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Motorcycle Tour
Highlights of Bolivia - Charity Tour

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Bolivia will amaze you. From the southern deserts and Tarija’s wine country, to the Jesuit Mission circuit and the Ruta del Che, over to the lush jungles and wildlife of the Amazon basin, and up to the Altiplano and the Salt Flats – nowhere else on earth competes with the diversity of Bolivia.


per rider in a shared twin/double room (Only available for a booking of two persons. Single travelers need to choose the single room surcharge.) $3,300.00
per pillion passenger in a shared twin/double room (pillion passengers can only book along with an accompanying rider) $1,600.00
Single room (surcharge, only available with an additional selection of the basic price "per rider in shared twin/double room") - Please note: Single rooms cannot be guaranteed throughout and may not be available at individual stops on the tour. However, this happens only in a few exceptional cases. $300.00


13 nights of accommodation / 11 days of motorcycle riding
Motorcycle Rental (Royal Enfield 2021 Himalayan BS6s)
Full support truck with mechanic
3 meals per day
English and Spanish speaking tour guide
Internal flight from La Paz to Santa Cruz
A night in a salt hotel
Not included
International flights
Alcohol (unless your guide is feeling generous)
Personal spending
Optional extras (eg. mine tour of Potosí, stop at El Fuerte, Spanish ruins built on Inca ruins, built on ancient pre-Inca ruins, etc.)
Food is not included on days 1 & 14
Refundable security deposit for motorcycles ($750 per motorcycle)

More details

Maximum number of riders: up to 10 people
Minimum number of riders: 3. The tour can also take place for 2 people. Please note, the price will increase. For a quote, please enquire.
If you wish to continue your South American adventures from La Paz, and not return to Santa Cruz, please let us know and we will adjust the price accordingly, and do our best to help you beyond the end of the trip.
The trip includes 14 days, 13 nights of accommodation, & 11 days of riding. If something occurs that causes us to end up behind schedule, we will adjust our itinerary accordingly to ensure everyone can make it back to Santa Cruz in time for flights.
Food is not included on days 1 & 14, other than what is provided by the hotel. The logistics are simply too difficult to coordinate with people arriving and leaving at different times.
In winter months (June-Sept) please bring warmer gear, especially when visiting the highlands.
Offroad experience is helpful but not required.
The support truck always has at least one passenger seat available, as well as the ability to carry a motorcycle in the unlikely event a rider is injured or is no longer able to ride that day.
On every trip, we come equipped with two first aid kits – one in the support truck and one carried on the guide bike. We maintain a strict formation so that the guide is always at the front of the group and the support truck is always behind, ensuring staff are ready on either side of the group to aid when needed. We also always carry a Garmin GPS device with SOS capability, which will dispatch emergency services to our location in the event of an emergency.
Required gear: As an absolute minimum, you will need to bring your own helmet (ECE rated). However, we strongly recommend you also bring the following: riding boots (preferably with ankle & shin protection), riding gloves, reinforced jeans or riding trousers, and a motorcycle jacket. This is to ensure your safety throughout the tour. In addition, it’s worth knowing that our trips cover a massive variety of terrains and climates, so having waterproof gear, warm layers, and the ability to strip down into breathable layers will be very beneficial.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


MOTOURISMO supports this tour run by a social enterprise created to generate funds for a local drug & alcohol residential rehabilitation centre, run by Novō Communities, a registered charity in the UK, US, and Bolivia. 100% of their profits go to the rehab, and their managerial team works as volunteers and do not draw salaries from the business. Their goal is to help people have the best experience of Bolivia they can while ensuring their money is going toward changing lives.

The expert-guided motorcycle tour will set you free to explore Bolivia’s outstanding natural beauty, cultural diversity and incredible roads.

The tour blend together dirt roads, back-country trails, intense city streets, salt pans, and first-world asphalt roads with stunning curves and zero traffic. We stay in quality hotels and eat at a great variety of restaurants.

Highlights include:

- Riding in both jungle mountains and altiplano, on- and off-road

- optional mine tour in Potosi

- visiting the Train Graveyar

- lunch on the Salar de Uyuni

- the world’s largest salt flats

- staying in a salt hotel

- riding through a cloud forest

- optional zip lining in Coroico

- taking the Death Road to La Paz


Day 1: Santa Cruz/ Arrival - No Riding

Arrival day in Santa Cruz, one of the world's fastest growing cities and where your adventure begins. We will arrange to pick you up at the airport and take you to your hotel, where you can rest after your flight or explore around the city.

Altitude: 400m

Day 2: Santa Cruz - Samaipata

We meet for a morning orientation at the Quinta Totaices in Santa Cruz, home of the rehabilitation center and our base. You’ll get to inspect your bike, make any adjustments needed, and explore the center if you like. Then we ride from the city, though the surrounding towns, and finally into the jungle mountains as we begin our ascent to the highlands. This first day is a great way to get used to the motorbikes before we hit more challenging terrain.

