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Motorcycle Tour
Eastern Europe tour on Adventure bikes

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Finally, be free again and use your adventure bike for what it was built for. 11 countries in 2 weeks with 13 riding days and about 4000 kilometers. And that with only 6 participants per guide/trainer.


per rider in shared twin/double room (the booking of a double room is only available for a booking of two people. All single travelers are asked to choose the single room surcharge or choose to share a twin room with another tour participant) €1,990.00 $2,132.78 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers cannot book without an accompanying rider) €980.00 $1,050.32 ?
per person single room (surcharge - only available with an additional selection of the basic price "per rider in shared twin/double room") €490.00 $525.16 ?


Multilingual tour guide with Eastern Europe experience
13 guided day tours with certified tour guide and riding safety trainer
Travel description with a meeting point for arrival
14 nights with breakfast in a double or single room (depending on booking)
Small travel preparation workshop
Not included
Catering, drinks
Tolls & Ferry Crossings
All services not specified in included services and personal expenses

More details

Total distance approx. 4000 km // Stages 160 - 450 km
Start: Vienna // Finish: Villach
Suitable for Adventure bikes (2/3 road & 1/3 off-road)
Participation Requirements:
- Motorcycle: must be registered, roadworthy and technically ok.
- Equipment: appropriate, complete protective clothing, at least boots, pants, jacket, helmet, motorcycle gloves
- Rider: physically and mentally unrestricted fitness to ride 300 km per day
- Driving license: of the appropriate category must be carried at all times.
Minimum number of participants: 4 // Maximum number of participants: 6 per guide
On- and off-road tour: You should be prepared for a lot on this tour. Your studded tires are brand new and after the tour, they will need to be renewed again. It is not allowed to ride off-road everywhere, but there are exceptions in Romania (especially for organized tours).
Your motorcycle: You will ride your own motorcycle on this tour. It should be an adventure bike with at least 650ccm, registered and technically in good order. Examples: Yamaha 700 Tenere, KTM 1050 - 1290 or BMW GS.
Tour Guide: is a German citizen, is a certified and well-trained motorcycle tour guide with the right eye for safety and details to provide the greatest possible joy of riding. He has been riding and guiding this Eastern Europe tour since 2014.
Accommodation: Good middle-class hotels that we know from our past trips. Only a few of the hotels are approached on a recommendation for the first time. In each case, the best possible for us motorcyclists is chosen.
Arrival: The journey to Vienna can be made on the road with your own motorcycle. Also, the arrival with the motorcycle on the trailer (no trailer parking available) or by car train is possible. Please, again, make sure that your offroad tires are new or as good as new when you leave Vienna.
Luggage transport: We do not offer luggage transport on this tour. Please pack your motorcycle independently so that you are safe on the road. Even if it is a trip with Adventure Bikes, we save the taking along of the "Tent and Co".
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


This trip is suitable for both male and female riders of large touring enduros with sitting power and off-road experience.

A route for on- and offroad fans through 11 countries: Start is Vienna in Austria. Via the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland (High Tatras), and Hungary it goes through Transylvania to Sibiu in Romania, also called Hermannstadt.

In Romania, we stretch our legs a bit and show our machines the stages of the Red Bull Romaniacs. On the winding return journey along the Adriatic Sea to Villach, we cross Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia.

A tour with packed Adventure Bikes which are adjusted to almost everything. Overnight stays will be in upper-middle-class accommodations that match the region and have been tested by us. Rely on our experience: We know this trip well since 2014.

2/3 Onroad & 1/3 Offroad. And yes, we ride short and also long days on this route. Please inform yourself and book this trip only if you are really physically and mentally fit! You don't have to be a pro, but you should have moved your machine safely off the paved road one or the other time, and that also with luggage!


-The High Tatras in Poland and Slovakia.

- Selected offroad routes in Romania.

- Transalpina and Transfagarasan.

- The Tara Gorge in Montenegro.

- The bridge of Mostar in Bosnia.

- The Croatian coastal road from the bottom to the top.


Travel description

Arrival day/ 18.00 h/ Meeting point in the Vienna Woods

You organize the journey to Vienna on your own. For the next two weeks, you can leave the route planning to your tour guide.

