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Motorcycle Tour
Laos, Ho Chi Minh Trail

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This Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour traverses some of the best tracks in Southeast Asia.


For dates:
January 8, 2024 - January 19, 2024
per rider in shared twin/double room with own motorcycle (Only available for a booking of two persons. Single travelers need to choose the single room surcharge.) $5,110.00
per rider in shared twin/double room incl. rental motorcycle Kawasaki KLX 250 (Only available for a booking of two persons. Single travelers need to choose the single room surcharge.) $5,920.00
per person single room (surcharge, only available with an additional selection of the basic price "per rider in shared twin/double room") $473.00
per person Motorcycle Damage Waiver (surcharge) $189.00


Rental Motorcycle Kawasaki KLX 250 (dependent on booking)
Airport Pickup/Drop-off
Expedition Leader
Financial Protection
All Fuel
GPS Tracking
Local Guide
Medical Support
Part Profits Donated to Charity/Rainforest & Wildlife Conservation
Support Vehicle
Personalised Jersey
Welcome Pack
Not included
Everything not listed as included
Motorcycle Damages
Other Expenses: Alcohol; Laundry; Souvenirs; Any meals that are not mentioned in the itinerary; Recovery, oil, spare parts, labor or other indirect costs resulting from the damage or repair of your motorcycle; Emergency transportation; Any other item, optional excursion, activity or entrance fee that is not specifically mentioned as being included.
Personal Travel Insurance
Riding Kit

More details

Max Group Size: 12 Riders
Riding Type: Dirt Bike
Pillion Friendly?: No
Terrain: 65% unpaved
Difficulty: 6 / 10
Support: Local guide | Trip manager / 1st response medic | Support vehicle | Consulting doctor | Mechanic
Comfort: 6 / 10
Average Daily Ride Hours: 6 - 7
Total Distance km: 1900
Twin-share accommodation is included as standard – see ‘Prices’ for single room pricing. On this trip we stay in a mix of guesthouses, luxurious resorts and camping. Please see the daily itinerary info for more details on each nights accommodation.
Airport Pickup/Drop-off:
You’ll be collected from Pakse (PKZ) airport on the morning of the first day. (You are of course welcome to arrive a day or two earlier, but there will be an extra cost for airport pickup). At the end of the trip we will arrange transfers from our final hotel to Luang Prabang (LPQ) airport.
Expedition Leader:
Your tour will be led and managed by a highly experienced member of our team (trained as a wilderness first response medic).
Financial Protection:
We are committed to customer satisfaction and consumer financial protection. At no extra cost to you, all our passengers are fully insuredfor the initial deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid as detailed in your booking confirmation form. The policy also includes repatriation if required, arising from the cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to insolvency. During the COVID-19 crisis, every rider that requested a refund was issued a cash refund.
GPS Tracking:
This motorcycle tour is accompanied by a GPS tracker that displays our live location and track history on an online map. We will provide you with the link and login details which you can then share with your family at home so they can track your progress throughout the trip.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided on most days. Please see the daily itinerary to see what meals are included on each day.
Medical Support:
At least one member of the support team will have been trained as a Wilderness First Response medic. An extensive medical kit including a defibrillator (AED) & stretcher is carried in the support vehicle. We also have consulting doctors on call, 24/7, who are always ready to assist in the case of an emergency. Our doctors are fully briefed on all riders medical info prior to the tour, they know what we do, where we are riding, exactly what we have in our medical kit and what training our medics have. Tours are accompanied by GPS trackers and a satellite messenger device so our doctor and office can see exactly where we are and can maintain communication.
Part Profits Donated to Charity:
Part profits from every motorcycle tour are donated to M’Lop Tapang – a local Cambodian charity dedicated to bettering the lives of young children & their families. Playing our part in rainforest & wildlife conservation and in an effort to off-set our carbon emissions, we donate part profits to World Land Trust.
Support Vehicle:
This motorcycle tour of Laos is accompanied by a 4×4 support vehicle with a trailer and spare bike, equipped to carry your luggage, an extensive medical kit + stretcher + defibrillator (AED), drinking water, snacks, tools, spare parts and a satellite messaging device.
Welcome Pack:
We’ll welcome you with a bag of goodies which will include a T-shirt, Baseball cap, Map, Stickers, Mug, Keyring, Neck tube.
You’ll need to book a flight to arrive in Pakse (PKZ) on or before the morning of Day 1 of this trip. You will then fly out of Luang Prabang (LPQ) airport on the last day of the trip. It is important you either:
Book a flexible flight ticket that allows you to make amendments or cancel without penalty;
Have travel insurance that will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses incurred by a canceled trip;
Do not book your flights until we have notified you that this departure is guaranteed.
Motorcycle Damages:
Please be aware that you are responsible for all damage caused to the motorcycle. If you don't want the potential hassle of being charged for motorcycle damage at the end of the ride, we offer our own damage protection plan. If you book the Motorcycle Protection Plan (see under prices), all damage to the motorcycle is then covered by us. Please bear in mind that this excludes damage caused by irresponsible riding (for example, a failed wheelie attempt).
Personal Travel Insurance:
It is a condition of booking that you obtain appropriate travel insurance that covers you for riding the same capacity motorcycle that you’ll be riding on this motorcycle tour. The insurance must cover emergency evacuation, medical bills, repatriation etc.
Riding Kit:
Enduro / summer weight adventure style kit is the way to go on this motorcycle tour, rather than road riding kit. If you are opting for enduro kit, we’d recommend you bring extra layers and waterproofs to keep out the wet stuff. You'll want some decent armoured protection and please do bear in mind that we will sometimes be riding on the road... 'dress for the slide, not the ride!'
Motorcycle Hire (if selected):
If you have you your own suitable & reliable motorcycle at the start point, you are quite welcome to use that for this trip. If not, we will provide a rental motorcycle for you… The cost of shipping the motorcycle to and from the start and finish destination is also included.
Language: This offer is usually suitable for English and/or German speaking participants. Please enquire for language options.
Mobility: The offer is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Please contact us for more information.


