)


8 days stay, 5 of them riding days (other options possible)
7 nights incl. breakfast in Finca Limón
1 break day
7 nights in double room with breakfast
Rental motorcycle KTM (always the latest model year)
Gasoline for the rental motorcycles
Tour present
Footage from the tour
Not included
Transfer to your accommodation (rental car from/to Malaga airport recommended).
Catering during the day
Flight to Malaga

More details

Tour type: Beginner Enduro/Offroad - Training
Destination: Pizarra (Málaga) - South Spain/Andalusia
Accommodation: Finca Limon
Daily stages: about 7 hours
Route profile: Offroad
Tour start/end: Pizarra / Málaga
Number of participants: min. 3 - max. 8
Destination airport: Málaga
Valid identity card
Valid motorcycle license
International health insurance with medical repatriation is recommended
bodily fitness
the will to learn something new
To ensure maximum passive safety is required complete protective equipment. Helmet, enduro goggles, gloves, MX or enduro boots, protector jacket, shirt and pants. Rental equipment is available, prices on request.
Damage to the rental vehicles:
We don't have to talk about scratches you cause on the plastic parts or hand shells of the motorcycles, if something is damaged in a crash that requires repair or replacement, we will charge our cost price. After all, the next group would like to have decent motorcycles again.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


"I would also like to experience that ... " we have heard very often in recent years, when we presented pictures and videos of our enduro tours through the beautiful Andalusian landscape. But: "...I don't dare - I've never done that before..." often came in the second sentence. - "Too bad" we thought to ourselves "You're missing out! But...wait a minute, you'll have to handle the trust part on your own - we could do everything else for you."

We say, "Have the guts" and sign up for your first beginner enduro adventure!

In our own off-road riding center, an official enduro training park in Andalusia, we teach you in 1 to 2 training days (depending on previous knowledge) under professional guidance, with lots of fun and action, the theoretical and practical knowledge to contest your first off-road adventure.

Our trained and certified off-road trainers will teach you the basics of enduro riding with a constantly increasing demand and level of difficulty according to your performance level and bring you to a riding level that allows you to start with the best possible safety and maximum fun in the real terrain.

After the park training we start on fantastic tours in the Andalusian mountains and valleys. Fantastic landscapes await you, places that would have been absolutely unthinkable for you to reach with a motorcycle just a few days ago. During the tours we will repeatedly insert small practice units at real obstacles, and thus continue our training on tour.

We will give you everything to go through this adventure!

Yes, you will sweat! Maybe you will have to pick up the bike from the ground. At some points you might need courage, ambition or you might have to overcome your inner pig dog...but for sure you will laugh a lot, learn, be amazed and reach goals that others only dream of. You will find your own limits and overcome them - always in such a way that you are challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Many paths lead to the summit - through our experience and local knowledge we will choose the right one for you.

We end each training and tour day in our beautifully located and equipped with all kinds of amenities finca. Just park the bikes after the tour, our master mechanics will take care of your bike while you simply put your feet in the pool and gather new strength for the next exciting day. The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, you can get right back on your freshly inspected bike. Everything in one place - no annoying transfers!

And not for nothing do motorcycle road racers also train off-road, it's incredible how much you can take from such an off-road tour on your motorcycle (road) everyday life, you gain confidence that will sustainably increase your riding fun.