Whether you arrive on the road, by the trailer, or by car train, you will meet the other participants in the Wienerwald for a small workshop and learn from the guide where your bikes will take you.

We will spend the night a bit outside of Vienna so that we are on the right route the very next morning.


- get to know the other participants

- small workshop and travel preparation

DAY 1: 8.30 a.m. departure/ via Czech Republic to Zilina in Slovakia/ approx. 300 km

We start early in the morning and take enough time to get to know each other. Together many things are more fun. On the first kilometers, we get used to each other and get to know the machines and habits of the other participants.

This is not about arriving quickly, but about the journey. After a few stops, we arrive in Zilina in the late afternoon. The place offers enough going-out possibilities for us after we have safely parked our motorcycles.


- Ensuring proper riding in the group

- Crossing the border into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

DAY 2: 8.30 a.m. Departure from Zilina in Slovakia via Poland to Hungary/ approx. 400 km

We start first thing in the morning towards the High Tatras, a part of the Tatra Mountains.

This is located on the border between Poland and Slovakia. The smallest high mountain range in the world belongs two-thirds to Slovakia and one-third to Poland.

Barely 50 kilometers long and only 15 kilometers wide. Nevertheless, the High Tatras will surprise us with a great variety of landscapes. 25 peaks up to 2600 meters high, rugged cliffs, and romantic valleys with lonely lakes in the middle of dense forests alternate.

We leave the whole day time to ride around extensively the beautiful mountain scenery from our helmets to regard, to arrive with as many as possible taken curves in the evening.

The ideal overnight stay on our passage to Romania is in Hungary.


- The High Tatras on the Polish and Slovakian side

- Several border crossings to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary

DAY 3: 8.30 a.m. departure in Hungary with destination Vatra Dornei in Romania/ approx. 380 km

After we have explored the High Tatras extensively, we set off for the Romanian border with a daily distance of approx. 380 km.

After crossing the border we finally enter the countryside. Approx. 200 kilometers offroad is in front of us on this day.

Before we go to dinner we park our adventure bikes in the underground garage of the hotel and take a shower.

An insight into our tour standards: during the day dirt and dust, in the evening clean and well-groomed pleasure.


- Entering Romania

- First offroad kilometers on one-day tracks

DAY 4: 8.30 a.m. departure in Vatra Dornei with destination Sibiu/ approx. 320 km

Starting from Vatra Dornei we go deep into the forest and experience the real reason for the existence of big touring enduros.

Through the mysterious region of Transylvania, we ride to Sibiu, where we can look forward to a first break.

Sibiu is the starting point for the upcoming day tours and our task is to find the right passages of the Red Bull Romaniacs.


- more great tracks for touring enduros away from asphalt

- On the tracks of the Red Bull Romaniacs

DAY 5: break/ exactly 0 km

After this journey, we enjoy our break day in Sibiu.

You can't relax? Knock yourself out. In Sibiu, the Red Bull Romaniacs takes place every year. There is plenty to discover on your own.


- Break, vacation, relaxation, reading a book, good fuel talks.

Day 6: 8:30 departure/ Transalpina/ Strategika and back to Sibiu/ about 200 km.

The Transalpina is among many motorcyclists probably the BEST thing they ever got under their wheels. This so simply named national road 67C, crosses the Transylvanian Alps. After this day of curves, you won't be able to get the grin out of your helmet.


Strategika is an old military road, which branches off from the Transalpina. If you've ridden there with your touring enduro, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything equivalent in Europe.


- Transalpina

- Endless fun on curves

- Motorcyclist's paradise

DAY 7: 8.30 a.m. Departure from Sibiu via the Transfagarasan/ approx. 290 km

The Transfagarasan is one of the most beautiful pass roads. Over 117 km this pass road winds in a fantastic mountain landscape through the Romanian Carpathians to an altitude of 2042 m.

Transfagarasan is the daily program. Is there anything more to say? You have not been there yet? Then it is high time.