When you are not riding the bikes on the sweeping and joyful tracks and roads, you’ll stay in everything from luxury hotels to campsites alongside lakes. You’ll take a boat trip through a cave nearly 7 kilometres long (with your bike!), meet with members of remote hill tribes and swim in a blue lagoon before sinking a cool beer while watching the sunset.

Oh, and you’ll also have a BBQ on an old CIA airbase runway in a location known as ‘The Most Secret Place on Earth’! This is a motorcycle adventure tour worthy of every bikers bucket list.



Stay at Long Chen, an old CIA airbase once known as the Most Secret Place on Earth... We will have a BBQ right there on the runway!

Take a boat trip through a cave nearly seven kilometres long (with your bike!).

Explore villages of remote hill tribes.

Ride across Laos' longest bamboo bridge.

Spot old tanks and missiles left beside the trail.

Fast paced dirt roads, river crossings on small wooden boats, steep rocky hills, river crossings and winding dirt roads.

Camp next to a lake and prepare an almighty feast around a roaring fire.

Snake alongside the Nam Kham River, taking in the stunning views as we approach the World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.



DAY 1: Arrive in Champassak - Welcome to Laos!

You’ll be picked up from the airport and driven alongside the mighty Mekong river through truly stunning landscapes down to Champasak.

You’ll stay at a beautiful riverside resort which marks the start point for your epic adventure and there will be a chance to cool off in one of the pools before a sunset briefing of the adventure ahead.

We’ll then enjoy a welcome dinner and get to know each other over a drink or two.The bikes will be ready and waiting, so we’ll also have the chance to make some adjustments before hitting the road tomorrow.

Accommodation: 5* riverside resort with a pool.

Included Meals: Dinner.


DAY 2: Champasak – Attapeu | 145km

It’s the first day of riding on this Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour and after breakfast you’ll hop on the bikes and ride alongside the Mekong to reach your first Laos ferry crossing. From there it’s dirt roads and trails up towards the Xe Pian National Park.

