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Motorcycle Tour
Namibia's roads and gravel on an Adventure bike

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Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Svakopmund, Windhoek, and many kilometers on the best gravel roads in the world are part of this motorcycle experience. A very special trip for big touring enduro riders with experience and the need to discover a lot of new things.


per rider in shared twin / double room incl. rental motorcycle BMW GS 750 €6,990.00 $7,491.53 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin / double room €2,990.00 $3,204.53 ?
Rental motorcycle (surcharge):
BMW 1250 GS €500.00 $535.88 ?
BMW 1250 GS Adventure €1,000.00 $1,071.75 ?
Honda Africa Twin Adv. Sport €500.00 $535.88 ?
KTM 1290 Super Adventure R €1,000.00 $1,071.75 ?
Single room surcharge per person €890.00 $953.86 ?


15 days rental motorcycle BMW GS 750 unlimited mileage with insurance
English and German-speaking guides with more than 20 years of experience in Africa
1 certified tour guide / certified motorcycle riding safety instructor on a motorcycle
Support vehicle for water, first aid, technology & SAT telephone accompanying the group
There is a possibility for pillion passengers to be driven in the escort vehicle occasionally, but not exclusively.
Luggage transport max. 1 piece per person
13 guided motorcycle tours
16 nights in double rooms in comfortable hotels, guest houses & lodges
16 x breakfast & dinner
All entrance fees to national parks & museums as per tour description
Maps, routes and info package, daily briefings
Airport transfer to and from JNB
Not included
personal insurance
Flight to JNB & back
Riding equipment
Deposit for motorcycle & rider equipment
Petrol, approx. 20 Euro per day & road tolls
Lunch & Drinks
Customs duties
All services not listed under included features, as well as personal expenses
Rider equipment from the motorcycle rental company - complete prices for the period of the trip (Garmin GPS package 100 Euro / mobile phone holder on the motorcycle 100 Euro / top box 150 Euro/aluminum boxes or soft bags 300 Euro / lower seat for BWM models 200 Euro / certified helmet 250 Euro/motorcycle jacket 200 Euro/motorcycle gloves 100 Euro/motorcycle enduro boots 150 Euro/motorcycle trousers 100 Euro / Leatt neck brace 130 Euro/rain suit 130 Euro)
Pre and post-tour overnight stay, an extension of the trip possible on request

More details

16 overnight stays / 13 riding days
Total distance: approx. 4700 km
Daily stages: 50 - 480 km
Minimum number of participants: 6
per guide max. 8
per group max. 12 riders
Rider skill level 2 - experienced riders with off-road experience
+ 650 cc motorcycles of following brands BMW, KTM and Honda
Deductible BMW 750: 1300,- € / BMW 1250 GS & Honda Africa Twin: 1700,- € / BMW 1250 GSA & KTM 1290 SAR: 2000,- €
Meeting point: O.R.Tambo Airport Johannesburg/ South Africa
Road-Gravel-Tour: Mainly we travel on paved and packed gravel roads. We will not ride on sand, but you should be saddle fit and have done some training off the paved road. This trip is for experienced riders who can handle a loaded adventure bike.
Your tour guide: experienced, has completed certified training and safety is his top priority.
Safety: Namibia is one of the least populated countries in the world and it is possible to not see anyone there if that is what you prefer. We ride on the left like everyone else and move from one safe place to the next.
Accommodation: We travel from resort to resort. This means that you are always on the safe side and stay in very good and comfortable hotels, guest houses & lodges.
Escort vehicle - with water, first aid, technology & SAT. It is also provided with your first cool drink in the evening. One piece of luggage per person can be packed here.
Climate and clothing: It can get very hot during the day and very cold at night in the desert. Do not forget a down jacket. If you still need something extra you have the possibility to buy it in an outdoor department store on the day of arrival.
- Complete protective clothing, boots, pants, jacket, helmet, motorcycle gloves
- International driving/riding license
- Health insurance for travel abroad. Medical evacuation. Travel cancellation insurance.
- Passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the date of return.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


A seemingly endless horizon, starry skies, and a very low population density all come together to give you the feeling of freedom.