For some of our participants, this beautiful mountain pass belongs on the bucket list. It is so beautiful that you won't be sad to go over Transfagarasan 2 times.


- Transfagarasan

- Bend fun without end in the motorcyclists' paradise

Day 8: 8.30 departure to Brasov/ half day/ approx. 160 km

On the road that connects Transylvania with Wallachia, high up on a rock, lies the Dracula Castle - Bran Castle.

Since Brasov also has a lot to offer for "non-motorcyclists", you will have the opportunity to explore the area on your own on this day.

You will also have enough time to make all the necessary preparations for the journey home. Washing clothes, relaxing or shopping. No matter what you do in the afternoon; look forward to tomorrow. It starts another part of this journey in the south.


- Dracula Castle Bran

- Time for you in Brasov

DAY 9: 8.30 a.m. Departure from Brasov to the Iron Gate/ approx. 460 km

Passing the Bucegi Mountains we start our return journey today. The first stop will be in Serbia. 150 kilometers long is the reservoir at the Iron Gate and really worth the long journey.

After this long day of riding, all you need for sure is a good bed. For this and also for everything else this evening we have taken care and are getting ready for the small country Montenegro.


- The reservoir at the Iron Gate between Serbia and Romania and of course the road

DAY 10: 8.30 a.m. departure to Montenegro to the Tara Gorge/ approx. 400 km

The Tara Gorge stretches 82 kilometers through Montenegro and at its deepest point reaches 1300 meters into the rock. The gorge is the longest and deepest canyon in Europe.

The gigantic network of paths with more than 40 rapids and waterfalls is the river Tara, which has been making its way through the rock massif here for thousands of years. With this sight, you will surely get your money's worth as a motorcyclist.

The Tara Bridge, which was built in 1940 and spans the canyon at a height of 150 meters, is our relaxed way to discover the gorge.


- The Tara Canyon in Montenegro

Day 11: 8.30 a.m. Departure from the Tara Gorge via Kotor to Dubrovnik/ approx. 260 km

Kotor is one of the most famous cities in Montenegro. The city, like the whole region, was influenced by Romans, Venetians, and Habsburgs and today it is the seat of the Catholic bishopric.

The city has many churches and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town of the city is a popular tourist destination. The patron saint of Kotor is Saint Tryphon, to whom a cathedral is dedicated.

However, Kotor is only the first exciting part of this day's journey. The name Dubrovnic probably means something to you, too. Here your eyes close in the evening and you have arrived! Arrived in the cultural center of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.


- The road to the Bay of Kotor

- Dubrovnic

Day 12: 8.30 departure from Dubrovnic via Mostar to the island of Pag/ approx. 460 km

From a cultural site in Croatia to a cultural site in Bosnia. Mostar is known worldwide for its spectacular bridge jumping. People from all over the world gather in the tranquil town of Mostar in the south of Bosnia-Herzegovina to jump - if possible, particularly impressively - into the depths.

Away from this competition, Mostar is cozy and quiet. But that doesn't mean that people don't still jump off the Stari Most every day. Would you like to be there?

The long afternoon lap takes us to the island of Pag in Croatia, which we reach after a short refueling stop in Zadar.


- The bridge of Mostar

- maybe you will see a jumper

- The Croatian coastal road to the first!

- Jumping in Mostar.

DAY 13: 8.30 a.m. Departure/ along the Croatian coastal road to Villach/ approx. 380 km

Endless freedom paired with a Mediterranean coastal flair. The Adriatic coastal road makes the hearts of all motorcyclists beat faster and invites you to let your eyes wander over the fascinating Adriatic coast.

After an interesting crossing from the island of Pag to the mainland, we start the last day's stage via Slovenia in the direction of Villach.

Don't worry, it's not quite over yet. Once we arrive at our destination hotel, we'll say goodbye in style before you're on your own again from the next morning.


- The Croatian coastal road for the second time!

- Ferry crossing

Day 14: from 8.30 am individual departure

We do not want to motivate our participants from the West to make another detour via Vienna. For this reason, the journey ends in Villach.

After almost 4000 kilometers and unbelievable new impressions, it is up to you what to do now. Also for us, this trip is always a new one!