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Motorcycle Tour
Carpathians - Tour Romania: 5 guided daily tours

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Early Bird discount of 15% on bookings of 2024 dates until 15.02.2024!

Romania is a beautiful country with a fantastic natural landscape, rich history, pleasant continental climate, and hospitable people.


Prices for 2024 dates until 15.02.2024:
per rider in double or single room €637.50 $673.75 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers can only book along with an accompanying rider) €637.50 $673.75 ?
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Prices for 2024 dates from 16.02.2024:
per rider in double or single room €750.00 $792.65 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers can only book along with an accompanying rider) €750.00 $792.65 ?
In this tour it makes no difference in price whether you stay in a double or single room. The overnight stay can be in a double room, where single occupancy is also possible, or in a single room, depending on the availability of the hotels. The participant cannot choose the type of room. If you want to stay with someone in a double room (partner, etc.), please indicate this and we will definitely book a double room.


5 Day riding on-road trails through different regions (~220 km per day)
4 Night accommodation (Twin-Shared or Single)
4 breakfasts
Romanian, English, German and French speaking local tour guides with first-aid knowledge
Free luggage depot at APUSENI LODGE Romania® if desired
Security certificate according to § 651r BGB for package tours
Not included
All services, meals and drinks not specified in the included service descriptionAll services, meals and drinks not listed in the service description
Toll and motorway fees
Gasoline, operating materials, parking fees incurred
Meals during the trip
Travel cancellation / Travel interruption insurance
Optional overnight stay(s) near the meeting point before and after the start of the trip

More details

Minimum number of participants: 6
Maximum number of participants: 12
Required riding experience: Suitable for all riding levels, beginners with riding experience.
On-road tires are sufficient.
Additional night(s) at APUSENI LODGE Romania® (subject to availability) or near the meeting point before and after the start of the trip can be arranged at a reasonable extra cost.
Start/End: Meeting point APUSENI LODGE Romania®, Avram Iancu (Vârfurile), Arad, Romania, Coordinates: 46°20'52.4 "N 22°28'34.3 "E, Start: 09:00 (UTC +2)
Travel duration: 5 days in Romania
Total distance: approx. 1,000 km
Daily riding distance: 190 - 250 km (average approx. 220 km)
Route profile: Paved roads in good to average condition. The route includes mountain roads with many curves and partly narrow sections.
Difficulty level: Suitable for all riding levels; beginners and returning riders should have at least one year's riding experience or 10,000 km ridden and have a secure cornering technique. Safe control of the motorcycle is required. You must be physically and mentally able to ride 250 challenging km per day.
Travel time per day: about 5 hours
Travel time per day: approx. 8 hours incl. lunch/coffee breaks and photo stops; since we will be traveling in remote areas for the most part, breaks will be situational. Small breaks can be taken at any time.
Luggage: There is no transport vehicle on this tour; however, we offer you a free, dry, and safe luggage depot at the starting point and end of our tour.
We ride in all weather conditions.
Good to know:
Individual arrival: The distance to the meeting point in Avram Iancu is very long for you? No problem: we will be happy to help you plan your journey. The way to get to us: The journey usually takes place via Vienna (Austria). Ride via Györ past Budapest and Szolnok (Hungary) over the border crossing at Borș to Oradea (Romania) and further via Beiuș, Ștei and Vașcău on the DN76/E76 to Vârfurile. At the traffic circle there, turn onto the DN79A and follow the signs "APUSENI LODGE Romania". If you are coming from the north of Germany, it is best to ride via the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Romania. We will be happy to give you individual travel tips.
Group size: up to 12 motorcycles (max. 12 people) plus guide.
Minimum number of participants: 6 persons
Luggage: So that you can travel light, we offer you a free, dry and safe luggage depot at our APUSENI LODGE Romania® (meeting point). Please leave your luggage compactly packed in appropriate containers (no suitcases, no plastic bags, no loose items or clothing) and labeled.
Refueling: There is a Petrom gas station in Vașcău and a Lukoil gas station in Vârfurile; please fill up your motorbike at one of these gas stations.
Food - breaks: Since much of our riding is in remote areas, you should always have some food and sufficient beverages. Sufficient hydration is essential when riding a motorcycle for long periods.
Passport and visa requirements as well as health and customs regulations: EU citizens may travel to Romania without a visa for the period of up to 90 days. Upon entry, a passport valid for six months, temporary passport, identity card or temporary identity card must be presented. Travel documents must be valid for the entire duration of stay including the day of departure and three months beyond. It is not possible to leave Romania with an expired travel document.
Road toll: Cars, motor homes and caravans using the Romanian national road network must pay a road toll, which requires the purchase of a vignette (Rovinieta). Motorcycles do not need a Rovinieta.
Important traffic regulations: The blood alcohol limit is 0.0. Speed limits for motorcycles: urban 50 km/h, extra-urban 90 km/h, expressways 100 km/h, highways 130 km/h. Motorcyclists must ride with dipped headlights all year round during the day.
Road condition: Romanian roads can be surprising. There are perfectly paved and well-maintained mountain passes, stretches with perfect asphalt, spotlessly clean village crossings, but also main roads with deep holes.
Local currency: The Romanian local currency is the Lei or RON. We recommend that you carry some local currency with you.
Changing tires: Touring motorcycling is not yet the order of the day in Romania. It is not easy to find a (motorcycle) workshop for a tire change. We therefore recommend all our participants to put on tires with still good tread groove depth before the trip.
Support: Support in case of emergency can be guaranteed only on the planned route. In the case of self-planned route changes or excursions "on your own", the participant himself is responsible.
Protection and insurance: We recommend for all motorcycle tours a motor vehicle protection insurance, such as the ADAC offers. Health insurance: We recommend for all international motorcycle tours the conclusion of a separate foreign health insurance with medical repatriation. We recommend for all our motorcycle tours the conclusion of a travel cancellation / travel interruption insurance.
Language: This tour is usually suitable for German, English and/or French speaking participants; however, we also speak Romanian, Old German, Swiss German, Luxembourgish, Flemish and some Spanish. We will be happy to give you binding information upon request.
Motorcycling with your dog: You always have your four-legged friend with you and he also likes to ride with you? Wonderful! Unfortunately, this tour is not specifically designed for motorcycling dogs. But since we also like to ride with our biker dogs, contact us and we will find a possibility.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


