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Motorcycle Tour
Peru: 100% Motorcycle Adventure

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As the title says, this tour is a 100% MOTORCYCLE adventure. The first stage takes us south on the Panamericana, to Paracas...


per rider in shared twin/double room incl. rental motorcycle Yamaha XT 660 R €3,570.00 $3,824.73 ?
per rider in shared twin/double room incl. rental motorcycle Yamaha Ténéré 700 €3,850.00 $4,124.71 ?
per person single room (surcharge - only available with an additional selection of the basic price "per rider in shared twin/double room") €370.00 $396.40 ?
per accompanying person in an off-road vehicle in shared twin/double room €2,140.00 $2,292.69 ?
Fully comprehensive insurance for the Yamaha XT 660 R (surcharge) €340.00 $364.26 ?
Fully comprehensive insurance for the Yamaha Ténéré 700 (surcharge) €390.00 $417.83 ?


Overnight stay in selected hotels
Rental motorcycle (depending on booking)
German-speaking tour guide
Escort vehicle for luggage transport
Airport transfers
Satellite phone
Not included
Entrance fees
Everything that is not specified under services

More details

The route: 2000 km
Road tour with off-road part of approx. 30%.
Offroad experience necessary
For experienced motorcyclists
Which rental motorcycle is suitable?
Yamaha XT 660 R: For all cases.
Yamaha Ténéré 700: For the rally adventure.
Special dates possible for groups
Each scheduled tour will be carried out, regardless of the number of participants.
Visa: Travelers from the EU and Switzerland do not need visas. Generally required is a valid passport which must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


A typical coastal village that has gained immense popularity in recent years. The visit to the islands of Ballestas, also called Lesser Galapagos, with its sea lions, penguins and many sea birds is part of the excursion program the other morning. In the afternoon we ride to the National Park of Paracas, in the desert, and we practice riding on sand. We leave the coast and ride the serpentine road towards Ayacucho towards the Andes. The Andes (Spanish Cordillera de Los Andes) are the longest (above sea level) mountain range on earth and the highest mountain range outside of Asia. The pass "Abra Apacheta" with 4746 meters, quite high! We spend the night in the historic city of Ayacucho. The next day we continue north through the Andes to Huancayo. Original Peru off the beaten track fascinates with the endless expanses of the Andes and the natural way of life in harmony with nature. A short detour from the Andes down to the high jungle of Chanchamayo. The other day we are already going up again to a little over 3'800 meters. The stages of the next 4 days deserve the title 100% MOTORRAD adventure, the riders are challenged, and the concentration on these adventurous routes must not let up at any moment. Our destination the German-Austrian colonies! Already in 1859 Austrians and Germans settled here. According to a sign at the end of the village, Pozuzo is called "la únicaColonia Austro - Alemana del Mundo "The only Austrian - German colony in the world. The descendants still maintain some traditions from their countries of origin. Their main economic activity is cattle breeding, but cheese and fruits are also well-known products from the region. This valley is located in the department of Pasco, The town of Oxapampa is surrounded by a beautiful jungle landscape and is located at an altitude of 1814 meters. On the way back over the Andes we choose intentionally side roads, passing impressive motifs before we enter the chaos of Lima again.

Day 1: Arrival at the international airport JORGE CHAVEZ in Lima. Hotel transfer to our hotel in the Miraflores district.

Day 2: Lima, the city of kings and the capital of Peru. City tour of the old town with the Plaza de Armas and the Presidential Palace.

Day 3: The Panamericana takes us from the capital south to Paracas. A typical coastal village that has gained immense popularity in recent years.

Day 4: Visit the Ballestas Islands and the National Park of Paracas. The Ballestas Islands are also known as the Lesser Galapagos. Sea lions, penguins, and many sea birds are the inhabitants. With speedboats, we go already at 8.00 o'clock to the islands. In the afternoon we will ride our motorcycles to the National Park of Paracas.

Day 5: From the coast, we ride up into the Andes, the pass Abra Apacheta with 4746 meters has to be crossed, then the serpentine road leads us further to Ayacucho. The city with about 100'000 inhabitants is located at 2'760 meters and is also called Huamanga.

Day 6: Our destination for today, the city of Huancayo, is located at 3'260 meters and has about 500'000 inhabitants. The 260 km ride will take us through the Andean world away from the tourist crowds.

Day 7: From the Andes, our route leads us into the high jungle, in the province of Chanchamayo to la Merced. The town is located in the Peruvian Central Cordillera at an altitude of 751 meters. La Merced emerged from a settlement of Italian colonists who settled there in 1872.

Day 8: From an altitude of 750m we ride again to over 3'800m in the Andes. We reach the destination Oxapampa at 1'800m in the evening after a riding distance of 320 km whereof 150 km offroad. For sure the most demanding stage of the whole tour.

Day 9: The region around Oxapampa is characterized by the immigration in 1859 of Tyroleans, Rhinelanders, and a few Bavarians. Our route will take us further into this historical region to Pozuzo, which is considered the only colony of Germans and Austrians in the world. The route of 80 km is again very adventurous and passable only in the dry season.

Day 10: Today we allow ourselves a rest day in Pozuzu and enjoy the idyll and the well-known food of the colony. A visit to the Schafferer Museum is worthwhile to learn about the exciting history of German-speaking immigrants.

Day 11: Our stage today is 150 km, the adventurous round trip from the Andes into the jungle I close again in la Merced.

Day 12: A visit to the Asháninka, the indigenous people is on the program today. The Asháninka are indigenous people found in eastern Peru and western Brazil.

Day 13: Today's ride to Santa Rosa de Quives is 300 km, again the 100% MOTORRAD adventure, from the high jungle (751m) over the Andes (over 4'000m) to our destination of the day Santa Rosa de Quives (940m).

Day 14: We reach our starting point Lima with its 12 million inhabitants after 70 km.

Day 15: Return flight

Day 16: Arrival in Europe

Total distance: 2000 km

Lima – Paracas 260 km – Ayacucho 360 km – Huancayo 260 km – La Merced 180 km – Tarma – Paucartambo – Oxapampa 320 km – Pozuzo 80 km – La Merced 150 km – Santa Rosa de Quives 300 km – Lima 70 km

Country: Peru