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Motorcycle Tour
Base Lodge Tour Apuseni & Codru-Moma Romania: 5 day trips

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Early Bird discount of 15% on bookings of 2024 dates until 15.02.2024!

From your base lodge on our APUSENI LODGE Romania you will drive 5 guided day tours and return to the lodge every evening.


Prices for 2024 dates until 15.02.2024:
per rider in double or single room €600.00 $641.55 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers can only book along with an accompanying rider) €600.00 $641.55 ?
- - -
Prices for 2023 dates and 2024 dates from 16.02.2024:
per rider in double or single room €706.00 $754.89 ?
per pillion passenger in shared twin/double room (pillion passengers can only book along with an accompanying rider) €706.00 $754.89 ?
In this tour it makes no difference in price whether you stay in a double or single room. The overnight stay can be in a double room, where single occupancy is also possible, or in a single room, depending on the availability of the hotels. The participant cannot choose the type of room. If you want to stay with someone in a double room (partner, etc.), please indicate this and we will definitely book a double room.


5 on road tours through the Western Romanian Carpathians
6 Nights accommodation (Twin-Shared or Single in the holiday home)
5x breakfast
All tickets to the sites we visit
Romanian, English, German and French speaking local tour guides with first-aid knowledge
Security certificate according to § 651r BGB for package tours
The package includes one night before and one night after the tour at our lodge. So you can arrive relaxed and rest one night after the last day tour before you hit the road again.
Not included
All services, meals and drinks not specified in the service description
Toll and motorway fees
Gasoline, operating materials, parking fees incurred
Meals during the trip
Travel cancellation/travel interruption insurance
Everything that is not specified under features

More details

Minimum number of participants: 4 people
Maximum number of participants: up to 8 motorcycles (max. 8 people) plus guide.
Travel duration: 5 riding days in Romania (6 nights)
Start/End: Meeting point APUSENI LODGE Romania®, Avram Iancu (Vârfurile), Arad, Romania, Coordinates: 46°20'52.4 "N 22°28'34.3 "E, Start: 09:30 (UTC +2)
Arrival/Departure: Arrival is always on Sunday before the first day tour on Monday, departure is on Saturday after the last day tour on Friday.
Total distance: approx. 1,200 km
Daily riding distance: 180 - 320 km (average approx. 230 km)
Travel time per day: about 5 hours
Travel time per day: approx. 8 hours incl. lunch/coffee breaks and photo stops; since we will be traveling in remote areas for the most part, breaks will be situational. Small breaks can be taken at any time.
Road tires sufficient - tire change: Touring motorcycling is not yet the order of the day in Romania. It is not easy to find a (motorcycle) workshop for a tire change. We therefore recommend all our participants to put on tires with a solid tread groove depth before the trip.
Level of riding experience needed: Suitable for all riding levels, beginners with riding experience
Route profile: Paved roads in good to average condition. The route includes mountain roads with many curves and sometimes narrow sections. There may be short stretches of gravel roads.
Difficulty level: Suitable for all riding levels; beginners and returning riders should have at least one year's riding experience or 10,000 km ridden and have a secure cornering technique. Safe control of the motorcycle required. You must be physically and mentally able to ride 230 demanding km per day.
The arrangement includes one night before and one night after the tour at our lodge. So you can arrive relaxed and rest one more night after the last day trip before you set off again.
Linen: Bed linen is provided; please bring your own bath towel.
Luggage: Your luggage will stay in your cottage during the whole tour. You will return to APUSENI LODGE Romania (base) every evening.
Good to know:
Individual arrival: The distance to the meeting point in Avram Iancu is very long for you? No problem: We will be happy to help you plan your journey. The way to us: The journey usually takes place via Vienna (Austria). Ride via Györ past Budapest and Szolnok (Hungary) over the border crossing at Borș to Oradea (Romania) and further via Beiuș, Ștei and Vașcău on the DN76/E76 to Vârfurile. At the traffic circle there, turn onto the DN79A and follow the signs "APUSENI LODGE Romania". If you are coming from the north of Germany, it is best to ride via the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Romania. We will be happy to give you individual travel tips.
Refueling: There is a Petrom gas station in Vașcău and a Lukoil gas station in Vârfurile; please fill up your vehicle at one of these gas stations.
Break Food: Since much of our riding is in remote areas, you should always have some food and sufficient beverages with you. Sufficient hydration is essential for longer motorcycle rides.
Passport and visa requirements as well as health and customs regulations: EU citizens may travel to Romania for a period of up to 90 days without a visa. Upon entry, a passport valid for six months, temporary passport, identity card or temporary identity card must be presented. Travel documents must be valid for the entire duration of the stay including the day of departure and three months beyond. It is not possible to leave Romania with an expired travel document.
Road toll: Passenger cars, motor homes and caravans using the Romanian national road network must pay a road toll, which requires the purchase of a vignette (Rovinieta). Motorcycles do not need a Rovinieta.
Important traffic regulations: The blood alcohol limit is 0.0. Speed limits for motorcycles: urban 50 km/h, extra-urban 90 km/h, expressways 100 km/h, highways 130 km/h. Motorcyclists must ride with dipped headlights all year round during the day.
Road condition: Romanian roads can be surprising. There are perfectly paved and well-maintained mountain passes, stretches with perfect asphalt, spotlessly clean village crossings, but also main roads with deep holes.
Local currency: The Romanian local currency is the Lei or RON. We recommend that you carry some local currency with you.
Support: Support in case of emergency can only be guaranteed on the planned route. In case of self-planned route changes or excursions "on your own", the participant is responsible.
Protection and insurance: We recommend for all motorcycle tours a motor vehicle protection insurance, such as the ADAC offers. Health insurance: We recommend for all international motorcycle tours the conclusion of a separate foreign health insurance with medical repatriation. We recommend for all our motorcycle tours the conclusion of a travel cancellation / travel interruption insurance.
Shoes: We ask you to take off your heavy motorcycle boots and street shoes before entering the cottage; the floor and our cleaners thank you.
We ride in (almost) any weather.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for German, English and/or French speaking participants; however, we also speak Romanian, Old German, Swiss German, Luxembourgish, Flemish and some Spanish. We will be happy to give you binding information upon request.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Romania is a country with a fascinating history, rich culture and stunning scenery. Romanian culture is characterized by a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western influences. Rich folklore and traditional music are an important part of Romanian identity. Romanian history goes back centuries and is shaped by different peoples and cultures. The country was part of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy. This diverse history is reflected in the architecture, particularly in the medieval castles and churches dotted across the country. In addition to high mountains, Romania also has picturesque valleys, rivers and lakes.