We then head onto tiny and twisting local tracks and ox-cart trails through the dense forests to take you to your first overnight stop on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The riding is truly wonderful, but you’ll have to concentrate on the many creek crossings if you don’t want to be the first one to take a dip – but don’t worry, it’s so warm you’ll hardly notice!

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 3: Attapeu – Paksong | 230km

Start the day with a quick blast along the blacktop to visit an enormous abandoned Russian missile. It’s a stark reminder of the turbulent history of the Ho Chi Minh trail, and great for selfies!

After this it’s onto a wonderful mix of dirt trails that climb up into the hills and there’s more military hardware littering the side of the trails, from tanks to bomb shells. The trails continue to climb to give astounding views over the forests that cover the rolling hills below, the scars of the battles now hidden beneath the canopies of the trees.

Take a break for a delicious lunch with the local people in Chaleunxai before heading on upwards to over 1300m and into the villages of remote hill tribes that are unique to southern Laos.

The day continues as you cross a new bridge over a wide river below and pick up the main road towards the wide Bolaven Plateau and on to the evening’s accommodation at a beautifully picturesque and luxurious garden resort. After 230km a cool beer is a welcome sight!

Accommodation: Resort with a pool.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 4: Paksong – Xepon | 255km

It’s another long day today, but you’ll start with some tasty coffee grown in the plantations surrounding the resort.

Saddle up and travel along a sweeping dirt road to catch up with the indigenous people of the A-Lak tribe whose lives are lived almost unchanged for centuries. It’s an incredible experience.

This area was heavily shelled in the Vietnam conflict, but years after the bombs stopped falling the locals have turned the craters into fishing lakes and pools for the water buffalo or just for the children to play in.

The first river crossing is another echo of the war, as the remains of the bridge wrecked by American bombings still stand on the banks of the now peaceful water. You’ll splash your way past and on to some fantastic trails, down steep hills, up inclines, through forest creeks and across every surface from chunky rocks to deep sand.

You’ll travel through cool woodland glades and tiny villages and finish the day’s ride crossing the final river of the day on impossibly small wooden boats to reach the town of Xepon.

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 5: Xepon – Ta – Oy – Xepon | 230km

Leave your bags in the room and hand your laundry to the concierge as today you are on a circular route that will bring you back to Xepon in the evening.

After a hearty breakfast you’ll head a short way up the road to visit the Laos-Vietnam War Museum, a fascinating display of the weapons of the conflict accompanied by explanations of just how Laos fitted into this terrible war. It’s a sobering experience that ties in the history of the trail that you are following.

After that you’ll be ready for a bit more riding, so it’s time to jump on the dirt bikes and head due south towards the longest bamboo bridge in the country. But you’re not there to just look – you’re riding over that bad-boy so buckle up and focus on where you’re going – it only moves up and down and side to side!

There’s still a lot of unexploded bombs on the far side of the river, so you’ll be keeping firmly to the safe route as you head away and follow a fantastic mix of trails and dirt roads back to Xepon.

Accommodation: Town hotel.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 6: Xepon – Nakhai | 240km

Leaving Xepon, you’ll be straight onto a rough road on the way to Villabouly which is a one of the biggest sites for the gold mining industry in Laos.

It’s then onto rocky trails that will lead you through the vast Hin Nam No National park.

After this you enter what our Head Honcho Toby has dubbed ‘Swiss Cheese Valley’ and you’ll see why straight away.

Having taken another tasty lunch with the local people it’s a river crossing on those rickety wooden boats again so try not to wobble about too much – you don’t want to be fishing for dirt bikes!

The last part of the day is on an unexpectedly smooth and flowing blacktop ribbon that will lead you to your campsite for the night on the banks of the Nam Thern Lake. While you sip on a cold one, the locals will fire up the barbie and you can dine like kings as the sun goes down. Does it get better than this??

Accommodation: Private campsite – individual tents.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 7: Nakhai – Konglor | 80km

As you’ve been racking up the miles, today is low on the distance and high on the scenery. You’ll leave the tents after a leisurely breakfast and head up a winding track that enters the deep valley that houses the entrance to the massive Konglor Cave.