From the metropolis of Gauteng in South Africa, we set off to discover the traces of the German past in the south and center of Namibia. Approximately 20 000 German native speakers live in Namibia. Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, Deadvlei, Svakopmund, Windhoek, and many kilometers on the best gravel roads in the world are part of this motorcycle experience.

On the arrival day, we will pick you up at O.R. Tambo airport and take you to the rental motorcycle of your choice. We use the afternoon and evening to prepare you for the next two weeks. You will get to know your motorcycle, learn a lot about the special features of the trip and get to know your companions.

Via Vryburg and Upington we move our motorcycles, followed by an escort vehicle towards one of the two currently open borders to Namibia. To really experience nature, the accommodation is not only in great hotels and guest houses but also in comfortable lodges and farms. Campfire and starry sky romance included.

The view over the second largest canyon in the world, the Fish River Canyon, is unbelievable and breathtaking. The way there as well as most of the roads on our route from the south of Namibia to the middle and back are in very good condition.

Ai-Ais Hot Water Springs, Lüderitz, and Sossusvlei are on the agenda as well as the German bratwurst. We keep our eyes open and see what else reminds us of German history. The Namib-Naukluft National Park, Walvis Bay, Svakopmund, and Windhoek are some of the well-known stops on this adventure tour.

We learn what a playground the giants have created in Namibia on our return journey to the border to South Africa. Via the diamond town of Kimberley, we gladly take a small detour towards the metropolis of Gauteng.

You don't have to be an off-road specialist to take part in this trip, but you should be an experienced motorcyclist with a lot of miles behind you and have already ridden a large touring enduro with luggage safely off the paved roads.

Detailed daily stages:

Day 1/ individual arrival at the airport in Johannesburg/ special features of the trip/ get to know the participants.

After you have landed in Johannesburg in the morning, we dedicate the rest of the day to your preparation. We will pick up your chosen rental motorcycle together and you can stock up on essentials in specialist shops if you feel like it. Maps, GPS data, route information, and a great first evening with the other participants are in store for you.


- Arrival in the metropolis of Gauteng

- Shopping opportunity for Namibia

- Takeover and technical briefing of your desired rental motorcycle

- Getting to know the guides and the other participants

- Overnight stay in a comfortable lodge in Pretoria

Day 2/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Vryburg/ approx. 380 km

The small town of Vryburg is known as the "Texas of South Africa" and is the day's destination for the first day's ride towards the Kalahari. More than 200 000 cattle change hands here every year. The small country town was founded in 1882 and with a lot of luck the rhino "Champ" will be waiting for us at the accommodation.


- Past Johannesburg

- Heading for freedom, as the name Vryburg suggests...

- Overnight stay in a very well kept Guest House

Day 3/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Upington/ approx. 400 km

To get a feeling of what to expect in the following days we spend the night in Upington. The city at the Orange River is said to be one of the hottest in South Africa.

A great choice of accommodation is offered to us: directly at the Orange River and with air-conditioning!


- Upington, the gateway to the Kalahari

- Kalahari Orange Museum

- Great Guest House at the Orange River

Day 4/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Namibia/ approx. 400 km

The Orange River rises in Lesotho and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia. In the Aughrabies National Park, the river has dug itself deep into the rock and prepares for us a 60 meter deep and more than 130-meter wide waterfall.

Around midday, we cross the border to Namibia at Ariamsvlei and move our motorcycles on tarred roads for the time being. On arrival, we ride the first kilometers off-road.


- Aughrabies Waterfalls

- Pink Padstall in Kai Garib

- Namibian border

- Comfortable Lodge

Day 5/ Rest & Relax/ Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon. It is part of the Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, which straddles the borders of Namibia and South Africa and covers over 6000 square kilometers.

Although our hosts would love to organize a trip to one of the viewpoints over the largest canyon in Africa, who wouldn't like to take that photo with their motorbike in front of this overwhelming scenery?


- Fish River Canyon

- Ai Ai's Hot Water Springs

- Practically a rest day

- Canon Road House

- Comfortable Lodge

Day 6/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Luederitz/ approx. 450 km

Now the time has finally come. In Lüderitz, we obviously encounter remnants of Namibia's German past. Lonely at the Atlantic Ocean lies the small town, which was founded 140 years ago by the Bremen merchant Adolf Lüderitz.