One of the most remarkable landscapes in Romania is the Carpathians. This mighty mountain range covers much of the country and offers spectacular views, pristine forests and diverse wildlife. On our five day tours, which all start from our APUSENI LODGE, we roam the Western Romanian Carpathians, visit ancient caves and buildings steeped in history and enjoy wonderful natural spectacles and magnificent views.

We not only ride a tour with you, we also give you insights into the real Romania. We accompany you through a country in which the largest intact natural and primeval forest areas in the EU outside of Scandinavia and the largest contiguous, largely untouched, mixed beech forests are located and where hospitality, traditions, festivals and folklore play an important role.

Your base lodge is the APUSENI LODGE Romania®. You live in a comfortable holiday home. Our holiday homes have two bedrooms, one with two separate single beds and the second with a large double bed. The bedroom with a large double bed is occupied by one person only, unless something else is expressly requested (pair occupancy is of course possible). Furthermore, the holiday homes have a living room with a sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen, a separate bathroom with a shower and a large covered terrace.

By the way, we do not charge for arrival/departure days, but guarantee you a full 5 days of pure Romania and on top of that give you two nights at our APUSENI LODGE Romania! With this top arrangement, we give each participant two nights for free, which is why an additional group discount cannot be granted here.

You will receive detailed information about motorcycling in Romania with the booking confirmation.

Program, accommodation and route changes are reserved.

Daily schedule:

The daily tours start between 09:00 and 09:30 each day. Return to the base lodge is always 17:00 - 18:00.

Tour 1: Monday - Curvy canyon tour approx. 238 km

Like every day, we start from the APUSENI LODGE Romania® and ride through the Apuseni Mountains on winding roads. We'll show you one of our favorite secret canyons and stop at one of the old wooden churches typical of Romania. On no less winding roads we return to the base.

Tour 2: Tuesday - Fascinating cave tour approx. 179 km

Again from your base lodge, it's a beautiful and little-used road to Peștera Urșilor, a masterpiece of nature and unique in Romania and Europe. We take our time and let this natural phenomenon affect us. On the way back we visit our weekly market in Ștei and you have the opportunity to stock up on all kinds of delicacies.

Tour 3: Wednesday - Medieval fortress tour approx. 230 km

Today the historic Hunedoara Fortress is on our program. It is one of the most attractive fortresses in Europe. The structure has a special charm due to the variety of architectural styles, the presence of military and civilian innovations, and the turbulent court life that enlivened it for over 400 years. Especially for people who are attracted to the Middle Ages, the castle is a unique place in Romania.

Tour 4: Thursday - Picturesque waterfall tour about 320 km

Romania is also a country of lakes and magnificent plateaus. Following our motto, we ride on roads that others ignore, past the most beautiful lakes and over the most impressive high plateaus of the Apuseni Mountains. Our Apuseni Special is designed to take your breath away.

Tour 5: Friday - Cruisy farewell tour approx. 211 km

A relaxed tour along the Mureș gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to this part of Romania. We are convinced that after the impressions you have collected, you will want to see more of our fascinating country and come back and maybe get to know other parts of the country on one of our round trips. If the weather is good, we will say goodbye to the Munții Apuseni in the evening with a Cajun prepared on the campfire.