We affectionately call her our alpaca, because traced on the map she resembles these cute animals. And just like their four-legged role model, this tour magically attracts us. We may see some long-necked quadrupeds on our way, and if we are lucky, bears will be waiting for us on the Transfăgărășan... It is a very special experience to pass a few meters from an adult bear by motorcycle, thrill is guaranteed. If you want to get to know Romania by motorcycle, you can't avoid riding the famous Transfăgărășan and the highest paved pass road in Romania, the Transalpina. During our 5-day tour, we will cover a good 1000 kilometers, taking our time to marvel at the breathtaking, primeval and wild landscape of this wonderful country and let the many impressions take effect on us. As well known as the Transfăgărășan and the Transalpina are, as unknown are the routes that we ride to reach them and that only we know as insiders.

On this tour we will also visit Sibiu (Hermanstadt) in the geographical center of Romania, Alba Iulia (Karlsburg) with its old town surrounded by a baroque citadel and the many buildings still dating back to the Habsburg period, and Râmnicu Vâlcea, one of the oldest settlements on the territory of today's Romania.

We will not only take you on a tour, but we will give you an insight into the real Romania. We will guide you through the country with the largest intact natural and primeval forest areas in the EU outside Scandinavia and the largest still contiguous, in large parts completely untouched, mixed beech forests, and where hospitality, traditions, festivals and folklore play an important role.

In order for you to enjoy your tour and travel light, we offer you a free, dry and safe luggage storage at our APUSENI LODGE Romania®.

By the way, we do not charge for arrival and departure days, but guarantee you 5 days of pure Romania! With this top arrangement, we give each participant two nights for free, which is why an additional group discount cannot be granted here.

You will receive detailed information about motorcycling in Romania with the booking confirmation.

- Program, hotel and route changes are reserved. -

- - -

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: We start at 09:00 from APUSENI LODGE Romania® and ride the winding roads through the Apuseni Mountains. Already this first 220 km long stage gives an idea of what we can look forward to in the next days. Our stage destination is Alba Iulia (Karlsburg). The old town, which you can explore on your own, is surrounded by a baroque citadel. Many historic buildings date back to the Habsburg period.

Day 2: This day surprises us with another gorge (there are countless of them in Romania, you just have to find them). Then we ride along the first part of the Transalpina to charming Sibiu (Hermannstadt), located in the geographical center of Romania. So we have arrived in the Southern Carpathians. Sibiu is perfect for strolling around the beautiful marketplace and shopping in the numerous stores.

Day 3: It lies ahead of us, the Transfăgărășan! Hopefully, the bears are also up early enough and waiting for us at the roadside. In any case, we keep our eyes well open and if we see a vehicle with its hazard lights on, we can be almost sure to get a glimpse of a Carpathian bear shortly after. On the Transfăgărășan we have to pay attention, stay behind the tour guide and strictly follow his instructions! Because even if the bears are only sitting here to be fed from passing vehicles, they remain wild, unpredictable, fast and extremely strong original inhabitants of the Romanian forests.

Day 4: The Transalpina, also known as Drum național 67C, is the highest pass road in Romania. It crosses the Transylvanian Alps, connecting Gorj County in Lesser Wallachia with Alba County in Transylvania, and reaches an altitude of just over 2100 meters. We are riding this magnificent panoramic road today! Up here it can be cool even in summer, so don't dress warmly just for the fantastic experience. Towards the evening we reach the region of Târgu Jiu and let the day end.

Day 5: The adventure is not over yet, because the last 250 km of our trip will make the biker's heart beat faster once again. Back at APUSENI LODGE Romania® you can pick up your luggage and, if you have time and leisure, reflect on the past days around our campfire.