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Motorcycle Tour
Through the Armenian Switzerland to the wild Caucasus

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On the Enduro trip Through Armenian Switzerland to the wild Caucasus you will experience, partly on gravel roads, the touristically still quite unknown Armenia with its ancient culture, sights and world heritage sites.


per rider in a double room: Yamaha XT660 R (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travelers are asked to choose the single room surcharge.) €2,590.00 $2,805.61 ?
per rider in a double room: KTM 700 Adventure R (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travelers are asked to choose the single room surcharge.) €3,250.00 $3,520.56 ?
per rider in a double room: Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travelers are asked to choose the single room surcharge.) €3,280.00 $3,553.05 ?
per rider in a double room: BMW R1200 GS (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travelers are asked to choose the single room surcharge.) €3,430.00 $3,715.54 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers cannot book without an accompanying rider) €1,960.00 $2,123.17 ?
per person single room (surcharge - only available with an additional selection of the basic price "per rider in shared twin/double room") €200.00 $216.65 ?


Airport transfers
Support vehicle for escorts and luggage
Tour guide German/English with motorcycle
Rental motorcycle
Complete motorcycle insurance (exclusive 250€ deductible)
Unlimited mileage
Accommodation in 4 star hotel - breakfast and dinner included
Lunch on the road
1 bottle of water per person per day
Travel insurance certificate
Not included
Flight to Armenia and back
Gasoline for the tour
Helmets and rider equipment
Travel insurance
Alcoholic drinks with dinner
Portage and tips
As well as everything not specifically mentioned

More details

Tour start: Yerevan ARM
Tour end: Yerevan ARM
Participants: Minimum number of participants 5 riders, maximum number of participants 8 riders If the minimum number of participants is not reached by the registration deadline, the tour may be cancelled. In case of later registrations we are happy to ask for free hotel rooms.
Region: Armenia
Total distance: about 1700km
Duration: 11 days
Accommodation: Four star hotel
Roads: The roads are mostly in passable condition. This tour was geared a little more towards enduro fans and therefore contains just under 20% gravel road portion. Enduro riders who also feel comfortable on gravel roads will get their money's worth here, but no gravel pit certificate is necessary.
Motorcycles: There are 4 different types available, but only in a limited number. With early booking you have free choice of motorcycle.
Passenger: Pillion and Enduro? Yes, it´s possible in 2 ways:
1. there are limited seats available in the escort vehicle for your travel companion. Early booking recommended!
2. on the motorcycle it is conditionally also possible. Here, however, it depends very much on your height and weight and whether you have experience in it. (In this case, the Honda Africa Twin or of course the BMW are certainly recommended).
Round trip: start and finish the same
Road condition: 85% asphalt (leads only over predominantly well asphalted roads); 15% Gravel (are not asphalted roads and ways, which are leveled, often very well to ride, but also sand passages, gravel distances, "corrugated iron" and Potholes can have);
Difficulty level: 2 (out of 5) - Most of the route is on well-maintained asphalt roads with some winding stretches of road.
Experience: Some experience on dirt roads required.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


From the Trchkan waterfall in the north, the most water-rich in Armenia, over the Armenian Switzerland, along Lake Sevan, to the wild southern Caucasus, the tour leads us. Along the route, old monasteries and churches bear witness to the first Christian land, prehistoric menhirs and burial grounds to the ancient history. In the very south, with its high mountain ranges and deep gorges, through whose lonely forests bears and leopards still roam, where gold and copper are mined, we travel over winding mountain passes to the border with Iran.

Discover on the tour Through Armenian Switzerland to the wild Caucasus Armenia, which only since its independence 30 years ago appears again on tourist maps, has just recently managed a velvet revolution and is uncharted territory for Western European travelers.

Tour description:

Day 1: Individual arrival from home country.

Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan, transfer to the hotel, depending on the flight some more sleep.

Day 2: Yerevan / Ghegard / Garni / Aragats / Byurakan

150km asphalt

Natural wonder "Symphony of Stones" (offroad section) in Azat Gorge, high above the gorge, in Greek - Roman style, the Sun Temple of Garni, in the upper Azat Valley the Geghard Monastery, with its churches partly carved into the rock, a well-preserved example of medieval Armenian monastic architecture with decorative art, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Echmiatsin Cathedral - one of the oldest churches in the Christian world ever, built in 301, religious center of the Armenian people and seat of the Armenian Catholicos, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace church built in the 7th century in Zvartnots, whose beauty, according to tradition, impressed the Byzantine Emperor Constantine II so much that he had a similar building built in Constantinople, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the southern flank of the Aragats, the highest mountain in Armenia with 4092m, with a breathtaking view over the Armenian plateau to Ararat. If the weather is good, it is also worthwhile to continue into a high alpine world to Lake Kari, which lies at 3190m at the feet of the 4 peaks. On its shore stands a large Wischapakar, as the Armenian dragon stones from the Bronze Age are called and are silent witnesses from an unknown advanced civilization, then Byurakan with its famous star observatory.