But not only Luederitz, but also the abandoned diamond town Kolmanskoop and the German bratwurst at the Bahnhof Hotel in Aus are part of the program.


- German food in Namibia

- Wild horses

- Great Guest House at the Atlantic Ocean

Day 7/ 12.00 departure / arrival in Helmeringhausen/ approx. 230 km

We leave Lüderitz around noon. The reason for this is the visit of Kolmanskop, a ghost town in the Namib Desert.

From Aus, the tar under the tires is gone and our studded set of tires are used again.


- Wild horses

- Kolmanskoop, the abandoned diamond town

Day 8/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in the Namib Desert/ approx. 310 km

The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world and covers almost all of western Namibia. The part of the Namib in the National Park is about 500 km long and between 100 - 180 km wide. Here we find the highest dunes in the world, up to 300 m high.


- Sesriem Canyon

- Namib-Naukluft National Park

- Comfortable Lodge

Day 9/ very early departure in a 4 x 4 vehicle to the world-famous dunes

We cannot and will not ride past this highlight. This day is dedicated to the adventure of Sossusvlei. An organized 4×4 tour is a bit more relaxing than riding through the deep sand with the motorcycles, besides we are not allowed to ride there with the motorcycles anyway. The world-famous dunes with the wonderful colors we want to have seen.


- Deadvlei

- Sossusvlei

- Big Daddy Dune

- Comfortable Lodge

Day 10/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Svakopmund/ approx. 380 km

Via Walvis Bay, we reach the seaside resort of Swakopmund. Here in the South Atlantic is the most popular holiday resort in Namibia. The coastal town is characterized by the impressive architecture of the German colonial period and besides its African flair, it also reminds of the atmosphere of a German North Sea resort.


- Walvis Bay

- Svakopmund

- Capital of Erongo Province

- Very good hotel

Day 11/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Windhoek/ approx. 320 km

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, the former German colony of SouthwestAfrica. The charm of Windhoek lies in the harmonious mixture of African and European cultures and the friendliness of the people.

During the German colonial period, Windhoek became the seat of the German colonial protection force, seemingly tasked with brokering peace between the warring Herero and Nama in exchange for the land their efforts to defeat the German occupation would yield.


- Joe's Beer House

- Christ Church

- National Museum

- Comfortable Lodge

Day 12/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Keetmanshoop/ Giants Playground / approx. 480 km

The next day we leave Windhoek for the Giants Playground near Keetmanshoop. The playground of the giants really looks as if giants had stacked very large stones on top of each other and formed the most different shapes with them. Were they children playing with Playmobil or Dulplos?


- Keetmanshoop

- Giants Playground

- Quiver trees

- Well-kept Guest-House

Day 13/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Upington/ approx. 460 km

And already we are back in the town of Sir Thomas Upington. Today you can find cotton, dates, wheat, and vegetables as well as wine in the surroundings of Upington. Winegrowers press amazingly good wines from the grapes here.


- Seemingly endless roads towards South Africa

- Border Namibia/ South Africa

- Great Guest House at the Orange River

Day 14/ 08.00 Departure/ Arrival in Kimberley/ approx. 400 km

A total of 2,722 kilograms of diamonds were extracted from the Big Hole in Kimberley. It bears witness to the suffering of the black forced laborers and the greed of the soldiers of fortune. The hole is about 800 meters deep. Near the Big Hole is the Kimberley Mine Museum. From a viewing platform, you can have a look into the huge hole. The museum also houses De Beers Hall, which displays a collection of uncut rough diamonds and some replica diamonds. A must-see.


- Big Hole

- Diamond Museum

- Very good Guest House

Day 15/ 07.00 departure/ arrival in the metropolis Gauteng/ approx. 460 KM/ dinner together/ farewell

On the last day of this wonderful journey, we ride back to the metropolis of Gauteng and return the motorcycles to the rental company in the early evening. We start very early and visit a game farm where we get a little cooling down.

In the evening we have a typical South African dinner together and say goodbye.

Highlights of the day:

- Game Farm

- Handing in the motorcycles

- Farewell event

- Transfer to the comfortable lodge

Day 16/ individual departure/ transfer to the airport