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Motorcycle Tour
Corsica - 6 day self-guided tour

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The mountainous Mediterranean island offers diverse variety and a colorful mix of elegant coastal towns, rugged peaks and dense forest. On this self-guided tour you will discover the island of beauty on your own.


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6 days riding on-road trails on the island of Corsica
6 day tours from your base hotel including GPX data
3 extra tours including GPX data
Road book
Tips on things to see and do
Hotel recommendations
Information about motorcycling in Corsica
Not included
Everything that is not specified under features
All services, meals and drinks
Toll and motorway fees
Gasoline, operating materials, parking fees incurred
Motorcycle rental
Flight arrival/departure, ferry, taxi, transfer
Entrance tickets to parks and attractions
Travel cancellation/travel interruption insurance

More details

Travel duration: 6 days in Corsica
Start/end of the trip: The scheduled start of the trip is Bastia. However, you can declare any other place in Corsica as your starting point at will and easily join the itinerary from there.
Total distance: approx. 1,550 km
Daily riding distance: 192 - 364 km (average approx. 258 km)
Route profile: Paved roads in mostly good condition. The route includes roads with many curves and partly narrow sections.
Difficulty level: Suitable for all riding levels; beginners and returning riders should have riding experience of at least one year or 10,000 km ridden and have a secure cornering technique and a good constitution. Safe control of the motorcycle is required. You must be physically and mentally able to ride up to 360 demanding km per day.
Travel time per day: approx. 4 - 5 hours
Travel time per day: approx. 7 hours incl. lunch/coffee breaks and photo stops
You decide the time of your trip yourself, so you are completely free to choose your travel dates. Your time budget does not allow you to spend 6 days in Corsica? No problem! - You can easily shorten the trip on your own. If you have more time at your disposal, you can add rest or beach days or go on one of our extra tours.
Good to know:
Passport and visa requirements, health regulations and customs regulations: For a tourist stay, the identity card, temporary identity card, passport, temporary passport or children's passport is sufficient. The passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond the visa if the traveler is not an EU citizen. Passports of EU and EFTA citizens must be valid during the stay. Attention: The requirements of airlines and shipping companies may differ from this!
Road toll: Most of the freeways are subject to tolls. The freeway toll is calculated according to the distance ridden and is payable at toll stations; a vignette is not required. In addition, tunnels and bridges are subject to tolls. In some cities an environmental sticker is required. For motorcycles (also with sidecar) and trikes, vehicle class 5 applies.
Important traffic regulations: The blood alcohol limit is 0.5. For riders with less than three years of riding experience, the blood alcohol limit is 0.2. Speed limits for cars and motorcycles: 50 km/h in towns, 80/90 km/h outside towns, 110 km/h on expressways, 130 km/h on highways. Novice riders who have held their license for less than two years may ride a maximum of 110 km/h on highways, 100 km/h on expressways, and a maximum of 80 km/h on other roads outside towns. Motorcyclists must ride with dipped headlights all year round during the day.
Protection and insurance: We recommend for all motorcycle tours a motor vehicle protection insurance, such as the ADAC offers. Health insurance: We recommend for all international motorcycle tours the conclusion of a separate foreign health insurance with medical repatriation. We recommend for all our motorcycle tours the conclusion of a travel cancellation / travel interruption insurance.
You will receive detailed information about traveling in France and Corsica as well as our hotel recommendations with your travel documents.
Mobility: The offer is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information and arrangements.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


Corsica is located between 43° 01′ and 41° 22′ north latitude and 9° 34′ and 8° 33′ east longitude. The island is bordered by the Ligurian Sea to the north, the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east and south, and the western Mediterranean Sea to the west. From north (Cap Corse) to south (Capo Pertusato) the island measures 183 km, from east (Alistro) to west (Capo Rosso) 83 km. The mountainous Mediterranean island offers diverse variety and a colorful mix of elegant coastal towns, rugged peaks and dense forest. The sun-drenched "island of beauty" is a dream destination for motorcyclists with its scenic diversity and the great contrasts of the individual regions. Especially in spring, when Corsica blossoms and is fragrant, the pleasant temperatures are ideal for a motorcycle trip. On this 6-day, 1500 kilometer round trip you will experience Corsica from its most beautiful side, ride to extraordinary places and through breathtaking landscapes and collect unforgettable impressions both on the beautiful coast and in the impressive interior.

You can extend or shorten the trip as you wish, depending on your preferences and your time budget. But one thing we recommend in any case: you should set aside enough time for Corsica! Get on your motorcycle and discover Corsica in a way you will never forget. Experience the freedom, adventure and beauty of this unique island on two wheels.

On your journey you will discover the magnificent diversity of Corsica. The most beautiful stretch of coastal road, adorned by charming villages, can be found along the west coast of the 40 km long northern peninsula of Cap Corse. You can look forward to the winding road and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea! On the first stage you will stop at the highlights of Cap Corse. Your first destination of the day is the lively Saint-Florent, also known as the Saint Tropez of Corsica. From Saint-Florent you will pass the Désert des Agriates and enter the mountains for the first time. You will visit Calvi and finally reach Galéria, an abandoned pearl on a picturesque bay and an oasis of peace.

A wonderfully winding section follows, which takes us past Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, as we continue. The ride through the Calanches de Piana is another highlight on your journey. Alternating with beautiful coastal roads, the route continues winding through the hinterland until you finally reach Porticcio, located on the coast. Corsica has a rich history and so it is inevitable that you will pass some places of early history that you can visit. On your stage from Bonifacio to Zicavo you will visit the beach of Palombaggia, said to be the most beautiful in Corsica. However, as Corsica connoisseurs, we don't want to be so precise. We think that one beach is more beautiful than the other and they are lined up on your way like diamonds on a necklace. If you like it particularly well in one place, then just take a rest day and let your soul dangle, put your feet in the sand or explore the surroundings on foot for a change.

The fascinating mountains of Corsica exert a magical attraction. You absolutely must ride some of the narrow and winding roads, and the Castagniccia region in particular, with its lush chestnut forests, offers the explorer something extraordinary (our Extra Tour 3). Corte, the secret capital of Corsica, is also located in the hinterland and is worth a visit, as is the Défilé de la Scala di Santa Regina, a magnificent natural wonder (our Extra Tour 1). All this you will be able to experience and experience on this trip. Besides delicious cheese, wild herbs and chestnuts, Corsica is famous for its Gumpen - river bathing places. You should not miss the opportunity to swim in the pools of crystal clear water, perfectly washed out over millions of years. You will have the opportunity to do this, for example, on a tour to the Asco Valley (our extra tour 3). If your time budget allows it, make a wonderful loop around and over the hills and mountains of Corsica (our Extra Tour 2).

By the way, on your trip around the island, don't miss the local specialties such as Lonzu and Coppa, the wines and the chestnut beer Pietra, sheep and goat cheese, honey and of course the best mineral water "St-George's"!

Recommendations for accommodations in different price ranges and our tips for sights and activities you will receive with your travel documents as well as detailed information about motorcycling in Corsica.

Day 1

Bastia - Saint Florent

Circumnavigation Cap Corse

approx. 180 km

Day 2

Saint Florent - Porto Ota

approx. 288 km

Day 3

Porto Ota - Porticcio

approx. 218 km

Day 4

Porticcio - Bonifacio

approx. 189 km

Day 5

Bonifacio - Zicavo

approx. 308 km

Day 6

Zicavo - Rapale (30 min. to Bastia)

approx. 243 km