With your bike loaded on the front of your own boat, you’ll float through the stunning seven kilometre long river cave all the way through to where the support truck will be waiting with cold drinks.

Suitably refreshed you might just want to go for a swim in the crystal-clear lagoon and just chill out. If you can drag yourself away, it’s back on the bikes for a short schlep on to your overnight stop at another great riverside resort where dinner and a crackling fire pit is waiting.

Accommodation: Riverside resort.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 8: Konglor – Xaysomboun | 320km

The morning ride is an easy one on a tarmac road through the beautiful landscape of the Nam Kading mountain range covered by dense tropical forest. After lunch in Thasi village you’ll hit the dirt and head towards tonights destination, stopping to visit villages of ‘lowland Lao’, ‘Hmong’ and ‘Khmu’ along the way.

You arrive in Xaysomboun – perched high up in the cool & misty mountains – this village is still untouched by tourism and you should arrive here in time to enjoy an incredible sunset across the hills.

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 9: Xaysombuon – Long Chen | 90km

Today you continue the ride on Revolution Road to Lima site 20A (Long Chen). Long Chen is home to a military base used by the CIA during the secret war in Laos and has only recently opened up to tourists. A 1200m runway sits surrounded by karst limestone hills in a truly spectacular setting. Long Chen is known as ‘The Most Secret Place on Earth’ – punch this into Youtube and have a watch – it’ll both amaze and anger you.

After you arrive at Long Chen you’ll visit the runway and get some incredible photos. You can also visit the house of General Vangphao, the leader of the Hmong forces during the secret war. You’ll then ride up to Phou Mok Mountain to a nice viewpoint overlooking Long Chien Village and the runway.

Spend the evening enjoying a BBQ on the runway – it’s a very strange feeling being surrounded by such beauty, yet thinking about what happened in this exact location in recent history.

Accommodation: Guesthouse.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


DAY 10: Long Chen - Phonsavan | 90km

Depart Long Chen with one final ride along the runway after which you ride through isolated mountain areas on your way through to Phonsavan and the Plain of Jars in Xiengkhouang Province. This area was heavily mined and bombed and remnants of the Indochina war can still be seen in the Hmong villages on the way.

You’ll explore ‘Site 2’ of the Plain of Jars and continue to Phonsavanh. You’ll stop at the MAG (Mine Advisory Group) information centre in the town to learn more about the UXO clearance projects in this area… after you’re journey up the Ho Chi Minh Trail and after last night’s experience at Long Chen, no one will judge you if this place brings tears to your eyes. It really is a sobering experience and an absolute must visit.

After visiting MAG, it’s a short ride up the hill to your accommodation – beautiful little cottages nested among a pine tree forest and a restaurant with roaring log fires – what a wonderful way to end the day.

Accommodation: Beautiful hilltop cottages – each equipped with open wood fires and surrounded by pine tree forest.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

N.B. Phonsavanh is a chilly place – please remember to pack warm layers for this afternoon / tomorrow mornings ride.


DAY 11: Phonsavanh – Luang Prabang | 195km

It’s the final day of this Ho Chi Minh Trail motorcycle tour so after stocking up with another great breakfast you’ll jump on the bikes, drop the clutch and set out for the trails once more. The trails run alongside the Nam Kham river for mile after mile of epic riding as you head for the destination of Luang Prabang.

As a place to finish the tour, this vibrant and exciting town could not be better. Sitting on the banks on the mighty Mekong and teeming with shops and markets it’s the perfect end point for the tour.

You’ll ride into the hotel, ditch the riding kit and grab a shower before heading out for a farewell dinner in Luang Prabang to celebrate your achievement – 1900km over ten epic days. Raise a glass to that.

Accommodation: Hotel with a pool.

Included Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


DAY 12: Departure - Transfer to the Airport

Enjoy the excellent hotel breakfast, take a stroll to one of the many cafes, or if times allows, take a trip out to the nearby Kuang Si waterfall. When it’s time to catch your flight, we’ll say our goodbyes, give man hugs and arrange for a taxi to take you to the airport!

Accommodation: Not included.

Included Meals: Breakfast only.