Total Riding:120km - tarmac

Altitude: 1049m

Day 3: Samaipata - Aiquile

After a relaxing morning in Samaipata, we take the beautiful road to Aiquile, a small town in Cochabamba province. Stunning sights and exceptional roads await today.

Total Riding: 205km - tarmac

Altitude: 2346m

Day 4: Aiquile - Sucre

Today we weave through the incredible Andean mountains to the lovely colonial city of Sucre. Our route takes us across mountain passes and through a staggering change in terrain (and more than likely a few llama herds), from the lowland jungle valleys to the beautiful rolling hills of the White City.

Total Riding: 280km - tarmac

Altitude: 2810

Day 5: Sucre - Potosi

After a breakfast around Sucre’s plaza principal, we head off in the morning, up through more mountains, until we reach Potosi – at over 4000 meters above sea level. Founded in 1545 as a mining town, Potosi soon produced fabulous wealth, becoming the wealthiest city in the world for a time. The rich mountain, Cerro Rico, produced an estimated 60% of all silver mined in the world during the second half of the 16th century. Riding takes you through rugged dry valleys with meandering rivers while also taking in a few little off-road loops. In the afternoon we book an optional mine tour of Cerro Rico. Get ready to set off a bit of dynamite!

Total Riding: 155km - tarmac

Altitude: 4067m

Day 6: Potosi - Uyuni

The next morning, we then head on for Uyuni across vast sweeping mountain roads with near perfect road conditions and endless highway curves, finally ending in the expansive altiplano. Our afternoon visit is the famous train graveyard, perfect for unique photos.

Total Riding: 205km - tarmac

Altitude: 3700m

Day 7: Uyuni - Salt Flats

This is the day you won’t want to miss. We head out in the morning and spend the day riding on the Salar de Uyuni, all 4085 square miles. The area was part of a giant prehistoric lake, Lake Minchin, which dried-up leaving behind a couple of seasonal puddles and several salt pans, including the Salar de Uyuni. Play around with perspective shots and enjoy the freedom of riding on nothingness, an entirely unique experience you won’t forget. Lunch will be beside Isla Incahuasi, a submerged historic volcano peak lined with gigantic cacti over 1000 years old. Tonight we have the option to stay in one of Bolivia’s world-famous salt hotels, under the shadow of a massive volcano.

Total Riding: 205km, all day on salt flats

Altitude: 3700m

Day 8: Oruro

Ride hard across the highland plains of Bolivia. See Vicuña, Quinoa fields, herds of llamas, snow-capped mountain peaks and massive meteorite craters. You’ll get another chance to settle into the Enfields and breathe the stark beauty of the altiplano. Vast horizons and long stretches of smooth road are on the menu.

Total Riding: 310km - tarmac

Altitude: 3700m

Day 9: Oruro - Quime

Get ready for a big day. After a couple of hours across the Altiplano we’ll climb up a massive mountain pass – the highest point of the trip – and begin an awesome off-road descent through the cloud forests of the Andes. We’re in the rural Yungas region of Bolivia now, and you will feel just how far away from home you really are.

Total Riding: 164km - tarmac

Altitude: 3060m

Day 10: Quime - Chulumani

Today we ride winding mountain paths surrounded by dense jungles, across rivers, through small towns and up cliffsides. After a few days in the dry, stark highlands, the life of the Yungas will feel like a different world.

Total Riding: 190km - dirt

Altitude: 1700m

Day 11: Chulumani - Coroico

You know you have been way out in the wild when coming to Coroico feels like something more familiar. This beautiful little town is nestled amongst lush green hills and has a relaxed, fun mood. Enjoy the incredible mountain views all around while taking in the unique culture of the city. Rest up here and get your head on straight because tomorrow we hit the infamous Death Road.

Total Riding: 80km - dirt

Altitude: 1680m

Day 12: Coroico - Death Road - La Paz

The Yungas Road, known as ‘Death Road’ due to its notoriously high death rate of 200-300 annually until the mid-90s when a new highway was built on the other side of the valley, is a trip highlight. The combination of single-track roads, 1000m high cliffs, dense vegetation, and waterfalls which cascade over the road makes for unforgettable riding. With the Death Road safely behind us, we’ll get up on the bikes one last time on the run through the beautiful high Andes and down into La Paz.

Total Riding: 100km - mixed tarmac and dirt

Altitude: 3500m

Day 13: La Paz - Santa Cruz

Time to unwind after days riding and enjoy the cultural sights of La Paz, the highest capital in the world, resting on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. The city’s dramatic setting, including the mighty Mt. Illimani, can be taken in during a ride on Mi Teleférico, the aerial cable car system. La Paz’s famous markets are the ideal place to pick-up mementos and gifts to take home. Later in the day we fly back to Santa Cruz for one last evening together.

Total Riding: 80km - tarmac

Altitude: 3500m

Day 14: Santa Cruz/Leaving - No Riding

Enjoy your final morning in Santa Cruz, as we arrange transportation for you to the airport as needed. Or feel free to extend your trip and spend some more time in South America!

Altitude: 400m