Day 3: Byurakan / Trchkan waterfall / Stepanavan / Lori berd / Stepanavan

180 km asphalt, 70 km gravelroad | Over the Pamb pass (2152m) to Shirakamut, here begins the gravelroad to one of the most popular sights in Armenia, the highest and wateriest waterfall in the country, the Trchkan waterfall, UNESCO world natural heritage, over another gravelroad to Stepanavan, with a side trip to the fortress town Lori Berd, between 2 gorges.

Day 4: Stepanavan / Odzun / Sanahin / Haghpat / Ijevan

160km asphalt | Through Odzun with its huge 7th century cathdral, along the Wolfsberg Gorge with the raging Debed River, crossed by an arched stone bridge, the oldest secular monument in Armenia, to the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat. Both impressive monasteries, located high above the Debed Gorge. Ijevan, city of caravanserais, but the main focus today are carpets and Armenian cognac.

Day 5: Ijevan / Navur / Lake Parz / Dilijan

150km asphalt, 75km gravelroad | Through the eastern Tavush, characterized by nature, over winding gravelroads and several passes, around 2000m, through untouched, wooded nature, where not only the enduro riders' hearts will be racing. Before Dilijan there is a detour to Lake Parz, a clear mountain lake in the nature park of Dilijan. Air health resort Dilijan in the nature park of the same name with summer houses of Dimitri Shostakovich and Benjamin Britten.

Day 6: Dilijan / Semyonovka / Lake Sevan / Noraduz / Vardenyants Pass / Yeghegnadzor

175km asphalt | Over the Sevan Pass, through Semyonovka, inhabited by Molokans, a religious and ethnic minority. On the western shore of Lake Sevan near Noratus, hundreds of Khach`khars, as the cross stones so typical of Armenia are called here, brave the sea wind. After Vardenyants pass a stop at Orbelyans caravanserai from the 14th century on the old, legendary Silk Road.

Day 7: Yeghegnadzor - Shaki waterfall - Sisian - Karahunj - Khndzoresk - Goris

150km | Asphalt A great distant view of the high mountain ranges stretching southward from here, the Vorotan Pass. After the Vorotan Pass (2344m), named after the river, which now accompanies us, we enter the province of Sjunikh, the largest, southernmost and most untamed of Armenia. On the untamed mountain people between the wild peaks around, many invaders have failed. The kingdom of Sjunikh was once the epitome of Armenian independence. Shortly before Sisian, a stop at the Shaki waterfall is a good idea. Just north of Sisian, in Karahunge, lies one of the largest and oldest prehistoric cult sites in Armenia. A Bronze Age burial ground with ancient settlement and prehistoric star observatory? It is a Kromlech, a stone circle 30m in diameter from the Middle Bronze Age (2000 BC) A few km east of Goris lies the strangest village in Armenia, the caves of the rock city of Chndzoresk. Like two oversized nests on a tall tree, the village of Old Khndzoresk squats on the left and right sides of an elevation sharply intersected by a gorge.

Day 8: Goris / Bgheno Noravank / Shinuhayr / Tatev / Kapan

130km asphalt 80km gravelroad | At the gorge of Vorotan, deep in the forest, lies the monastery Bgheno Noravank, a real jewel. The rich architectural decoration of the highest artistic quality is sensational. A remote enchanting place. Tathev Monastery is a rocky refuge protected by nature. A place of highest spirituality above a breakneck gorge, founded in the 9th century. This huge monastery complex became famous because it was the site of an important university, spiritual and political center and a bishop's seat, and for a whole millennium it was the busiest and most active monastery in Armenia.

Day 9: Kapan / Shikahog / Goris

240km asphalt | The southernmost part of Armenia offers the traveler a great natural experience. It is said that here in the lonely mountain world of the south lies the true soul of Armenia, only here one can understand the heartbeat of Armenia. Ancient forests put the steep mountain slopes in a cool shadow and ore and gold rest in the depth of the rock.

After the nature reserve Shikahogh with its ancient plane trees we come across the border river Arax and beyond - Persia along the Arax a magnificent natural scenery. The nature reserves here in the Armenian south are framed by nature reserves in Azerbaijan and Iran. Through the rich ecosystem of the Araik National Park with its alpine and subalpine meadows, mountain steppes, semi-deserts, deciduous forests and juniper heaths, we head north again via the Tashtun Pass, at 2535m the highest in Armenia.

Day 10: Goris - Noravank - Khor Virap - Yerevan

250km asphalt | Noravank Monastery is one of the tourist highlights of Armenia. Due to its spectacular location above the Amaghu Gorge and the magnificent churches, many visitors experience Noravank as one of the most beautiful monastery complexes in Armenia. Unquestionably, the buildings with their relief-decorated tympana are among the most magnificent works of Armenian architecture.

Khor Virap Monastery is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations for Armenians. It has little art-historical significance, but the dungeon where St. Gregory was imprisoned is still accessible. The panorama of the monastery with nearby Ararat has become almost a trademark for Armenia.

Day 11: Journey home

2915km Offroad / Air | After all the experiences and the warmth of the Armenian hospitality it will not be easy for some to start the journey home.